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    Here we go. start the discussion!

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    Honestly, I was unhappy Louis was killed off. I was hoping he'd be the Big Bad for the next season. However they have set up his murder for potentially interesting story lines. Also, the shift in the Dex/Deb relationship has opened up several new interesting avenues and I'm looking forward to how the Dexter/Hannah relationship plays outs.

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    Yeah I was a little disappointed by Louis' death too, but I guess this season his character development demonstrated he couldn't really be seen as a big villain for Dexter in the way other characters have been in the past, he was only ever really a minor inconvenience. Perhaps if they had started to flesh out his backstory a bit, and have him have a proper reason for being a little obsessed with Dexter, it could have worked, but obviously that's not where the writers wanted to go, so they killed him off, and I'm fine with that.

    I'm a little apprehensive about Dexter's possible relationship with Hannah. I'm not really interested in seeing them linked romantically. What I would want the relationship to be would involve having Dexter slowly realise that his current relationship with Deb is parallelof that of the relationship shared between Wayne and Hannah when they went on their killing spree. The fact that Hannah loved Wayne, yet eventually testified against him (and possibly turned him in, I don't think it's been explicitly stated how he was caught yet) could make Dexter come to the conclusion that even though Deb loves him she is now he's biggest threat and can turn on him. Likewise, he can see that he is hers; Hannah's had to make a life after being involved with a serial killer and maybe Dexter will see how hard this has been on her and realise he doesn't want this for Deb and he'll consider a similar way out as Wayne did. I'd also love it if Deb started to get increasingly jealous of Hannah as her relationship grows with Dexter, or she may try to force Dexter away from making close connections with other people as she's now afraid of what he is and what he might do to them, or that if he gets too close they might find out his secret.

    Alternatively, I can really see the writers deciding that Hannah actually was in on the murders with Wayne all along.

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    KillingLouis was a bad idea. Unfortunately I looked at last weeks trailer and it pretty much gave away that they were killing his character off (Note to self ... don't watch any more Dexter trailers).

    I would have thought a better idea would have been Louis throwing his lot in with the brotherhood.

    The rest of the episode followed a predictable course with Deb now starting to share Harry and Dexter's viewpoint. No doubt Deb will complete her journey to the dark side in the next episode.

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    yeah they could have made Louis last a bit longer but it wouldn't have done much - he wasn't a serial killer, he was just a punk ruining lives to get what he wanted.

    Edited on 10/15/2012 6:38am
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    The deb and dexter thing went in a strange direction. Why is deb pushing dex out? Does she no longer love him or is this just a stage in her acceptance? I thought she gave up on making dexter change pretty quickly though.

    The Hannah character is supposedly cast for two seasons(?) so I guess it could be the longest romantic interest for dexter. Louis was getting super annoying, I thought back in s6 that he would develop into a killer but they made it clear that wasn't going to happen so the end result was probably for the best. Right now dexter is really unaware of what's hunting him, not sure if he will pick up the blood on his boat though.
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    Another fantastic episode!

    I loved the Hannah/Dexter scene, I felt chemistry between them right away. I really hope she has a major role for the remainder of the season.

    I was also disappointed in Louis' death like many of you... I mean, we never got an answer as to why he sent the hand to Dexter. How did he know that it would get some kind of reaction from him? I guess we can come up with a vague explanation from the information we have, but it just won't be satisfactory enough. I actually LOVED how Dexter got him fired and got Jaime to break up with him, but his death could have been saved at least one more episode.

    The Dexter/Deb stuff remains powerful. Their arguments and disagreements were absolutely fantastic this week, and Deb's change-of-heart at the end felt genuine. She doesn't accept Dexter as a serial killer yet, but now she appreciates the 'end-result'. That's a first step!

    Quinn and the stripper are fine, I guess she's most likely to die soon and Quinn's life will be in danger as well. We haven't seen much of Angel this season but maybe this is for the best; he's more efficient as a background character. We need more Masuka jokes though!

    LeGuerta was very briefly present in this episode, I guess the writers are waiting for a few episodes before they can focus on the blood-slide storyline. Or maybe they are saving that for next season, I wouldn't be surprised since they dragged out Louis' storyline last year similarly.

    The killer-of-the-week storyline was pretty great actually. He was creepy and the confrontation scene was well-paced. I wonder if he's going to be shown again, but even if he didn't it wouldn't make a difference.

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    Does anybody know the metal song from the episode? The Speltzer house scene. I'm curious!

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    Dexter finally back on his own. It would be a nice twist if Deb becomes Dexter partner in crime.
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    he made a game about serial killersand thought dexter would like it (odd), but dexter literally 'shit all all over it'

    then like a jilted lover louis doesn't take the 'rejection' well so he by luck finds the hand online via 'masukas' intern love interest ryan selling it and then after looking online at a palm reader site draws the 'life lines' on it.

    so, then we see louis 'hack' dexters credit/cards and then after being fired goes to sink dexters boat.

    to me louis was as others have said a punk/idiot/deluded fool like emmett in chuck they thought they where gods gift to the world and could rule the weak, when in reality they where dickless morons who thought they could intimidate or out smart serious criminal masterminds/hitmen.

    so i felt yes it was a bit sudden and there could of been a bit more of a battle of wills but i felt with the new bad guys in town louis was surplus to requirement.


    maybe she'll help dex in a 'kill room' set up an albi, even kill her self on dex's table. but yeah to let him 'rome free' is interesting.

    la guerta:

    fuck knows


    he should be killed off his character is such a stereo type and it's getting lame.


    he needs something new as well


    same as angel/quin lol

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    So it turns out Louis had a show on Broadway, so that may give a little more clarity to why his character got put on ice so soon. You can catch "The Common Pursuit" off of Broadway if you're around the New York City area.
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    I haven't seen the newest episode from last night yet so some of my speculation may have been resolved already, but I think the end of Louis doesn't have to mean that we don't find out more about his issues. We have Louis' blood on Dexter's boat, and we (meaning I) don't know what the mobsters will have done with the body, but they don't seem to have a history of making bodies disappear. An investigation could bring up answers to some of the unanswered questions about who Louis was and why he was a lunatic.

    An investigation into Louis' murder and/or disappearance (depending on whether a body is found) could see Dexter under serious suspicion for a crime he hadn't committed. There's a ton of circumstantial stuff to nail him on. Investigators could find evidence of Louis' hate for Dexter if they look at his video blogs, and they can find evidence of Dexter messing with Louis if they find his fingerprints on either of the packages Dexter sent to get Louis fired/dumped (I'm pretty sure he wasn't wearing gloves at the post office). They might also find an electronic trail on Louis cancelling Dexter's credit cards. If Dexter comes under suspicion for Louis' murder, would Deb even believe him?

    A story arc with Dexter under suspicion of murder could provide an interesting twist with the ultimate conclusion that because he's not actually guilty of this particular murder, he can ultimately be cleared of suspicion and it will be harder in the future to people to think him guilty of the next crime.
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    If Labitch connects Louis' Murder with Dexter, here comes trouble. If she finds out, you know she has to die. I think with Deb will have outwit her, and try to keep tabs on her. Possibly frame her to keep her off Dexter, because Labitch is out for her blood to dispose off her command on the force. Hope Labitch gets what's coming to her.

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