Season 5 Episode 2

Hello, Bandit

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Things slow down a bit, but the future looks promising.

    Anybody complaining about a slow-moving episode tonight need only look to Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Rubicon or a dozen other premium cable shows who take their sweet time in getting to great moments. It's easy to claim a show is moving too slow, but that only makes the payoff that much sweeter. Tonight's episode was much slower than the premiere (which was slow itself), but with the introduction of Boyd Fowler (who is NOT the next season-long arc villain for anybody wondering.. there is no actual season-long villain this year), Dexter seems to be preparing himself for some type of revenge, and while this episode was mainly set-up for next week, it was still an interesting episode nonetheless.

    Dexter attempts to cope with life without Rita and life as a single father of three children. However, Astor continues to hate Dexter and blame him for what happened while Cody finds himself trapped between siding with his sister or his stepfather, who he still looks up to (any scene with Cody siding with Dexter was heart-breaking, especially seeing how upset both of them were). Dexter finds a blood stain inside of a moving truck and he becomes intrigued. His urge to kill returns and he realizes he needs to do this for himself. With his wife dead and nobody to kill as revenge, he begins searching for somebody to take out his rage on. He finds a strange man named Boyd Fowler who picks up dead animals off of the side of the road as his day job and kills blond women and stores them in oil drums by night. Fowler is truly a creepy addition to the show, and while it's already been announced he's not sticking around for the season, it should be fun to see how his role on the show pans out.

    Meanwhile, in news that is NOT Dexter, Miami Metro investigates the murder of a woman; her head was chopped off and placed in the middle of a park, surrounded by various items. A rookie cop says to Deb that she believes this is the work of a strange cult named "Saint Death." She claims they're responsible for using machetes to kill their victims. We don't learn much about this case, but it's clear that the show wants to push this forward. Unfortunately, the show can either take this one of two ways. They can make it tie into the show in an interesting way or it'll just be a stand-alone case, such as the Vacation Killers in Season 4, where the case seems random and unneeded. At least last year, the Vacation Killers created even more tension, as we didn't know who had shot Lundy which meant the Vacation Killers could've been suspects. This year, they'll have to do a good job at convincing people that this case is worth following.

    There's also the plot of Deb and Quinn growing closer to each other. Quinn seems to be getting closer and closer to figuring out that Kyle Butler was Dexter. It's unclear of exactly how long it'll take, but he has the sketches that the Mitchell family gave, and he seems close to putting two and two together. So far, Quinn has slowly moved forward and became one of my favorite supporting characters. Dexter doesn't exactly have the best track record with supporting cast (guest stars don't count.. Jimmy Smits and John Lithgow did a fantastic job). But for the most part, supporting casts are weak on the show. Just look at Batista and LaGuerta, who haven't had an interesting plot in four seasons. However, Quinn has more of a backstory than Doakes ever did, and he consistently brings a mix of humor and darkness to the show. Hopefully, there'll be a good pay-off with the character and with this plot.

    This may seem like a long review for a minor episode, but I feel like it's important people don't lose hope in the show this early into the season. The producers and writers and even Shawn Hatosy, the actor guest-starring as Fowler, claimed that patience will be needed for the first three episodes, because it's set-up for what's to come. So far, I haven't been let down. Dexter is delivering the same level of slow-burning tension that it's always delivered, and an episode like this is still miles better than the middle Season 3 episodes, or even some of Season 2's episodes revolving around Lila. We haven't even seen some of the guest-stars yet (Julia Stiles, Peter Weller etc.), so things have nowhere to go but up.