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S06E12 "This Is The Way The World Ends" Discussion

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    jmsnyc wrote:

    This is mere speculation but I will put it in spoiler tag in case you don't want to be spoiled


    Harry may have had an affair with Dexter's mother, but we never know for sure. What we do know for sure is that Harry is not Dexter's biological father. That was established in Season 1, episode 9, "Father Knows Best." It was revealed in that episode that Dexter's biological father had just died. Dexter goes to his house to get his belongings and discovers an old thank-you note he had sent his blood donor years ago. Dexter has a rare blood type AB- and Harry got Dexter's father to donate blood when Dexter was young and needed a blood transfusion. He never told Dexter that his biological father donated the blood. Dexter always thought his biological father had died when he was a kid.

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    You have to figure that Season Seven does *not* open with Debra now knowing Dexter's entire secret: “My brother is a serial killer. He was the Bay Harbor Butcher” No. I think Dex will tell her that he killed Travis as revenge for his having taken and threatened Harrison, her nephew. Deb’s dilemma then will be whether to arrest Dexter for murder (unlikely, since a season devoted to his trial would be pretty dull, a sort of Miami version of Law and Order — no thanks!) or to help him cover it up.

    This will, however, probably short-circuit any kind of erotic/romantic pull she has toward Dexter, which is a good thing.

    This is going to really mess with Debra's head. She is the ultimate good cop, and really believes in following procedure and the chain of command. She would be the kind of person to arrest even her own brother under these circumstances. She will not be another Harry Morgan, willingly turning a psychopath into a tool of perverted justice.

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