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season 6 Gellar thoery ( possible spoilers)

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    I have heard thoeries that people think gellar maybe part of travis's mind (eg split personality) , Now i think it is a possible twist the writers would try and pull but first of all if that wa the case how would gellar be a real person that has records and everyone knows of him ( possible travis may have killed him at some point) , Now i don't think gellar is fake i mean how could he hit travis with a shovel if it was the case or do any of the things we have seen him do. I know it is posible he maybe fake due to certain things have been said ( eg - when he asks Travis to let him into his sisters house) and that people don;t react when he is in a public place even though he is in the paper that kind of thing. But then i hope that gellar does turn out to be real since from what i have heard people say and what some people i know have said it would certainly be a 180 in terms of twist if he is real. I personally think he is real since it would be kind of a obvious cope out if he isnt but be interesting to see how it is all handled. What do you all think

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