Season 5 Episode 2

Hello, Bandit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2010 on Showtime

Episode Recap

The FBI agents get off Dexter's case, telling him that they knew he was at Arthur Mitchell's house at the time of the murder. Although it clears him, it will lead to other suspicions. Dexter becomes fixated on a spot of blood he sees in the bottom of a moving van. Later, he takes baby Harrison to the van to run some tests.

Dexter discovers that the previous renter of the van was a man named Boyd who collects dead animals for a living. Dexter calls Boyd in to clean up a dead raccoon on the road, which Dexter planted. Boyd arrives and notices that it was killed elsewhere then brought to the site.

Miami Metro arrives at a park where they discover a decapitated head. Deb stays over at Quinn's because with Dexter's family staying with her, there is no room. The two do not acknowledge that they have slept together.

Dexter goes to investigate Boyd's house. He thinks Boyd's home is quite boring until he sees collections of tapes of him collecting hair. Dexter follows Boyd to the swamp and watches him dump something into the water. Dexter gets a call from Deb saying she cannot find the kids. It turns out there are back at the house where their mother was murdered, trying to understand how it happened. Astor, still mad at Dexter, requested to live with her grandparents instead.

Back at Deb's, Dexter tells Deb that even though Cody wants to stay in Miami with Dexter, it would be best for him and Astor to stay together. Dexter finally says goodbye to the kids and lets them go – letting to the feeling of innocence and the fact that he can still care about something. He goes right back to business and heads to the swamp. He opens Boyd's oil drums and it turns out they are not full of dead animals, but of dead ladies instead.