Season 6 Episode 9

Get Gellar

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Obvious twist


    Shocking! Gellar is really dead, which means that all the time we thought there are to Doomsday killers, there was actually only one very twisted individual with a sort of multiple personalities disorder.

    Well, at least it's shocking if you haven't watched previous seasons, seen any thrillers to use this old trick, or if you are extremely naive.

    To me, that twist was obvious from the beginning of the season, probably from ep. 1. Not that it explais how Travis managed to kill the professor, make his body disappear and then come back to rescue dexter from the elevator, all in a couple of minutes...

  • Predictable.


    It wasn't a bad episode, at least not in comparison to 'Nebraska' a few weeks ago. I like Deb in therapy, purely because I think and I hope they're going to lead it up to her finding out about Dexter. If not, I'll be disappointed. Musuka's assistant turning out to have the hand was also kind of predictable but a bit more interesting than the main plot.

    Who else has thought Gellar wasn't real all along? I certainly did. It's been painfully obvious, to the point that I was thinking the writers were trying to throw us off but NO - he's not real. Travis is the Doomsday Killer. A very predictable twist that should have been done a lot lot better.

    This season continues to disappoint and is probably the weakest of them all. What a shame.

  • Get Gellar

    We were all a little bit freaked out when we got the news that Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall were dating, but now taking that dynamic into the actual show? I won't say that it destroys the program's value, but this was a huge mistake tonight having Debra have this revelation.

    That's not it though. The twist as to who the real mastermind was, just a big mistake. How could they not know Gellar had been dead?
  • In reply to Im_Dangerous (christ had to make a new account just to reply O_O)


    The simple truth of the matter is that this season of Dexter will be appealing to theignorant masses withno eye fordetail butinsulting to the rest of us.

    The first sign that i oersonally noticed that the Gellar character was the imaginative manifestation of Travis's dark passenger was when they were at the bar together during the 3rd episode or something (can't remember which one to be honest) and Gellar's photo was all over the news including the tv they were both watching at the bar yet no one acknowledged Gellar, not even a scream or a point of a finger, now i know a lot of people are ignorant but they are not that ignorant.

    Also at the beginning of that same episodethey linked Gellar as the killer way too early in the season, which implies there is more going on than meets the eye and that there is a possible twist in the works.

    I could go on and on but i've also updated my previous post on more obvious signs, so you can read more there.

  • Gellar storyline = Predictable & and a complete snooze fest (where was the shocker in this episode, it was pretty bloody obvious Travis was batshit crazy).


    And the series started off so good i thought but within 4 episodes it was pretty obvious what was really going on and then it turned to shit.

    Only an idiot would actually believe what the show wanted you to believe as there was so many blatant hints that Gellar wasn't real (too fast for an old man, no one other than Travis looked or acknowledged him) plus the show just loves imaginary subconscious characters, Dexter's dad, brother etc.

    There are very few elements of this current seasons storyline i actually like; Debra finally facing her past and taking control of her wreak of a life and Dexter trying to be a better father for his son.

    Unfortunately that's it, everything else is just terrible; the geek and Batista's sister, Batista and Quinn, LaGuerta and the old man who i can never remember his name, i just don't care about any of them or their pointless lives.

    Season 5 was pretty bad and now season 6 is just plain awful, the biggest problem i have with the writers is that they have made Dexter who is usually the sharpest tool in the box an idiot oblivious to what's going on around him and that is not at all a good move for a series where one character pretty much carries it.

    I think it's come to the point where the writers have run out of imagination and they should either bring in a new team or end it now.

  • This season is predicable, dry & boring.


    The quality of this season is significantly lower than of what we are used to in Dexter. The plot is dry and predictable, which is a shame. The first few episodes showed so much potential for this season. It had a great theme - religion - but the last 3 or 4 episodes have been slow, predictable and painful to watch. The surprise at the end of this episode somewhat saved this episode, however, the surprise itself has been expected since episode 1. The writers have dumbed down this season. Dexter's relationship with Travis in his search for goodness, or whatever, is not believable and is bullshit.

    I'm sure the last three episodes will be better but it's such a shame that the bulk of this season has gone to waste. The writers now know that there are at least 2 more seasons of Dexter to be produced, I hope they don't continue on this crusade of predictability and tediousness. We want Dexter back! The high quality, on-the-edge-of-your-seat,intelligent, surprising, interesting & amazing Dexter that we have all come to love.

  • More sloppiness is just what this season needed


    Well, its not like we didn't see this coming as I was afraid of in my review from three episodes back; no real Olmos vs. Hall showdown.

    Mind you, Dexter has always had a showdown with the serial killer of the season...and this indirect showdown looming with Travis may surprise us yet but I doubt it...but it IS different.

    I don't think I mentioned it in my last review but the new lab prospect turning out to be the guy who bought the Ice Truck Killer memorobilia was pretty obvious too from the start...just a little too helpful and nice to be true, especially in covering up the traces of the sale on the internet. It's a pretty silly side story but I suppose it gives Batista's sister some sort of purpose other than being Dexter's maid. Not to mention it's something else for Batista to do instead of fighting Quinn for no apparent reason; implausible drama just for the sake of drama = no fresh ideas.

    Dexter continues to be sloppy as well...turning his back on Travis in the church after he breaks his chains, who at the very least was a dangerous accomplice, blew my mind. He should know better after all of his experiences.

    Yet more ominous signs of a season going nowhere. The only thing which might just be interesting is whether the therapy Deb's going through will lead her to question Dexter's secretiveness enough to put the pieces together but this a long shot because they seem to have steered it all back on Debra and her issues instead of what this might tell her about Dexter's hidden nature. Seems they'll just continue to tease us for another season or two until the series finale...I feel it can't come to soon at this point, the glory days of the show (like Cheers back in the day, which dragged on for three or four seasons too long) seem to be over.

    Oh, and whatever happened to the other kids? Did they disappear in that black hole in Genoah City that Y&R uses when they no longer have a current use for a character? Maybe the next time we see them they'll have aged twenty years too.

    Bah humbug!

  • An incredibly original twist that NO ONE saw coming... (minor spoilers)


    Never before have i seen a twist quite like this. Except in fight club, and psycho, and the sixth sense... seriously!?! it was pretty obvious; no one ever really saw or talked to Gellar except for travis. going back earlier in the season to the "whore" they kidnapped, when she said there were two people, that just shows you how full of plot holes this season has been. As for the rest of this episode, what was with that whole angel-quinn fight? exactly what did it add to the scene or the episode?

    Considering how this season has gone, a 5 is a generous score. this episode was better than what we've seen in past weeks, but that's really not saying much. i really hope dexter gets its act together because right now I see no reason as to why it should be renewed for two more seasons

  • to everyone complaining they knew what was gonna happen


    Don't call the viewers of this show "ignorant" because they didn't think Gellar was dead. I didn't, I was shocked to see he was dead because, and get ready for this it makes less sense with the previous events that he was dead the whole time. When they kidnapped the "whore" to besacrificed, she said there were 2 men who kidnapped her. Also I'm supposed to think Travis is crazy enough to kill the atheist professor, cut off his hand, write in his blood to tell himselfbring Dexter to the church, and just forget about it? And wait didn't Dexter actually see Gellar walk to the professor's office that was killed? How did Travis kill him so fast he was able torescuedexter seemingly moments after it was done?Did not work at all for me

    Fact of the matter is the writers did a decent job of making me believe Gellar was behind all of this. To those who can't stand that ppl liked this ending, you can call me stupid, ignorant, whatever butseriouslythough you aren't pissed cuz people didn't see it coming, its because it was a dumb twist that doesn't make nearly enough sense with what happened earlier in the season which is where the writers screwed up big time.

  • A banal episode that is held up by good acting and a hertiage.


    The plot is fringing on "economic" in conception - and while I admit that it's difficult to do something 'different" in every series and program this insipid idea has been wrung of all worth... unless there is another "plot twist-twist" then it all seems run of the mill - mutton dressed up as lamb; commercial dressed up as art - and so on...

    Dexter is/was an avante-garde program about a conflicted but likeable serial vigilante... now it verges on a desperate housewives pool-boy vendetta... the needless "drama" (rather than true pathos) such as the purile conflict/buddy thing between Angle/Quinn... please!

    At least Deb's problems have some relevance in a common background to Dex...

    So - I am hoping that there is a "third party" to answer some gaping plot-holes

    So - I am hoping that Dexter tightens up his act b4 sloppy work leads to his capture

    So - I am hoping that the other cast are not treated as auxilaries to a weak story and used as distractions to loose writing...

    Summary - would like to see the "follow-thru" but needing more substance to engage.

  • Get Gellar


    Get Gellar was a perfect episode of Dexter and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of suspense, action, and revelations about the truth behind some of the characters with looming questions. I enjoyed the story and the pace was fast and fun. Some complain that because they already knew or felt the truth before that this episode was not that great or was drawing things out. I think this episode did a great job of moving things forward, and keeping the audience in suspense with new information. Deb has learned a lot about herself, other characters have big secrets, and I certainly look forward to watching how this all plays out!!!!!!!!!

  • 2Lot


    Dexter and Travis team up to find Gellar now that he's escaped. They follow his trail to a self important atheist professor Casey at the University of Miami. Dexter checks Travis into a motel while they work out a way to stop Gellar, who recently posted on his blog to supposedly get Travis back into the killing as one of the "Two Witnesses" he was part of. Obviously at the back of my mind I thought the reveal of Gellar not being real would happen at some point would happen before this and it took 9 episodes to get this far, but the build up was tedious if anything, and the payoff was getting that twist behind us. Louis backs off on Jaime with Batista's threats shaking him and Masuka gives him advice on women as well as anyone like Masuka can. Deb acknowledges the absurdity of her life and brings up all the reasons that we Dexter fans know she's messed up from the last five years or so. While Dexter and Travis try to prevent the next DDK killing Dex gets trapped in an elevator and they are too late. LaGuerta is shocked when Deb decides to reopen the overdosed hooker case after discussion with the girl's father and she has apparently been covering it up for Matthews. Of course she has, who else high up do we know of? Speaking of unnecessary Quinn's hangover storyline with Batista was a waste of time but the fugliness of the woman he slept with made me chuckle a wee bit, Quinn is just milking the whole "my fiancee dumped me so I get to a drunken jerk" angle way too much which should be gone by now near the end of the season, get a new tune man. The thing surprising about Louis was the ITK arm being in his apartment, suggesting that he was working with Ryan. But there had to be something otherwise he and Jaime wouldn't be getting screen time alone together since they're not major characters at all. When the body of Professor Casey is found in the auditorium of the school and his body is empty of blood and everything and all of his bodily fluids raining down on them was just as disgusting as "Seeing Red" in season 1 but less so since it fell on them, all a little to like the blood club in the first Blade movie for me, however cool the film scene is. Things have slowed down even though DDK is still killing, but even though we saw it coming a mile away the reveal was so well executed the writers still get points for staging it effectively, my thoughts of "Gellar must be in that freezer there" were quickly affirmed but still grossed out when shown. Now Dex has to stop Travis, who is obviously loony to the super degree without the police finding him, which they will find Gellar's body next episode I guarantee you. Things have been better, but there are some highlights like Dexter wanting to be more like Brother Sam and wanting to tame his dark passenger in an effective scene with Harry, something that was only hinted at back in the end of Season 4 before the big reveal. Hopefully there only up to go from here, and Louis's story now intrigues me more since I wasn't really paying much attention to him. Passable as an episode, but Dexter is better than this.

  • Glad that's over.


    Well, at least now it's official and we can all stop guessing. Sigh.
    Hopefully the reveal that Gellar has in fact been dead for a while and Travis is the only Doomsday Killer - as well as a schizo - will lead to a more interesting final quarter.

    The episode was still pretty interesting, especially Casey's crime scene, which was brilliant, even though it brings a very hard question: how did Travis jam Dexter's elevator, knock out Casey AND hide his body in, what, ninety seconds? That seems pretty efficient, even by Dexter standards. Oh well. Suspension of disbelief and all that crap.

    Dexter's arc with Travis was still good, despite the über-obvious twist. His plan to honor Brother Sam by giving Travis a second chance to start his life anew was excellent character development, which goes to show that this series still has some of the best writers in the business, despite the Gellar mishap.

    It seems Louis might pull a Christine Hill and wreak a bit of havoc in the final stretch too. I get the feeling that hot Ryan will return and help him along. It was reported that she'd be in seven episodes and was MIA since the fourth. You do the math. I doubt it will be in link with Travis' storyline, but it should be interesting. Though I'm still wondering what role Jamie could play in their plan. Maybe a reenactment of Brian's ritual? If that's the case, there are a lot of parallels to be drawn between Deb and Jamie, as well as Brian and Louis. And that music when they showed us the prosthetic hand? Yeah, that one.

    Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I can kind of smell Laguerta's end this season. If Deb finds out everything there is to know about that dead callgirl, Laguerta and Matthews will most assuredly get the boot, which would be great for the show. The only other alternative I can see would be Deb losing her job, which isn't an option. Deb being by far the best supporting character, and Laguerta being universally hated, the writers can only choose one option.

    In short, if it wasn't for treating the Gellar reveal in such an insulting "Behold Thy Great Plot Twist" way, this episode would have scored much higher with me. It's a promising lead-up for the final quarter of the season, and despite this season's faults, I'm still, as ever, psyched for the rest.

    Go Team Dexter!

  • not bad, a little bleak but still entertaining


    Overall the episode was like the rest of the season, predictable but there were some good points to it. I Liked the Bowls of Wrath scene, with the buckets being poured down over them, that was original and entertaining.

    As to how Travis pulled it off in such a short time is confusing, he managed to go get the proffessor and put him somewhere in less than a minute before he went to go get Dexter.

    Deb calling dexter a chair which just confused him was hilarious, as was Quinn`s hook up with the wafflehouse mom.

    As a single episode, it was fine, really. but as a whole with the other episodes in the season, there should be more Dexter killing bad guys not necessarily central to the plot like he has done in the past, but now he`s just trying to find and Kill Travis/Gellar which is somewhat of a boring task for him to do.

    The reveal at the end where Gellar is dead, was Interesting. I had a suspicion that Gellar was dead because he didnt interact with anybody except Travis, he touched things and was seen holding them, but so was Brian in the episode "Nebraska" Travis's mind simply had Gellar do what he was doing.

    It will probably get more interesting, with Masuka's Intern, Ive heard people propose the Idea that he is Brian Moser's, The Ice Truck Killers son. that would be a new twist which could go either way story wise, but thats just a rumor and he might just be an obsessed fan-boy.

    overall not too bad, but nothing astounding or mind boggling in this episode, I hope the next episode will be better

  • Awesome twist

    I don't understand all the reviews slagging this episode off. That twist was awesome. Not the greatest episode ever up to that point, maybe, but not a bad one either. From a turning-things-on-their-head point of view, the twist alone justifies a high score.

    And I reckon anyone who says they saw it coming either got lucky with a guess or is a big fat liar.
  • Satisfying! (Spoilers Ahead)


    This episode answered what was the worst kept secret on television, that Gellar was not real and had been killed (presumably by Travis) earlier and put in a freezer. Despite this being obvious, the episode was great with few flaws this week. The kill was pretty good and the blood that fell on the police was gross. I actually liked how they did the big reveal as well at the end. Interesting episodes ahead!

  • Swiss Cheese


    Gellar is dead!! Big woof.

    Along with the rest of the Dexter universe, this 'revelation' that Gellar has been dead all along didn't come as much of a surprise. Seriously guys, what was the first thing that popped into your head when you saw that freezer?

    It was so irritating to watch Dexter and Travis prance around trying to stop Gellar from killing Professor Atheist. Our friendly neighborhood serial killer has never looked this dumb in the show's six season history. Now we know (or we already knew) why Dex hadn't sliced and diced Travis yet. The writers would have been left with 6 episodes and no story. That being said, the question now arises. There are still 3 episodes left. We know Travis is the one and only baddie this season. It took Dexter a single episode after his showdown with Trinity to bump him off. A similar situation has arisen where both Dexter and Travis are now aware of each other's intentions. It will be interesting to see how the cat and mouse game plays out between the two.

    I had remarked in my last review 'Lost In Translation' that there was something about nerd dude Louis Greene which made me think he had an important role to play. Spotting the Ice Truck Killer specimen in his apartment was a genuine OMG moment. Now THAT would be a story arc the writers should pursue with renewed vigor. Because let's face it, folks! Unless Brother Sam miraculously comes back from the dead, this season has no hope of providing the zing it so desperately needs.

    The most significant and welcome development in this episode was Debra's thirty second screw you speech for LaGuerta. This was a long time coming and it couldn't have happened at a better time. One thing this season has done well so far is develop Debra's character. I'm totally rooting for her to get out of self-destruct mode.

    We also found out that Matthews was the mystery john who tried to give the dead prostitute CPR. Really? Could this police department get any worse?


    - The details of Quinn's one night stand didn't serve any purpose as far as the story was concerned. But it was FUNNY! Hold onto her, Quinn. She's a keeper.

    - I desperately wanted Batista to clean Quinn's clock. Maybe next episode. Quinn has a punchable face.

    - Did anyone else catch a glimpse of the bloodstain on the back of Batista's shirt?? Was it just me? It may be nothing, but it doesn't hurt to be observant.

    - So how long was Dexter stuck in the elevator? Travis must have worked his ass off to make such good time. It usually takes me a good 3 hours to chop off a hand, scoop out someone's internal organs, and suspend them in giant buckets.

    - Nerd dude and the Ice Truck Killer. What's the connection?

    Muse on that for a week!

    (I named this review 'Swiss Cheese' to signify the number of plot holes in this episode, if you hadn't already figured it out)

  • Possible plotholes explained... and questioned


    After reading a couple of other reviews I decided I should throw in my piece...

    I watched Episodes 8 & 9 back-to-back since I was away on vacation for a bit. My girlfriend and I usually watch them together, but long story short, she had not seen 9, 8, 5, & 4. So, after I had seen the twist, I kept it a secret and decided I would willingly watch those episodes over again to have a look for hints.

    In the restaurant, the waitress that Travis winds up sleeping with does NOT acknowledge that Gellar is even there at all. Good.

    When the "whore" gets released by Travis, she tells the police that there were two of them. This is possible since she was blindfolded the whole time and it is quite possible that Travis speaks in Travis' voice, but speaks in Gellar's voice when he switches. Again, he is pretty screwed up.

    In the scene where Dexter has the wire around Travis' neck, there is a small hole... After he tells him to get out and his car will be at the museum, Travis dials on his cell phone and has a conversation with Gellar. This bothers me a little bit since if he hits speed dial and we actually do hear the phone dialing, we should then hear either a voicemail, or an operator error message, or busy-signal, or whatever. I would have preferred if we did not hear the phone dialing, but this can be explained away (i.e. overlooked?) by saying perhaps the phone did receivea voicemail or a busy signal but the show didn't let US hear it - but in his mind he heard Gellar and proceeded to converse with him. After all, he IS pretty screwed up!!

    Someone said that Dexter saw Gellar enter the university to kill professor Casey but in actual fact, Gellar appeared for a brief 2 seconds and it was Travis that saw him and said, "There's Gellar... Let's go," while Dexter actually has his eyes closed.

    One thing I was a little bothered by was how quickly Travis rescued Dexter from the elevator shaft. Where was the body put so quickly? And how was he able to"prepare" the professor after being dropped off at the hotel room and set up the booby trap for the blood to fall, drain him of blood, etc. return to the hotel and write on his walls, etc. Then when we cut to the next day, it is sunrise. So it is amazingly fast progress for someone to do and then appear in his next scene clean as a whistle. Also there is no blood anywhere in the lecture room.

    This and only this part made me frown... It would have been better if there was an extra day put in there to give this all time to happen. However, in the meantime, there isn't anywhere that says it was the immediate next day but it sure does seem like it.

    I guess the reason why I didn't see the twist coming is pretty simple... I haven't been trying to read too much into this. I haven't been reading and chatting with other enthusiasts to get these notions into my head. Today is my first time ever logging onto this site to read anyone's "hypotheses" and I was kind of feeling like the season was being forced along for awhile until I let go of how great the previous seasons have been and decided to dumb myself down a bit and stop looking for the next big step... I had to watch it for what it was... a mini-series based on solving a serial killer with his clues being left behind. When I did that, the season is actually quite entertaining especially with the humor from the sideshows going on and the sub-plots it has within - probably put in there to prevent us from trying to think too hard all of the time.

    But with a twist of this magnitude, and with the biggest achilles heel happening in the same episode as the twist, I do feel they should have put an extra day in there to give Travis time to set up the kill scene.

  • Disappointing


    If you have not yet seen the episode this will be one big spoiler so...

    Spoilers Ahead

    Yes, unfortunately what many of us had suspected was true. The villain Gellar was a figment of Colin Hank's imagination a la Fight Club or, better yet, a la Psycho. The episode was followed by a commentary about how clever and unforeseeable the twist was to the cast... and that Colin Hank's didn't even realize that he's basically been playing Norman Bates.

    The problem isn't that the split personality angle wasn't a clever twist, but that it took so many episodes to reveal it, allowing the audience to catch on. With so many scenes depicting Gellar and Travis talking, no one else interacting with Gellar, and Gellar popping up menacingly at far too convenient times... it was inevitable that people would catch on that he is a boogeyman.

    Given how far into the season the reveal occurred, the writers would have needed to do something far more surprising... such as reveal that the real Gellar is alive but has brainwashed Travis into believing that he is always just behind him. If Dexter had eliminated Travis and thought the whole thing was over, only to find in a last moment shot that a real-life Gellar is standing behind him in his bathroom mirror... that, would have justified 8 episodes.

  • Outstanding plot turn. *spoilers inside*


    After Dexter found Travis they become partners. But Travis doesn't have any interesting information.

    Though Dexter figured out possible next victim - atheist professor. He tried to prevent homicide and kill Gellar, but wasn't successful because of elevator shot down.

    Police found professors body. After touching victim's arm whole team had a blood bath.

    Quinn is still a mess. Lost his gun and screwed with not MILF type lady, had a fight with Angel.

    Debra wants to renew the case of drug addict girl. Laguerta tried to stop her but Debra insisted. And after this arguing Laguerta meets the chief of police, so he's involved. God, this guy learns nothing!

    Now we know who bought a hand of Ice Truck killer victim.

    In the end Dexter found Gellar in the fringe. And it is obvious that Travis has multiple personality disorder.

    Really cool plot turn!

  • Dexter and Travis help each other to find Gellar but things don't go to plan

    Dexter works with Travis to try to find Geller but when Dexter finds Geller's body at the end it makes a lot of sense about the season because when Geller apparently escaped in the previous episode I was wondering how he did it It turns out that Travis is actually the monster behind the Doomsday murders that killed his sister and everyone else and now Dexter is trapped with him I just don't understand when Dexter was trapped in the elevator Travis had enough time to kill the victim and set up all the blood to come down and I don't understand why Travis would kill his sister which will take him to the top of the suspect The last three episode are going to be interesting to watch and will answer a few questions.
  • A question to all the: "I knew it since the beginning!" people


    I have been reading the reviews and seeing how almost everyone complains about knowing already this big twist, but can I ask you something? If you knew it already:

    -do you read spoilers?

    -do you see the next previews?

    -do see the next episode names?

    -and all that stuff that gives you insight or what's to come

    I would appreciate and answer and also for you to tell me when you realized it, so we can healthily discuss it.