Season 5 Episode 11

Hop A Freighter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2010 on Showtime

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  • I can't say enough good things about this show. Dexter is hands down my favorite TV obsession. Michael C. Hall has proven for the past five season's just how incredible an actor he is.

    Hop A Freighter was everything I expected it to be and more. It was exhilarating, engrossing, and even heart pounding at times. With Debra closing in on Jordon, and Liddy closing in on Dexter, the clock has begun to count down for Dexter whose time seems to be running out, with each turn he takes. The season finale will bring everyone to a Mexican stand off with Lumen as the Ultimate bait, and Quinn under interrogation for Liddy's murder. Who will be the last man standing, in the end? Debra is closing in on Jordon, will Dexter's secrete be revealed?
  • Top-notch

    This was a very intense episode, to say the least. Liddy kidnapping Dexter was unexpected and the outcome got my heart racing! Dexter is definitely suspense at its best, I was scared for a minute there that Quinn was going to find Dexter with Liddy's blood on his hands.

    Lumen going to Emily's house and falling into Chase's trap was expected but I didn't think he'd kill Emily. I mean we don't know why he has such control over her yet but hopefully we will know in the finale.

    And I must mention that I hate Quinn, he's so annoying! The writers have tried to redeem him by having him back off the investigation but that doesn't erase the past. I hope he gets killed off but then again I don't want Debra to end up with another dead boyfriend/fiance.

    I don't understand all the hate for Julia Stiles going around, she's a fine actress. The character of Lumen is interesting and well-acted in my opinion, and I love her relationship with Dexter. They are cute together and they complete each other in a way. I still miss Rita but Lumen is a fine replacement for her in Dexter's life.

    Anyway, I can't wait for next week's episode to see how it all dwindles down. After that, it's going to be another difficult year of waiting.
  • Does anybody know a word better than awesome, because what ever that word might be... this was it.

    Well they've done it again. The penultimate episode of the season left me literally sitting on the edge of my seat staring at the television and screaming "No!" as those credits rolled seemingly too early (Could that really have been almost an hour).

    It's hard to fully sum up what happened in this episode as it moved at such a pace I am not sure if I fully kept up with it all. Let's give it a shot. It seems that Deborah is getting tantalizingly close to finding out that Lumen is the vigilante she has been looking for. A couple of footprints found by Masuka as well as the a bit more information on Jordan Chase has her close to finishing up her case... and dare I say once again inches from finding out about Dexter.

    Quinn took a chance on winning Deborah back with a heartfelt speech... however that Quinn story line was totally overshadowed by a single drop of blood on his shoe.

    That blood belonged to ex-Detective Liddy and for a moment there it seemed that he might just have Dexter backed into a corner that he was not going to be able to get out of. Thankfully Dexter put Liddy out of his misery all too quickly... but I wonder if maybe he might still be in that corner even after the detective is dead.

    Finally the cliffhanger that left me screaming at the TV loud enough to set off the neighbor's dog. Lumen, thinking that she was going in aid of the first rape victim, walks strait into a trap and is captured by Jordan chase. I get the impression that her time with Dexter was not wasted on her and she put up quite the fight but when Dexter arrived to save her she is gone, and Jordan Chase too.

    So what needs to be summed up in next weeks episode? Firstly how is Dexter going to get to Jordan Chase and will he be there in time to save Lumen. How will Quin react when he finds out that Liddy is dead when he knew that Dexter was the subject of his investigation.

    But the thing I am most looking forward too, and have been since the end of the first season, will Deborah finally discover Dexter's secret. She has been so close to it ever since Dexter saved her from his brother at the end of season one. After she came so close in the last season with the files on her father's CIs it has always been my suspicion that in this season she would finally find out. Judging by the build up in this season and the preview of next week's episode it seems that I am right...

    However I will never underestimate Dexter's writers ability to surprise me so I will go into next week's episode with an open and very excited mind.
  • Grate episode :)Cant wait for season finale and i hope there will be season 6 to .

    With what Dexter writers will surprise us in finale - like last time with Ritha's death, 1 season with Killing Dex brother, 3 season escaping from skiner and that blood bleeding out fro Dex on Ritha's wedding dress awesome scene. I expect from last episode some of thoes plots

    1) Well OK Debra will catch dexter at crime scene attacking Jordan - she will shot Jordan in head and protect Dex with Lumen. Quinn in jail .

    2) Jordan will took gun and shot/ or kill Debra

    3) Lumen Kill Debra.

    4) Lumen confess murder and Dexter walks free or at least get short time in jail.

    5) Dexter and Lumen ran away Debra stays with killed Jordan in shock state.

    6) Debra sypmatize vigilante's and cover for Dexter and Lumen its not easy for her she even may go away from being cop only to protect dexter. Or they all 3 made vigilante team and hunt down murders :D
  • 5x11

    omg, this season is getting better and better and better, this episode was full of suspense, for me, one of the most brilliant episodes in the last time, the only thing I did not like her was how dexter could scape from luddy´s attack but in general this was so amazing, the way in which Lumen was lured into that trap was amazing too and the cliffanger at the end left me wanting to watch more and more and more, definitively this season finally appears to be great.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • 511

    Another thrilling episode of Dexter here tonight making it obvious, if it was not already, that this is the best show on television. No way does Mad Men deserve to beat it out for the Emmy, although I do not doubt that it will.

    The show was as exciting as could be. It was unpredictable, the edge of my seat is where I was, and I could not help but wonder how Dexter was going to get out of the situation, but sure enough, he found a way.

    They also ended with a cliffhanger here with Lumen's disappearance which should be good.

    Great episode here, hard to argue otherwise.
  • Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!

    This is without a doubt the best penultimate Dexter episode ever. Even last year's brilliant 'Hello, Dexter Morgan' didn't set up the finale as well as this.
    Seasons 1 and 4 ended with a huge collision course with the villains (Brian and Arthur) and seasons 2 and 3 ended with a "clean-up" of some sort, content with tying up the loose plot threads with Lila and Ramón. This time, the series tries a combined approach: there will be a collision course with Jordan, but Dexter also has a lot of tidying up to do as well: the botched Liddy kill will probably come back to haunt him - and de facto make Quinn know about Dexter's homicidal nature - and he'll surely be busy pretending to investigate Emily's murder as well. Deb also needs to be aimed in the wrong direction so he can take on Jordan, though I have a feeling Lumen will save herself.
    However, I sincerely hope the writers don't fall into the "season 2 trap", having everything resolve itself to return to a status quo. And I most definitely want Lumen to live and come back for future seasons. If that means we have to get a happy ending à la seasons 1-3, so be it. Lumen dying would be even more catastrophic for Dexter's mental health than Rita's was.

    Oh, and lest I forget: lolcatz!
  • Rather than review the episode, I thought it might be fun to guess a few things about how this season will end...

    Regarding Jordan, I think he has never raped any of the victims, including Lumen, because he has some type of problem that even a blue pill couldn't fix.. which has lead him to get his friends to rape these women in front of him.

    Regarding Deb, she seems to have a romantic notion about what this man (Dexter) is doing to avenge this victim (Lumen). Somehow I think she finds out in the finale that Dexter has been helping Lumen, but won't arrest him for it...

    Why didn't Jordan just kill Lumen in Emily's house? Why take her as a hostage? All his rape buddies are dead now. When Dexter tracks them down, it sounds like Jordan has prepared a trap for him (based on the headline preview for the final episode). Is Lumen already dead? I doubt it, since Jordan took her to screw with both she and Dexter and to trap him.

    Who gets pinned for Liddy's murder? Quinn? He has Liddy's blood on his shoe.

    I sure hope Dexter and Lumen get to dispose of Jordan and that she makes it through until next season (but somehow I don't think she will make it). Now that Emily and Liddy are dead, the only people alive that know who has done what to whom are Dexter, Lumen and Jordan.
  • Loose Ends: A Dexter Morgan Disaster (Spoilers Ahead)

    Things go into full force this episode as Dexter's carefully laid plans to seize Jordan Chase are put on the back-burner as discovers that Lumen and he are being watched at finds it is Quinn who "signed" out the equipment. So as he goes o confront him he is taken by Liddy and chaos ensues as he kills the crooked man as Quinn approaches the scene. Lumen receives a call from Emily, Jordan's first victim, and is trapped by Jordan Chase who wants Dexter to show up to do away with them both. Deb gets a court order to keep Jordan Chase in the country before he heads out on a speaking conference but he never showed up for his flight. Very fantastic, suspenseful episode. Will Dexter be able to save Lumen in time? Or is it too late?
  • Oh, Jordan Chase, what have you done...

    Another excellent episode of Dexter this week. The way this show still amazes me after 5 seasons, I mean... Can you name a show that after 5 seasons still offers us absolute axcellence when it comes to drama, performances, suspense, plotlines, writing...? Maybe legendary shows like Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The Wire (potential candidates include Braking Bad, Mad Men)...Seriously, when you think of what this show has put you through, how insanely entertaining and well done Dexter is, you realize it will never be forgotten.

    "Hop a Freighter" has set everything in place for the season finale, with Deb approaching Chase, Dexter and Lumen at the same time, with Lumen's fate still to be determined, and with Dexter unleashing the beast inside him in the end (that facial expression was just priceless). Everyone will be in danger next week. Everyone.

    The episode also approached all of the show's (remaining) relationships, making us feel for every character (yes, Quinn too, unbelievable) and see that everyone is in danger right now.

    Liddy made one hell of a villain, I will miss him, but he had to die this week, so to make space for the main plotline in the season finale.

    But, man, Jordan Chase, what have you done?! Have you lost your mind? After changing your whole identity and managing to rape girls while maintaining a public figure, you go and lose your mind, brutally killing your "friend" with no caution and leaving the crime scene like that? This was the only think I didn't like about the episode, as I previously thought Chase was more of a perfeccionist. Well, I guess he just went crazy when he saw "number 13" in front of him again.

    At least Chase did one thing by going crazy: he made Dexter explode. And there is one thing I am sure of: the game will change next week. It will all change.

    Can't wait.
  • Hop A Freighter

    Hop A Freighter was a perfect episode of Dexter blending suspensful action with dramatic intrigue. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Dexter grew even closer to Lumen, though the police and Jordan Chase are circling in around them. I thought it was interesting to learn more about Jordan Chase, as well as his connections to the other men. I find Emily to be a fascinating character, and I can't believe what happened in this episode. Dexter is almost caught by Liddy though he takes care of this problem at the very last minute he has. I can't wait to see what will happen next!!!!!!!
  • Dexter gets distracted by an unexpected foe and Lumen meets up with Emily Birch (Spoilers, of course.)

    If there's ever been an episode of Dexter that makes you want to scream at the T.V in frustration at the cliffhanger they leave you on, it's this one. There's so many balls in the air right now that it seems unlikely that everybody will get off without being hurt. And unlike other seasons, despite how busy everything seems, it doesn't feel crowded. Everything has lead up to this point, and even if there have been some unfortunate detours along the way (the Santa Muerta plot was one giant waste of time), all is forgiven, since we've been lead to a superb set of final episodes that are as exciting as anything else the show has done.

    The other seasons have ended up crazy notes before, but the implications of every previous episode this season have all lead to a number of different ways this season can end. The blood-drop on Quinn's show could either be a jail sentence for him or the push he needs to finally put Dexter away for good. We also have Lumen, who has been kidnapped by Jordan Chase and who may or may not be dead by the end of the season (I'll say it again: I hope Lumen is not killed off. I'd rather her go to jail than die).

    We also have Dexter, who is involved with EVERYthing that has been happening. Dexter has once again set himself up to be hurt, and it'll be extremely interesting to see if he can pull himself out of this or not. I've never been more positive that somebody will learn about Dexter as I am this season, and I sort of hope it'll happen. The show has hinted at it forever, and besides Doakes and Miguel Prado (both are dead now), nobody has learned his secret.

    I was disappointed the episode was so short, but there were so many great moments throughout. The entire sequence where Dexter gets kidnapped by Liddy and is nearly forced into giving a confession was as incredible as anything else done on the show before, and although I never thought for a second that Dexter would get caught or confess, it was still insane to see Liddy so close to having Dexter all to himself. Add in the fact that Quinn is so involved with Liddy and you have a web of lies that will make it difficult for cops to figure out what's going on.

    It's crazy to think that all of this has to wrap up in just 50 or so minutes. It'd make sense if we had one or two more episodes left to clear up loose ends, but we have to rely on the writers to answer our questions in just one more episode. Hopefully we get a great finale and not a dud like Season 3. Season 3 represents a hap-hazard season that had difficulty finding its heart. Luckily, Lumen has kept the season going steady, along with a slew of other plots and characters, and I hope to see an incredible finale next week.