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The final episode of season 6

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    Well something told me that deb was going to walk in on dex when he was going to kill collen hanks' character. I've never read the books but i wonder if season 7 will be it's last.

    Deb being in love with dex is kind of a odd plot twist. I just read another thread on here and someone said that in the book deb accepts dex for what he did. I wonder how they are going to pan this out for the next season?

    I kind of think they should end it in season 7. Cause how many more plot twist are you going to do before it becomes to repetitive! Still a great show but eventually you just cant keep doing the same old stuff before it gets to old.

    Season 7 is deb goes nut and kills her self would be a nice ending. Cause man this season she is really breaking apart.

    How many books are there of dexter? How closely does the book follow the show?



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    Actually the show is under contract for 2 more seasons and the producers are making noise that they might even consider extending it under the right circumstances. I just want them to at least end the show right.

    The books have certain elements of similarity but are for the most part very different.

    Yeah, the whole Deb loves Dex thing was surprising and a little unappealing. But rumor is they aren't going down that path further.

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