Season 3 Episode 10

Go Your Own Way

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2008 on Showtime

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  • So much for Dexter and Miguel's friendship.

    This was a great episode where Dexter and Miguel are trying to get one over on each other Things played perfect for Dexter when Sylvia went round to La Guerta's house and saw Miguel there but Miguel definitely went too far after Dexter got Ellen Wolf's ring I can't believe Miguel is working with the Skinner to help bring down Dexter It seems that Dexter should have just kept his secret to himself and then he wouldn't be in this situation.
  • It's about control

    Dexter outlined the possibilities mentally as he exchanged pleasantries with Miguel and his wife over dinner. The first choice is obviously killing him; second option is extract Miguel from his life and third option: control him by getting some evidence that would implicate Miguel in the death of Ellen Wolf! What then proceeds in dramatic form are two caged tigers, each circling for advantage, signs of weakness and overall control. It looks distinctly like Dexter might have bitten off slightly more than he can chew with Miguel; in the closing short Dexter is abducted by King and thrown into the trunk of a car. Elsewhere Maria is on the case of finding Ellen Wolf's Killer, Deb and Anton have a look at their relationship.
  • best acting by michael c. hall and jimmy smits so far

    i could say that this episode was almost like a chess game but almost everyone reviewing this episode has said that so i will call it dexter and miguels private war (and what a war) it was all amazing from start to final i mean laguerta is figuring out that miguel killed ellen (finally laguerta has a propose to the plot) dexter and miguels confrontation on the roof and of course the final altough it is suspicious that they didnt show the atackers face maybe we are in for a susprise but i hope not i cant wait to see the skinner holding dexter hostage .
    great setup for the las 2
  • Finally, the high stakes have returned!

    [Spoilers!] An indication of great television writing is a show that has you playing out in your mind how the script for the next episode will read. Imagining all the myriad possible reactions that Dexter might have upon waking up in the Skinner's chair has been one of my favourite pasttimes this week. Tomorrow is gonna be good!

    After a slow start to Season 3, the high-stakes plot that Dexter was so known for in the first two seasons has returned. It may have been the partly the slow setup of several new characters to blame for that (does anyone else think Yuki is completely unneccessary?), but we certainly can't complain about that anymore because the last 10 minutes of this episode were some of the most intense minutes that Dexter has offered yet.
  • Brilliant, that's it really

    So now we are being paid back for our faith in this show.

    I must admit, I am like many here who have thought that this series as been a little sub-par but we are being rewarded for our patience, in spades.

    It's good to see that the writers were willing to take a chance on our willingness to sit through the admitedly still entertaining earlier episodes whilst this story line is being set up and other slow burners wait in the back ground.

    When I look back on this season I am happy to see that the writers made the decision that they did.

    Dexter was running the risk of becoming predictable and boring, with the same old characters but they took the time to introduce new characters and shine a different light on other established members of the cast.

    So now we have Dexter apparently abducted by the Skinner. Personally I wish they had come up with a different name for this seasons killer as all I hear is Super Intendant Charmers in the back of my head shouting "Skinner" every time they mention his name, any who...

    ... it seems that Dexter is really in danger this time, how will he get out of this? And even if he does, Miguel knows his secret so he can't rely on his police friends to come to his rescue as Miguel and the Skinner would surly sing like proverbial canaries?

    The show has got into its stride and then some, marvelous.

    I can't wait for the next episode, only Battle Star gets me this way these days (the new year can't come quick enough) and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next a little too much perhaps.
  • What He Wants Written by Tim Schlattmann Directed by John Dahl

    Rita: "His best friend is cheating on my best friend, and he won't tell me with who."
    Deb (to Dexter): "You have a best friend?" Yes and as friends go, Miguel is definitely a disappointment. Friendships have never been Dexter's strong point and with the tension between him and Miguel in the previous episode, it's only natural that this one would see things escalate quite impressively.

    Miguel is clearly a man who doesn't like to be yanked around but he's also more than happy to do it to Dexter. Hence, this episode spent so much time in both of them trying to usurp the other. Dexter will eventually emerge as the victor but that doesn't stop Miguel from going far.

    He was happy for Maria to put that bartender in prison for Ellen's murder. Miguel even commented on how the guy looked guilty. The guy might have been an engaged man looking for a bit on the side bootie call with Ellen (does that quash the lesbian theories with her?) but that doesn't make him a murderer.

    Similarly Dexter saw something guilty in the bartender as well but he knew damn well that Miguel was looking for a scape goat. We can thank Quinn for denying Miguel at least one scapegoat. I guess Quinn's kind of good when he actually does his job properly. Maria was certainly a wreck in this episode. It's nice to see that Ellen's death has an effect on her. In fact, Maria's more distraught over her friend than she was with Doakes but it also meant that she was prone to snapping at people. Even Dexter felt a bit of her anger when he was researching something for Angel and didn't catalogue it.

    However Miguel viewed Maria as another means of keeping himself out of jail and even went to seduce. Miguel has no feelings for the woman but he's definitely aware that she has some for him. Low blow, Miguel. Of course, Sylvia might have blown things with Miguel's other option.

    In previous episodes, Sylvia's suspected that Miguel has been cheating on her and thanks to Rita, she thinks it's with Maria. I sort of hated Rita for this. While I don't especially like Miguel, Rita had no evidence to back up her claims. All she did was get some vague hunches from Dexter. Next time, Rita best to think before dropping a bomb like that.

    Of course this only served to widen the rift between Dexter and Miguel. Miguel actually thought that Dexter was responsible (maybe indirectly, but this was Rita's doing) and decided to get his own revenge. Getting warrants for Dexter's lab, an ethics investigation on Deb, Miguel certainly knows how to play dirty.

    The problem for Miguel is that Dexter is way better at it. If Dexter could easily get into Miguel's house in broad daylight and steal back evidence linking him to Ellen's murder without dismembering staff, then shouldn't Miguel be a lot more careful than to underestimate him? And there's also the bloody shirt in the cleaners. Miguel really should wise up.

    I guess Miguel's team up with the Skinner was something a little late in the game for the writers. The Skinner's still such an impersonal threat that it's easier for Miguel to manipulate him. Also Dexter got kidnapped and tied up in the boot of a car fairly easily as well. Either the Skinner's really good or Vince's making sure that Opie attended his stag do.

    Vince was actually in enough scenes in this episode and he's been pretty underutilised this season. It seems weirdly appropriate that he would be the one to organise a bachelor party for Dexter, though once again we can also thank Quinn for a little input as well.

    Angel on the other hand got a stronger story as well. Poor Barbara got the **** kicked out of her due to some random john and Angel got Dexter to track him. I liked that Dexter imparted some wise advice about opening certain doors. Unlike Miguel, Angel had the good sense to take heed of what Dexter said.

    I was beginning to wonder if there was more to Barbara than meets the eye. I actually want Angel to be happy, so if we do get more on her, I'm hoping it's not sinister stuff. Let Barbara be a good cop who actually loves Angel, even if his snoring is that bad. Angel, I empathise.

    With Angel and Barbara being happy as a couple, Deb's shaky attitude with Anton certainly got highlighted. It would suck if she didn't get her shield because while she has been reckless with the Skinner case, she is for the most part a better cop than other characters on the show.

    I don't blame Anton for punching Quinn. Quinn was right to apologise over shafting him with the CI stuff but at the end of the day, Quinn's unprofessional ethics did put Anton in harm's way. Deb needs to make up her mind about him – either ditch him or fight for him. Either way Deb, do it quick. Also in "Go Your Own Way"

    Isn't there a song by the same name of this episode? I think it's one from the Cranberries.

    Dexter (re catering): "It's too much really."
    Miguel: "I won't take no for an answer."
    Dexter: "You might have to."

    Miguel hid Ellen's ring that he stole in his cigar box. Bet Dexter's really glad he didn't get a chance to teach his former friend any other tricks.

    Quinn (to Deb): "You're right, it's your shield. If you want people talking about you, that's your choice."

    Angel (re Barbara): "She talks about me?"
    Cop: "She says you snore like a ****

    Author Jeff Lindsay made a cameo in this episode as one of the cops watching over Barbara. Maybe we'll get Charlaine Harris in True Blood one day.

    Miguel (re bartender): "Looks like a good killer to me."
    Dexter: "He's not."

    Dexter (re Maria): "She's ripe for the picking and Miguel knows it. He'll use it and I'll lose my leverage."

    Ellen was married twice, according to Maria. She did mention one of her divorces in "The Damage A Man Can Do".

    Anton (re Quinn): "I nearly died because of that prick."
    Deb: "Without that prick we never would have found you. You're lucky if he doesn't press charges."

    I think if I were Anton, I would sue given the ordeal of being a Skinner victim.

    Masuka: "I was expecting someone …"
    Tammy: "Trashy?"
    Masuka: "Yeah."
    Tammy: "That's sweet."

    Dexter: "Wow, I didn't get it before, Miguel but you can't be reasoned with, guilted, controlled. This whole back and forth game for leverage is pointless."
    Miguel: "That's right. I'll do what I want, when I want, to whomever I want. Count on it."

    Chronology: A few days since "About Last Night" and no Harry in this episode.

    "Go Your Own Way" is certainly an intense episode. Dexter and Miguel's back and forth fighting for supremacy is certainly engaging as is the final moments where Dexter found himself abducted. Only two more episodes left.
  • Setting up last 2

    Things are better now for the show, last 3 episodes (this one included) were all great. Of course, overall the season is not of the standard of the first two but the ending for this season looks promising.
    So the Dexter-Miguel friendship is officially thing of the past. I`m sad(rather worried) cause this leaves Miguel in the same situation than Doakes last season, condemned to death. I still hope am wrong about this.
    One may describe the epiosde like a chess game with both Dexter and Miguel trying to manipulate each other. I love this situation, these two work well together and Jimmy Smits has been simply amazing as Miguel this season.
    There were some meh moments like Anton`s fight with Quinn..not very convincing or even Bastista`s thing with his girlfriend...failed to catch my attention. But everything else, specially the whole game between Dexter and Miguel was brillant. The whole thing came together with that scene on the roof. Now that was some amazing piece of TV and one of my all time favorite moments of the show. The intensity was overwhelming. Again here Jimmy Smits, hats off...even Michael C Hall got overshadowed in that scene. The skinner was watching the whole thing. The fact that Miguel wants the Skinner to kill Dexter is not a surpise. Actually it was pretty obvious given thier conversation in the previous episode. However, they did a great job in pulling this off. Great cliffhanger too. Dexter chooses option 1 but gets attack by Skinner. I`m still on my reserves here because I feel they may do a Doakes with Miguel. Having Dexter killing Miguel in the last episode would be simply lame. I still hoping they`ve figured a better way to deal with this. I`m looking forward to see Dexter as the victim in next episode.
  • After a slow boring start we got the whole script "cake" near the end of the season.

    I'm not going to bore you with this episode's plot everyone knows it! (especially if you reading this page of :D ) What I liked about this episode was the "leverage game", between Dexter and Miguel. The haunter which becomes haunted, the "oh I got you know" situations through the episode. And of course Masuka's laughter! As the poll shows everybody is excited about the next episode where hopefully Laguerta is gonna fit all the pieces of the puzzle together and see who did actually killed her friend.Until then we have to sit and wait for the outcome!

    P.S: I don't know about you, but I really hoped that Miguel was going to jump off the building after he met Dexter, well bad luck I guess:D
  • Amazing!!!

    The thing i hate most about TV, is they give us this incredible episode, and then make us wait a week to see the next one. BLAH!!!

    The back and forth manipulation was incredible, and Migel's temper is really something. I had a feeling that Dexter would decide to kill him, but i never saw this episode ending the way that it did.

    It is really going to be very interesting to see how this unfolds, and how Migel will be dealt with.

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  • Season 3 have been a little slow but the last episodes have been better and better.

    Season 1 is still the best and Season 2 was not that good. Season 3 starts very slow and not much happens, but it's still Dexter and now when it's about to end this season some great things happens in this show.

    This episode was great, but I can't help thinking "Well it's Dexter, he can't die" so well it was maybe more OK episode then great when I think about it.

    Still I enjoy watching how Dexter trying to take back the control over his life.

    But like I was saying before this season has been slow and Dexter can't die. How about someone else dies, to turn it on a little before the end of this season?

    Not a bad episode. If you have not seen it, watch it!
  • Dexter tries to hold leverage over Miguel as he believes killing him would be too risky. Quinn confesses to Anton about his CI duties with strong ramifications for Debra.

    This show is just incredible and it would seem that this episode personifies just how brilliant Dexter truely is. For most shows it is hard to back up a great ep with another but Dexter has pulled it off seamlessly.

    This week Dexter's friendship with Miguel is truely over as the two go head to head to hold leverage over the other. Dexter considers killing him but his profile is too large for things to go smoothly after he kills him. Instead he attempts to hold something over Miguel so as to keep him under control. All the while Miguel is attempting to do the same thing until Dexter takes a step too far and Miguel sets plans in motion to have Dexter taken out of the equation. This arc ties Miguel to the skinner and may mean trouble for Dexter.

    Meanwhile Debra is having problems with Anton as she seems to think that she must choose between Anton and her Detective Badge. Anton is told by Quinn that his CI duties were off the book, this is met with a punch in the face and the threat of a lawsuit. I was suss about Quinn at first but I think he is a solid replacement for Doakes. This episode was just like all the others, brilliant! As season 3 reaches its climax it keeps heating up and sets up for what could be a great finale in the next couple of weeks. With another two seasons at the very least, this season is proving to be the best, not as fresh as season one and not as dark as season 2 but far more intriguing as Miguel proves to be the perfect villain for Dexter to plunge his knife into!
  • "11/10"

    "11/10" I would seriously give more if I could. Metaphors are cannot illuminate the black hole that is the dark, intriguing drama we see unfolding.

    Dexter and Miguel engage in a game of judo-chess. Only the pawns are people unaware of their involvement. LaGuerda, Rita, Sylvia, the Cleaner, Deb - are all utterly oblivious, and fully played. Moves rebound - the usage of Rita was inspired. The board is itself ever-changing. And the goal is utter domination. Nothing less will suffice. Oh YEAH.

    I loved the 3 options. And how Dex tries 3, then 2, and finally comes back to one. Wonderful, wonderful dark passenger 1. This is one kill I deeply look forward to.

    Side-storylines have never been so deep. The one-liners are all awesome.

    Dex on Deb's babysitting - "did you use chloroform?"

    Masuka- Sgt. Angel "Buzz kill": "Strippers - yes. Hookers - no". "A hooker is a terrible thing to waste!"..."I'll never get my deposit back..."

    Game over? My donkey. Miguel has just made a major miscalculation with Dex. I am dying to see how Dex copes on the other side of the blade. This simply cannot get any better - but if this build-up is anything to go by, we are in for a crescendo to rival the beauty, intricacy and brutal scale of the galaxy.
  • Miguel and Dexter start fighting amongst each other.

    Last week I said that Dexter was lacking that blowaway episode; well right on call Showtime delivers it to us tonight. The scene with Miguel Prado and Dexter Morgan on the rooftop was absolutely incredible. No other program has given us anything even remotely close to that intensity or passion this season. That was just brilliant, phenomenal acting by both men and the high point of this episode.

    The hour run time seemed to fly by tonight as we saw the implosion of a once beneficial partnership. With only two more episodes left we are going to see business truly pick up between Dexter and Miguel and I for one cannot wait until the conclusion.