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Quinn and Batista in season 6

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    What do you guys think, if Sergeant Batista or Quinn had been ordered seeing Debra's shrink Michelle Ross would they have been a couple by now?

    Seriously, think about it. Batista and Quinn were so exorbitantly cat-fighting the whole season there must some sort of subconscious love be involved.

    Why am I having the notion that Michelle Ross' evaluation of this tricky situation might be something like this, Michelle: "Batista, please don't misunderstand me. I am very sensitive to your current predicament with Quinn and the chaos you've experienced this whole season. But as far as your failed relationships are concerned.. we are responable for the partners we choose. Isn't it obvious to you? You attempted to get Quinn transferred because you are afraid that you both might pair bond to early in your current relationship."

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