Season 7 Episode 9

Helter Skelter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2012 on Showtime

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  • What Debra said

    What Debra said when she discovered the bodies? That's all I have to say about that.

    Isaak Sirko "How is it you can be so fearless in the face of death and yet so afraid to live?"
  • another failed episode

    this website is the only website where dexter fans fail to see how awful this show has become. all other websites and forums the fans are critical, but not here. this episode was another predictable one and when not predictable, it was really dissapointing, like seeing isak being killed by a stupid secondary character and then stupidly choosing to die - even though he could have lived if he went to a hospital (he survived the boat ride!). but hannah, of course, survived. it is also pathetic how the writers are trying to make hannah look likeable. that doesn't work with me, she's awful, and the girl who plays her is awful too (beautiful, but a terrible actress). the only good thing about this episode was the conversation between dexter and deb, in which he tells her that what she's feeling is logical. it was actually a good explanation for that absurd line the show was going... (incest, really?). anyway, another terrible episode. i so hope dexter gets caught SOON. and by laguerta.
  • Dexter helps Issac so he can save Hannah.

    This episode proves Dexter will do anything to save Hannah and it shows how much he cares about her because when Hannah is kidnapped by Issac Dexter works with Issac to kill the people after him I wasn't sure whether Dexter could trust Issac but in the end he could but Issac was shot and Dexter slowly watched him die It was interesting to see what Debra did when she found Hannah when she was stabbed because she could have let her die but decided to call an ambulance Matthews also returned in this episode because La Guerta asks for help on the Bay Harbour Butcher case We find out the list that she has been looking at is people in Miami Metro who has a boat and is asking Matthews to see if any names stand out Matthews who is still mad with La Guerta for making him leave Miami Metro decides to help with the Bay Harbour Butcher case.
  • Helter Skelter

    Another disappointing episode for me. What they did to the main bad guy this season is so destructive and they chose to make him look very weak, something he was not initially.

    There is just not enough action for my liking, even if the episode is still addicting TV.
  • Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching because Dexter and Issac work together and learn more about each other. The character depth and development for these two along with Deb, Hannah, Laguerta and Matthews was pretty great. It was cool watching Dexter get the first man after Issac. I couldn't believe how every thing played out and it was definitely fun watching. I was in suspense on the edge of my seat. Deb and Dexter also discuss their feelings and relationship etc and it was intriguing. I liked how Deb is conflicted over Dexter and his feelings for Hannah. I like the Phantom Arsonist plot line too. The show is still delivering and I can't wait to find out what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Double Trouble

    Things this week took a very interesting turn as Isaac learns of the Koshka Brotherhood sending two hitmen after him since they are disavowing him thanks to George. Isaac approaches Dexter and says that he'll spare his life is he helps but when Dexter refuses he gets his bald associate who is still loyal to him to abduct Hannah and hold her for him so that Dexter will cooperate. Isaac saying that he'd just leave Miami after Dexter helps preserve his life was a hard sell. Deb continues to have problems dealing with Dexter's problems even hearing about the somewhat absurd events that unfold as he is working with Isaac when he asks her to pull the 24 hour surveillance off of him. Deb warning him about Hannah and what she is showed that she still does care. But the Dexter is clueless moment of the week was leaving a crime scene and he tells her he understands that she is in love him by saying that he loves M&M's even though they're not good for him. Dexter kills one of the hitmen at a shooting range where the hitman is trying out a new rifle and Dex simply stabs him and walks away without anyone really seeing him. George urges the other one, a New Yorker named Caffrey, to track Dexter to find Isaac after having lost contact with the other that is dead. George has sex with Nadia after severely pressuring her into it, simply because Quinn didn't answer his calls, right when she arrives at work. When Quinn shows up Nadia tells him about it and he throws George through a wall of glass and punches him out saying he's done and takes Nadia with him which was gratifying to watch but a foolish decision on his part with the Brotherhood backing George now. George is right to be fearful of Isaac seeking retaliation against him for turning the Brotherhood against him. It was good to see Isaac vs. Dexter and Isaac and Dexter being almost best buds. Isaac and him connection across their beef with each other and him saying that Victor's death was partially his own fault coincides with Dex telling him that Victor got in over his head and got just what he deserved. Of course the question Hannah posed to Dexter at episode's beginning about him being scared was meant to be answered but I'll get to that in a minute. This season really has broken the Dexter mold an really made Hannah an interesting addition to Dexter's life where he doesn't have to hide or dull what he is like he does with Deb since there's now three people (Lumen included) that know about what he is and what he does. LaGuerta visits former Captain Tom about the BHB and him owning a boat and if any names stick out to him. Tom says that he'll tell her stuff (presumably about Dexter's childhood trauma and other stuff about Harry since he knew about that stuff all the way back in Season 2) about the other people with boats if she endorses his reinstatement for 9 months so that he can get his forty year pension to which she takes him up on presumably. Isaac really tore into Dexter this week, after having said "Likewise" to Hannah wanting comfort and comforting him and that if he had had that chance with Victor being told that he missed him that he would say something much more significant than likewise. But this whole episode fell back on how detached Dexter is, which is what Isaac was before Victor, and him serving as a catalyst and him not regretting having come and dying in Miami for Victor's sake speak volumes to how much he cared about him. Seeing this utterly complex relationship of them doing team kills on the other assassin Caffrey and then Isaac unnecessarily being gunned down by George. But it should be said that his, "What are you waiting for you little s**t." Was a typically brutal thing for Isaac to say and his death is very un-Dexter which is really great for a show in its 7th season to be able to throw us curveballs like that where not all Big Bads end up on Dexter's kill table some simply die or are out of the picture. Isaac's last line of saying that there is hope for Dexter yet and him simply getting Dex to admit that killing for him is all about control but love and being alive is about letting go of your control before he died was the most powerful part of the episode. Kudos to Ray Stevenson for selling Isaac as such a badass and also such a conflicted man out for revenge as well, him and Dexter having one of the most complex interactions this show has ever had especially since Dexter's never helped out a villain before, or at least a supposed season villain. And while the Isaac story came to a very satisfying conclusion Hannah also got to flex her kill muscles this week as she offers to cook tomatoes for her captor. She poisons him and hits him over the head with a blender but gets stabbed in the process. Deb, out following leads trying to find Hannah, comes upon the dead captor and Hannah lying in a pool of her own blood. Her calling for backup and her justification to Hannah of having done what she did because she's a good person gave Deb some much needed peace of mind in knowing that she is at least still a morally superior creature in this world which she needs after all the hurdles she has to jump through in dealing with accepting Dexter for what he is. It's clear that Deb is capable of putting her personal feelings aside which seemed to impress Hannah who may not have done the same for a dying enemy she hated much like Deb does her and her saying that she needs to do things for herself is also true. George appears to be Dexter's next target narrating to himself about Isaac's casket not being empty in this arc. There's also the side case of the arsonist who wears protective gear and burns people alive with accelerant and whose first name might be "Bobby." It didn't seem like they would bring it up this episode with so much going on but seeing Dexter on the hunt for whoever did that would be a great kill of the week episode to go to especially since the case itself intrigues me. Dexter finally telling Hannah how he feels about her and even he and Harry admitting that he would know about Isaac blaming himself for Victor's death were true because of Rita and how Dex has barely moved on from it were great attention to stuff from the past being brought up to the surface again. Also Matthews' is a racist ass telling LaGuerta to go back to Cuba, I get she's mean and a scheming jerk but that doesn't give him the right to get straight up racial on her and then show up wanting to exchange favors. But with the Isaac story no concluded there isn't much of a Big Bad anymore but instead a dangling Koshka problem with George and the Burning Man (that's what I'm calling him, it's funny if you've even been to or heard of the event in the desert). You can give Ray Stevenson his Emmy for this episode or any other of the season, take your pick. In closing the close up on Hannah after Dexter embraces her, was that supposed to convey doubt on her part after he admits that he feels "safe" with her and is she doing a whole Gob Bluth thing of "I've made a terrible mistake!"? Just good for thought, only three episodes left.
  • Good, but slightly disappointed

    I have to admit that I am slightly disappointed with this episode. I had such high expectations for this entire season with Isaak being a spot on big bad. It's amazing how Ray Stevenson brought this character to life and created some moments that got me on the edge of my seat. I was expecting a big finale between him and Dexter.

    I am not fully convinced that Dexter's "dangerous" relationship with Hannah is interesting enough to carry us through to the end of this season. And even though it is clear that Hannah can not be fully trusted, she still makes a bit of a boring character.

    To me personally, this season kind of became a bit of a mess after this episode with having no clear big bad throughout the entire season. Only 3 more episodes left, and even though I am curious to how it is going to end I am not expecting anything big anymore.

    Still, overall, it is not a very bad season. Definitely better than the previous 2 seasons. But still there are so many missed chances.

    Seeing that there are only a few more episodes left, and the slow pace in the scenes with Laguerta getting closer to Dexter, I would dare to bet that this will probably set the main story line in next season.

    It sure would be interesting to see that story develop.

    Anyways, despite my disappointment in this episode I still enjoyed the collaboration between Dexter and Isaak. Hopefully there will be enough interesting elements left to get this season towards a strong ending.
  • Okay...again

    OMG I liked Issak! Why did he have to die?? It was actually an okay episode this time. I still don't really like this whole Dexter/Hannah couple thing. Every single episode I keep thinking "Is this the one where they finally killer her off?" I Hope these last three episodes are interesting enough to wrap up this season
  • A clever title goes here!

    Am i the only one who is glad isaak is dead? i could not stand him dexter is far above him and would of took him out with ease. as for the dexter hannah thing i hope he kills her off quick and they use the last 3 episodes to build season 8. but i know not everyone has been enjoying this season but i have loved it.
  • Why Dexter why?!

    Yeah, sure writers. Kill off a major compelling character(Isaak, the wonderful) in episode 9 so that the only thing left is annoyingly love-struck Dexter/Hannah, a nervous wreck in the form of Deb(I loved her in the episodes before this one but the writers aren't giving her the best she can do) and a random new killer(The Arsonist) to replace the 'big bad' of this season. Only Laguerta's story is compelling now but the pace is a bit slow.

    I am really going to miss Isaak. Ray Stevenson portrayed him brilliantly. He's my fav big bad of all the seasons but I'm not sure if I should be calling him a 'big bad' considering that he and dexter reached a deal near the end. Best guest star, that's it!

    I can't believe that Hannah will be driving force of the last 3 eps cause her character is kinda boring. The only thing to look forward to now is the BHB storyline. Please, writers give us a great trio of eps instead just of 2 mediocre eps and a great finale(which I'm sure it will be as Dexter always has a few twists in it's last scenes)

    Here's to Isaak. Loved you on this show.