Season 6 Episode 9

Get Gellar

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on Showtime

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  • to everyone complaining they knew what was gonna happen


    Don't call the viewers of this show "ignorant" because they didn't think Gellar was dead. I didn't, I was shocked to see he was dead because, and get ready for this it makes less sense with the previous events that he was dead the whole time. When they kidnapped the "whore" to besacrificed, she said there were 2 men who kidnapped her. Also I'm supposed to think Travis is crazy enough to kill the atheist professor, cut off his hand, write in his blood to tell himselfbring Dexter to the church, and just forget about it? And wait didn't Dexter actually see Gellar walk to the professor's office that was killed? How did Travis kill him so fast he was able torescuedexter seemingly moments after it was done?Did not work at all for me

    Fact of the matter is the writers did a decent job of making me believe Gellar was behind all of this. To those who can't stand that ppl liked this ending, you can call me stupid, ignorant, whatever butseriouslythough you aren't pissed cuz people didn't see it coming, its because it was a dumb twist that doesn't make nearly enough sense with what happened earlier in the season which is where the writers screwed up big time.

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