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help identifying a song from dexter

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    [1]Jan 17, 2013
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    there was this latin song that I head and really liked but stupidly I did not note the episode and now I have a hard time finding it

    unfortunately I dont remember much, might have been around 4-5 season

    I remember it was definitely a bar scene, the bar if I am not mistaken was hawaian themed, might have been for a celebration/promotion, the song was latin and upbeat, I dont know spanish so I couldnt understand or retain any of the words, maybe Im wrong but it was a male singer singing cu cu cubia, cu cu cubia

    anyone have a clue? sorry for being so vague

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    [2]Jan 20, 2013
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    s5 ep 2 has this song in a bar

    if its not the right song I'll have another look
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