Season 4 Episode 11

Hello, Dexter Morgan

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Best ending to a Dexter episode yet.

    What a way to end the episode to get a good start for the season finale This episode shows why Dexter should've killed Trinity from the 6th episode when Dexter knew it was him but instead the police are catching up to Dexter and now Trinity as you guessed from the title knows Kyle Butler is Dexter Morgan but it was the way Trinity found out when he followed Dexter into the police station and when they both walked up to each other you know this is a scene you will never forget It kind of puts the Miami police to shame because the Bay Harbor Butcher and the Trinity killer are right in the middle of the police station and nobody knows.
  • Trinity is Dexter's only opponent that shares so many common traits that Dexter is having a hard time with him. So far Dexter has still maintained a measure of control over the situation...That may be about to change dramatically.

    Dexter has become one of the best serials (no pun intended) on TV. It's good to know this show drew well above the 2 million viewer mark and for good cause...This year gave us episodes that were some of the best and "Hello, Dexter Morgan" might well be the best in the entire four years. Things have been happening at break-neck speed for Dexter. He is wrestling with all the many roles he is now trying to juggle and all the while he is moving away from his father/mentor Harry's complete influence becoming a person he isn't even sure he knew existed within. Inner tension, a killer even he can't kill on his terms, marital problems, and being a father are pressing down on Dexter while Deb may well expose "Trinity" before Dexter can eliminate him. What could add more fuel to the volatility? That would be Christine, as Lundy's killer and Trinity's daughter! And, if that played itself out before show's end we only got a quick breath before quite possibly the most awkward tension filled encounter at the ending when Trinity finds out Dexter's identity and speaks those dreaded words: "Hello, Dexter Morgan" right in the Miami P.D.'s headquarters!!! I, like so many others was already "hooked" and this episode qualifies as "brilliant punishment" as the hook is now embedded so deep it's painful to wait a week to see how this unfolds. This is one brilliant series that is peaking perfectly! Highly recommended!
  • THE best episode of television in the past year.

    Dexter has always been a great show, but this season really seems to have restored new life into the program. Each episode had clearly been building up to something and this episode was it. It really felt like all the storylines came together and I cannot believe how amazing the pay-off was.
    I really was not expecting the ending, which is exactly what I love about "Dexter" that you never know what to expect. This episode is just further proof that it is THE best show on Television these days.
    On the episode as a whole, I thought that Dexter's motives for killing Beaudry were initially a little bit strange but now it all makes perfect sense.
    My one issue with the episode (or perhaps one storyline) was that in having Masuka observe the kiss, it really just didnt come to a satisfying conclusion with Mauka making a quick comment? That was a little bit lame.
    Other than that though, an amazing episode and I cannot wait for the next installment
  • Disappointing writing and character development but convincing guest performances and edgy ending

    Because of some spoilers I knew what would happen in this episode. It probably ruined half the suspense but I still enjoyed the ending. However I didn't like what Dex did because it wasn't original. Moreover it was under estimating some characters intelligence. The action wasn't also as tensed as in Lost Boys. But Christine's interview was interesting and her face to face with Deb very emotional. Otherwise I didn't like how some of their scenes were staged and doubt anyone would react like Deb did. Even Dex and Rita relationship wasn't covered properly and in fact I think the writers could have done a better job. Thanksfully John Lithgow's performance as Trinity was impressive and Courtney Ford did it again as his daughter. So to sum things up I think the ending and the two guest stars talent saved this episode. I was also disappointed that so much time was wasted to cover the Batista-LaGuerta mumbo jumbo again.
  • Last stop before finale could hardly be more exciting. :O

    Wow, Dexter is simply still one of the very best shows on TV. The last stop before the finale blew me away and I had huge expectations. How can some one rate this below 9 is beyond me.
    It was tensed, thrilling,suspenseful, nail bitting and highly unpredictable.
    It is so difficult to predict what happens next, we just go from surprise to surprise. Dexter is a versatile character but the best thing about this season is that the protagonist Arthur Mitchell is freaking versatile too. Miguel Prado was awesome but as a challenge for Dexter, there is no beating ice truck killer, no Doakes and no Miguel. The final face off was :o one of the best face off I`ve ever seen. Awesome.
    However I still have my reserves. See, everything is perfect, well established and normally I should be looking forward to an epic finale but if there`s a thing this show fails at, it`s finales. Season 1 finale was ok but finale for season 2 and 3 were horrible and hugely disappointing. But they didn`t make the mistake of killing the protagonist before the finale and I hope they don`t kill him 15 minutes into the finale(Hello Doakes). The only meh moments were Miguel-Laguerta but that looks wrapped up now,great. Everything is perfectly set up for one of the best episodes on TV this year...I hope they don`t ruin it.Somehow I feel it might get repetitive here with Dexter eventually killing his challenge; here`s hoping they bring something new to the table.
    But so far...superb season. Well done.
  • "Hello, Dexter Morgan."

    Seriously, how good has John Lithgow been this season? For that matter, how good has Michael C. Hall been? Together, these two actors are raking up some good scenes, bringing out the best of each other. This cat and mouse game is one of the most intriguing storylines Dexter has had in awhile. It's making for some great television, the kind that makes you want the week to fly by so you can see what happens next. It's a shame Season 4 is ending now, because I have a feeling there will be a lot of buzz surrounding the ending (if my expectations are met)

    Seeing Dexter flat-out murder Beaudry the way he did was pretty interesting, especially since he didn't seem to be abiding by the code much. He knew that this guy was on Lundy's list of criminals, but still.. there's loads of criminals in the world, and the only reason Dexter chose this one was to push forward his own agenda. That's not something he does often, and when he does, it's a pretty big deal.

    I'm glad they got the Rita/Elliott thing off of the table. To see that dragged out is the last thing we would've needed, but it was nice to see Dexter punching him in the face regardless. It was a nice way to close it up. However, I don't know how I feel about the marriage of Batista and LaGuerta.. it just seems strange and random (although I suppose that was the point) and I guess I really didn't see them going down this road.

    However, everything else was top-notch. Deb continues to get better scenes than she's gotten in years, and every actor seems to be on their game. There should be at least a couple of nominations this year for Dexter in terms of acting. Very good stuff, and next week's looks amazing. What a great way to finish off the year.. a little bit of Dexter finale.