Season 6 Episode 9

Get Gellar

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on Showtime

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  • not bad, a little bleak but still entertaining


    Overall the episode was like the rest of the season, predictable but there were some good points to it. I Liked the Bowls of Wrath scene, with the buckets being poured down over them, that was original and entertaining.

    As to how Travis pulled it off in such a short time is confusing, he managed to go get the proffessor and put him somewhere in less than a minute before he went to go get Dexter.

    Deb calling dexter a chair which just confused him was hilarious, as was Quinn`s hook up with the wafflehouse mom.

    As a single episode, it was fine, really. but as a whole with the other episodes in the season, there should be more Dexter killing bad guys not necessarily central to the plot like he has done in the past, but now he`s just trying to find and Kill Travis/Gellar which is somewhat of a boring task for him to do.

    The reveal at the end where Gellar is dead, was Interesting. I had a suspicion that Gellar was dead because he didnt interact with anybody except Travis, he touched things and was seen holding them, but so was Brian in the episode "Nebraska" Travis's mind simply had Gellar do what he was doing.

    It will probably get more interesting, with Masuka's Intern, Ive heard people propose the Idea that he is Brian Moser's, The Ice Truck Killers son. that would be a new twist which could go either way story wise, but thats just a rumor and he might just be an obsessed fan-boy.

    overall not too bad, but nothing astounding or mind boggling in this episode, I hope the next episode will be better