Season 4 Episode 9

Hungry Man

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Dexter goes to thanks-giving.

    Dexter sees Arthur destroying his son sporting awards, and his son leaving in the Mustang his father gave him. Jonah smashes up his car in rage in which Dexter sees and then decides to get himself invited to the Mitchell's for thanks-giving dinner. Dexter learns that Jonah gets beaten up by his father, Rebecca is locked her in her room and Sally is clearly terrified of him. When a Thanksgiving table argument escalates to the point where Arthur throttles Jonah, Dexter gets himself involved by attacking Arthur until Sally comes to the rescue, Dexter leaves and returns home.

    While he was away he learns that Cody has accidentally fallen into the shed where Dexter keeps the blood slides, Vince pops around and see's Rita kissing the neighbor, Deb puts more clues together in her shooter theory and realizes that Quinn's girl friend Christine seems to have insights into the shooting that only someone present could know. Figured it out yet? Batista and Maria declare their for each other and the big jaw-breaker revelation comes as Christine opens the door to Arthur, "Hey Dad" you have got to be kidding me? I didn't see that one coming. So is Arthur playing games with Dexter "Kyle"? Does he really know who he is? These last 3 episodes should be awesome.
  • seriously guys? think critically about this episode.

    this episode would have you believe that it is providing insight into the tortured family life of a serial killer, but instead of doing this, it is removing the moral and emotional backlash of robbing a family of its father, no matter how depraved he might otherwise be. conveniently, there won't be any broken hearts at the end of the season; the children won't be grieving for their lost father; the wife might boohoohoo somewhat, but, oh, she's so much better off now whether she likes it or not, right?--all the moral ambiguity and guilt and human emotion associated with killing a person has been circumvented by making arthur mitchell such a terrible father. what i see here is not deep or chilling or frightening; what i see here is a writer crafting a black and white situation so you small-brains can get your perfect happy ending. worse than this, it feels tacked on. why did arthur mitchell start acting like such an intense jackass just this episode? if arthur acts so cruelly and callously so openly this episode--and according to his children, he has a history of doing this--why has it taken the astute dexter--who, by the way, already knows a great deal about arthur's violent nature--so long to figure out that arthur is so cruel? it took him so long because if he had discovered earlier, he would have had stronger motivation to kill arthur and they need their 13 episodes at showtime, which explains why the last three episodes have been filler.
  • According to this episode was the salvation for a rough 4th season... It was not.

    Suddenly, "Trinity" is no longer the model husband and father. In this episode we see the complete opposite of everything they have shown us about him and his family. I suppose they didn't want us getting to attached to the guy they need to kill off soon.

    Once again, Dexter has to be in two places at once... I feel like I'm watching someone beat on a drum which is simply painted a new color each week.

    The Lt. and Sgt. again change the status of their relationship... Will it last? Do I care?

    More awkward situations with Rita and the guy next door.... -_-

    Deb figures out who shot her, maybe. The reporter exposes herself for the cameras. That's something new!! She hasn't done that... oh no wait... she has. -_-;

    But she does expose something else!!!

    BUM BUM BUM!!!!!! *ominous music*
  • Misplaced Batista-LaGuerta and predictable Rita-Dex arcs ; interesting family issues and fascinating Trinity's American Beauty spin-off ; intriguing Deb's investigation, twisted events and cliffhunger

    I gave up on season 4 after watching Remains to Be Seen. However I decided to give this episode a chance after reading it was special. Indeed it was but some elements were disappointing too. In the first two episodes the relationship between Batista and LaGuerta was already boring and I can't believe the writers have apparently decided to cover it during the whole season. So many precious minutes were wasted and their arc didn't bring anything interesting to the story. I'm also not convinced by the tension between Rita and Dex because I was expecting something more creative and unexpected. However it didn't ruin the episode, far from it.

    The writers used Thanksgiving as an excuse to cover family issues. In the one hand we had Dexter's and in the other was Trinity's. Like in American Beauty things are not like what they seem. In the past season Dexter learned how hard it is to be a good friend. In this one it's all about being the perfect husband and father. Learning more about Trinity's family was fascinating. John Lithgow's performance was impressive and the actor playing his son did a great job too. There's also something very intriguing going on with the daughter and in fact she reminded me of Zoe from Meadowlands. But I'm not sure the writers will dare to cover controversial topics like Nabokov did in Lolita. However we got a glimpse at some possible upcoming events in this episode so I really hope we'll learn more about them. The writers should focus on these elements instead of wasting our time with Batista and LaGuerta.

    Beside the family issues there were also other great elements. Deb is such a great character and watching her investigating was really entertaining even if I found her scenes too short. Let's hope things will get intense so Jennifer Carpenter can amaze us with her talent. The other arc I enjoyed was the one involving Quinn and the female reporter. Masuka saw something he wasn't supposed to so I wonder how he'll deal with it. Last but not least the relationship between Dex and Trinity is interesting because it seems he always find a way to learn from the other monsters he meets. As often his daydreams with his father were well used and helped us to better understand the man behind the mask. However I don't really like the visual effects used to render them and think a more realistic and less intrusive technique like in Six Feet Under would be more appropriate.

    The episode ended on a cliffhanger and it should surprise most viewers. Overall the episode wasn't flawless but it should be good enough to satisfy the angry viewer. So stay tuned if you don't mind watching disturbed characters because I'm sure things will get even worse…
  • Excellent

    Things are getting more and more interesting with Dexter right now as we approaches the finale. Season 3 was good but some negative sides of the show were way too obvious which hurt it a lot.
    This season has been very interesting so far. Side plots are still not helping the show tho..let`s face it, Laguerta-Batista is a none event.
    Good enough tho is this year`s protagonist: Arthur. Intriguing character to say the least and a worthy adversary for Dexter for sure. What I like the most is that they are not making the same mistakes as in the past, most notably with Miguel Prado. In fact, Miguel was well build as a likable character which lead to huge disappointment when he was killed off. Here while a sympathetic side of Arthur is well shown, his dark, evil and detestable side is also well exposed,specially in this episode. Am liking this a lot. Those scenes in the house were fantastic.The cliffhanger was obviously huge but certainly welcomed as it links a side plot with the main one. Didn`t saw that one coming. Overall the best episode of the season so far in a rather consistent season.
    Now,I still have the feeling they might screw it just like in the previous seasons with yet another terrible finale. I hope it is not the case and they learned from prior mistakes. I also hope it doesn`t come down to again to Dexter eventually killing Arthur...that would literally make the show repetitive. Brian,Doakes,Miguel...Arthur? Same old fate? Give us something new plz.
  • #1 Dexter Fan says "Well done! Leaves you wanting more as usual..."

    And the Christine "Hello Daddy" finish was brilliant. Just when you think you see the twist coming, the writers deliver once more. I can't wait to see the Arthur/Dexter showdown after that kitchen scene. And Debra's stumble onto the Trinity's path will bring her too close for Dexter's comfort to be sure. I would like to see Debra and Quinn get together and see Christine go cuckoo over it. Maybe an idea for next season! But that's just me, and I like to see Quinn in any sex scene. By far this is the best show on tv right now!!
  • Dexter has Thanksgiving...with his target.

    I have finally gotten around to seeing this episode and being followed by the trivial, lackluster and even sometimes boring episode "Road Kill", this episode does the exact opposite. It takes you in and does all the right things that makes the series so great. Dexter, to learn more about Trinity, joins him for Thanksgiving and finds that Arthur Mitchell is just as much a monster outside as he is inside his passion. The episode is tremendous in secrets and we find that everyone has them. Big and small. My only real complaint is Guerta's relationship, which I don't really care for, but it's minimal compared to the rest of the episode. With even a cool surprise ending, I can't wait to start watching the next one.
  • Whoa! Hungry Man picks up the pace as Dexter spends Thanksgiving with Arthur/Trinity Killer's family. Dexter realizes the effects that living a double life can have on a family. Several revelations come to the forefront, with a jaw dropping ending! Whoa!

    Thanksgiving at the Mitchells' is anything but thankful as Dexter realizes how Arthur maintains his image. Arthur's individual family members each make a passionate plea to Dexter. Dex gets fed up, loses his cool and sets in motion the episode's conclusion. While on the homefront, Thanksgiving at Dexter's brings forth some revelations as an invited Masuka stumbles into something he shouldn't have seen and Deb realizes who may have actually shot her and killed Agent Lundy. The final scene, though a few seconds short is the most stunning! The season's rollercoaster ride reaches its climatic peak... let the fun began!
  • Spoiler-Free review

    The truth is that this episode was great. It was intense, unpredictable and intriguing all at the same time, but I think the 9.7 Rating it has right now on is a bit high, especially compared to the much better episode 4 "Dex Takes a holiday"
    Anyway! The episode really ramped up the anticipation between the Dexter-Arthur storyline. I was not expecting what happened here, but, even better was the end twist that really blew me away!
    Definitely worth seeing and this episode will really make you want to watch the next one immediately! (Despite the fact that episode 9 of the other seasons were actually a better quality but hopefully next week it will blast on ALL cylinders!)
  • It only gets better and better...

    To me, the best Tv show nowadays. Dexter started with great repercussion in its first season, I believe it got a bit out of track in seasons 2 and 3. Nothing too bad, maybe necessary for the construction of the character we see today. This season is so dam good! John Lithgow was a incredible choice for a vilain! And God, this episode was one of the greatest ever! I hope Dexter producers doesnt spoil this show by extending it to 14 seasons trying to extract money from it. In my opinion that happened to Prison Break, even with only 4 seasons.Was a very good show, but with a terrible,anoying ending.
  • Second time writing this, so it won't be nearly as extensive >

    Okay, so my first review was deleted from the site since there was appearently two Hungry Man pages.. so I'm just going to get the basics down: The scene in the kitchen with John Lithgow was probably one of the most intense scenes I've seen in the show. The episode had been chugging along for about thirty minutes before finally kicking it into high gear. And seeing Dexter finally showing his crazy side to Arthur was great as well.

    Every story line seemed to yield great results, including Masuka seeing Elliot and Rita kiss.. how that will come to finish out: who knows? Also, the end of the episode, where we learn something new once again about Trinity was good.

    Overall, this was a powerful episode that surprised me. Sorry the review's shorter than normal.. I didn't feel like writing EVERYTHING out again.
  • Dinner with Dexter

    This was an excellent episode.
    The thanksgiving scene for Dexter at the Trinity Killers family home and subsequent outburst of violence was extremely tense and gripping. For a moment Dexter allows his usually well-hidden rage to surface.
    The only minor critisim I would give (but they aren't really(!)) are the neighbour kissing Rita and Quinn's journalist girlfriend having some kind of connection to the Trinity Killer were obviously coming.
    I do agree about Batista and LeGuerta but in some ways that pairing seems quite natural and Batista is cool so I don't mind that storyline too much.
    But who am I to complain.
  • Dexter learns more about Arthur and his family with some damaging results as Deb gets a break in both the Trinity and Lundy cases.

    I don't like giving ten out of ten. It implies so much of one ep, that said it seems like every season of Dexter I am pulling one out of the bag. And it usually happens around this time to, ep 9 or 10 the show usually hits that jackpot. Some great twists and turns and some storylines reaching their conclusion as the season only has another 3 eps to go.

    This week Dexter continues to watch Arthur and starts to notice the cracks in his family life. When Jonah flees the House from Arthur's abuse he opens up to Dexter that his life is a prison as is the rest of his family. Dexter decides to take Jonah's invite to thanks giving dinner as a way of protecting Jonah and the rest of his family. It is here that Dexter sees Arthur for who he is and how Dexter handles it may show his hand to Arthur. While Dexter is out of home, the neighbour tries to give Rita a crack with Masuka seeing it all wrong, a tid bit that may mix things up in the future.

    Meanwhile, Deb has been dragged to Thanks Giving at Dexter's place and is trying to balance work and family life, it is in this environment that Deb uncovers Trinity's pattern of kills as well as getting an idea of just who shot Lundy and her. another tid bit is Quinn's girl is getting nosey and she may have more to do with the events of both cases than she is letting on.

    There is a great ending to this ep that makes this ep go from a 9 to a 10 but Dexter's reveal in this ep to Arthur is something truely fascinating and will make the next few eps truely enthralling TV.
  • What looks to be the best episode of the season yet, critically-acclaimed Dexter takes a look at family life on Thanksgiving. (Spoilers)

    Dexter takes some intriguing spins as we learn more about his character as well as season fours serial killer, Trinity. There is still mystery concerning Deb's shooting; it seems certain that the writers would like us to believe Christine is responsible for them, but I don't think the answer is that simple. Jonah is a candidate of interest for me (because of his shorter frame) and it's possible that Trinity forced him into doing such an act.

    The relationship between Batista and LaGueirta is somewhat compelling, but it unfortunately means the chances of one of them getting booted after the season is high. They will probably get caught and eventually have to be terminated.

    Dexter unleashing his "inner beast" was quite entertaining as well. I didn't think he would show that side of him, especially to Trinity, but obviously he would never forgive himself if Jonah had been beaten to death on his own watch.

    I think it was the best episode of the season, but I remain confident that the finale will top it as Dexter finales usually do put us over the edge.
  • f..k me man.f..k me!

    **** me man.**** me!

    all i can say is wow wow wow wow wow wow

    What Rita did,the things that happened in Arthur's house,the reporter,the acting ... it's just why these people make millions of dollars and we just watch what they do.

    there have been some low episodes this season but this one just pays for it all.even the scene with batista and's just all know i've thought debra is just fishing for nothing with this trinity case but even that payed out.

    and one more thing..whouldnt you just love it if dexter just killed that right there in front of his family?!what a dilemma that would be for the family!would they be angry or happy?

    amazing stuff it
  • Blew my mind (spoilers)

    I didnt' expect the twists to come so early in the season. I figured at least in the next episode or two. There are still 3 more episodes after this one!

    The reporter was one possibility to me as Deb's shooter when they discovered their height was about the same as Massuka... but I didn't really think it was her. Sure the possibility that she was creating news to get ahead crossed my mind.

    But Trinity is her DAD? Holy moly. There is a twist. So now we know that Deb and Lundy were in a way shot by Trinity. He must have commanded the reporter to do it.

    And the rest of the episode was just as tense as you see Trinity's home life spiral out of control. Everyone is messed up, probably beyond repair, even if Dexter takes out Trinity. His 15 year old is a little messed in the head from being overprotected. I noticed Trinity called her 'Vera', which was his dead sister. I wonder if he's been a little too affectionate with her as well.

    We will see soon. I'm glad the show has not lost any of its punch. Still edge of my seat suspense!
  • Intense.

    In tonight's installment of Dexter we learned that Arthur Mitchell's family is not as perfect as it appears. One girl is locked in, one boy is abused and one wife is naive. This was a shocking turn of events, but what transpired after was more shocking. We saw Dexter Morgan go all Josh Koshceck on Arthur before deciding against killing him when he realized his family did compare about him, despite the bloke's obvious faults.

    This episode reminded me of why I love this show and why, like Cody, I am thankful for Dexter: you really have no idea what to expect from an episode. You can read an episode preview, an episode summary, you can make an educated guess as to the direction of a story arc, but then you can get thrown a complete 180. What will Dexter do now that he might have to wait a little before killing Arthur? Or can he even kill him anymore without being suspect #1?

    And I haven't even mentioned the surprising ending that justifies why Arthur kept his daughter locked up in her room. Definitely did not see that one coming.

    Great episode of Dexter tonight and the countdown begins to what promises to be a strong season finale.
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