Season 4 Episode 11

Hello, Dexter Morgan

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Trinity is Dexter's only opponent that shares so many common traits that Dexter is having a hard time with him. So far Dexter has still maintained a measure of control over the situation...That may be about to change dramatically.

    Dexter has become one of the best serials (no pun intended) on TV. It's good to know this show drew well above the 2 million viewer mark and for good cause...This year gave us episodes that were some of the best and "Hello, Dexter Morgan" might well be the best in the entire four years. Things have been happening at break-neck speed for Dexter. He is wrestling with all the many roles he is now trying to juggle and all the while he is moving away from his father/mentor Harry's complete influence becoming a person he isn't even sure he knew existed within. Inner tension, a killer even he can't kill on his terms, marital problems, and being a father are pressing down on Dexter while Deb may well expose "Trinity" before Dexter can eliminate him. What could add more fuel to the volatility? That would be Christine, as Lundy's killer and Trinity's daughter! And, if that played itself out before show's end we only got a quick breath before quite possibly the most awkward tension filled encounter at the ending when Trinity finds out Dexter's identity and speaks those dreaded words: "Hello, Dexter Morgan" right in the Miami P.D.'s headquarters!!! I, like so many others was already "hooked" and this episode qualifies as "brilliant punishment" as the hook is now embedded so deep it's painful to wait a week to see how this unfolds. This is one brilliant series that is peaking perfectly! Highly recommended!