Season 6 Episode 9

Get Gellar

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on Showtime

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    Dexter and Travis team up to find Gellar now that he's escaped. They follow his trail to a self important atheist professor Casey at the University of Miami. Dexter checks Travis into a motel while they work out a way to stop Gellar, who recently posted on his blog to supposedly get Travis back into the killing as one of the "Two Witnesses" he was part of. Obviously at the back of my mind I thought the reveal of Gellar not being real would happen at some point would happen before this and it took 9 episodes to get this far, but the build up was tedious if anything, and the payoff was getting that twist behind us. Louis backs off on Jaime with Batista's threats shaking him and Masuka gives him advice on women as well as anyone like Masuka can. Deb acknowledges the absurdity of her life and brings up all the reasons that we Dexter fans know she's messed up from the last five years or so. While Dexter and Travis try to prevent the next DDK killing Dex gets trapped in an elevator and they are too late. LaGuerta is shocked when Deb decides to reopen the overdosed hooker case after discussion with the girl's father and she has apparently been covering it up for Matthews. Of course she has, who else high up do we know of? Speaking of unnecessary Quinn's hangover storyline with Batista was a waste of time but the fugliness of the woman he slept with made me chuckle a wee bit, Quinn is just milking the whole "my fiancee dumped me so I get to a drunken jerk" angle way too much which should be gone by now near the end of the season, get a new tune man. The thing surprising about Louis was the ITK arm being in his apartment, suggesting that he was working with Ryan. But there had to be something otherwise he and Jaime wouldn't be getting screen time alone together since they're not major characters at all. When the body of Professor Casey is found in the auditorium of the school and his body is empty of blood and everything and all of his bodily fluids raining down on them was just as disgusting as "Seeing Red" in season 1 but less so since it fell on them, all a little to like the blood club in the first Blade movie for me, however cool the film scene is. Things have slowed down even though DDK is still killing, but even though we saw it coming a mile away the reveal was so well executed the writers still get points for staging it effectively, my thoughts of "Gellar must be in that freezer there" were quickly affirmed but still grossed out when shown. Now Dex has to stop Travis, who is obviously loony to the super degree without the police finding him, which they will find Gellar's body next episode I guarantee you. Things have been better, but there are some highlights like Dexter wanting to be more like Brother Sam and wanting to tame his dark passenger in an effective scene with Harry, something that was only hinted at back in the end of Season 4 before the big reveal. Hopefully there only up to go from here, and Louis's story now intrigues me more since I wasn't really paying much attention to him. Passable as an episode, but Dexter is better than this.

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