Season 4 Episode 11

Hello, Dexter Morgan

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Last stop before finale could hardly be more exciting. :O

    Wow, Dexter is simply still one of the very best shows on TV. The last stop before the finale blew me away and I had huge expectations. How can some one rate this below 9 is beyond me.
    It was tensed, thrilling,suspenseful, nail bitting and highly unpredictable.
    It is so difficult to predict what happens next, we just go from surprise to surprise. Dexter is a versatile character but the best thing about this season is that the protagonist Arthur Mitchell is freaking versatile too. Miguel Prado was awesome but as a challenge for Dexter, there is no beating ice truck killer, no Doakes and no Miguel. The final face off was :o one of the best face off I`ve ever seen. Awesome.
    However I still have my reserves. See, everything is perfect, well established and normally I should be looking forward to an epic finale but if there`s a thing this show fails at, it`s finales. Season 1 finale was ok but finale for season 2 and 3 were horrible and hugely disappointing. But they didn`t make the mistake of killing the protagonist before the finale and I hope they don`t kill him 15 minutes into the finale(Hello Doakes). The only meh moments were Miguel-Laguerta but that looks wrapped up now,great. Everything is perfectly set up for one of the best episodes on TV this year...I hope they don`t ruin it.Somehow I feel it might get repetitive here with Dexter eventually killing his challenge; here`s hoping they bring something new to the table.
    But so far...superb season. Well done.
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