Season 4 Episode 11

Hello, Dexter Morgan

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2009 on Showtime

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  • THE best episode of television in the past year.

    Dexter has always been a great show, but this season really seems to have restored new life into the program. Each episode had clearly been building up to something and this episode was it. It really felt like all the storylines came together and I cannot believe how amazing the pay-off was.
    I really was not expecting the ending, which is exactly what I love about "Dexter" that you never know what to expect. This episode is just further proof that it is THE best show on Television these days.
    On the episode as a whole, I thought that Dexter's motives for killing Beaudry were initially a little bit strange but now it all makes perfect sense.
    My one issue with the episode (or perhaps one storyline) was that in having Masuka observe the kiss, it really just didnt come to a satisfying conclusion with Mauka making a quick comment? That was a little bit lame.
    Other than that though, an amazing episode and I cannot wait for the next installment