Season 3 Episode 11

I Had a Dream

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Dexter plans a way to kill Miguel.

    This was a great 11th episode and throughout the episode Dexter was one step in front of Miguel because he was controlling the investigation of Ellen Wolf while La Guerta was getting closer to arresting Miguel Through Miguel's friendship breaking down with Dexter he picks Deb as his best man because there is nobody he wants to be up with him more than Deb The ending was definitely the best part where Dexter is able to finally kill Miguel and reveals he killed his brother Oscar but Dexter is going to have to make it look like the Skinner did this I presume the season finale will show the conclusion of the Skinner who has been on the run for a few episodes now.

  • Pretty much a letdown

    Season 3 IS a mixed bag. However last 2 episodes were quality and I was hoping for a strong ending for the season...unfortunately this one was a let down. Major developments but not what I was hoping for.
    Miguel dies..yeah, he was bound to. Jimmy Smits was a guest star and Miguel an obstacle for Dexter, so he dies. But the least they could do is to work something great... unpredictable. But this was the most obvious way to do it...Miguel covered with sheet of plastic and killed by..Dexter. That`s disappointing. I was hoping they came up with another solution.. someone else to kill Miguel or some other way or even not kill him. Season 1,, is like Dexter and ends up getting killed by the latter. Season 2, Lila...understands Dexter in a way...ends up killed by Dex. These were great but now they came up with the same thing with Miguel...I can only say same old same old. Meh.
    The opener was fun...bachelor party..ok I was surprised and LMAO. No Skinner vs. Dexter thing for now. Surely, we will have it in the finale but party won`t be the same without Miguel.
    Side stories were OK...not much to say. Main story was interesting but the outcome like I said, very disappointing. Laguerta getting into the mix as expected was a great thing. Miguel goes without a fight, his death sucks BUT it doesn`t prevent the final scene to be great...big time the grey effect in the end, great acting...hate the outcome of it. I would lie if I say I`m looking forward to the finale. Still hats off to Jimmy Smits for his great contribution this season.
  • Dexter chooses a new best man!

    Great set-up for what I hope will be an excellent season finale. An end to Miquel, which was only to be expected but the way in which is was done, was a bit too predictable.

    The opening on the other hand was a complete surprise. Not a confrontation but a bachelor party instead, excellent writing and playing with people's expectations.
    The climax with Miquel was OK, not great but we all knew a guest starring role had to end someday. Jimmy Smits did an excellent job and the development of the relationship between those two was great fun to watch.

    To me, the stand-out scene in this episode was when Dexter realised he should have asked Deb to be his best man and then he did ask her. Such an emotional scene, I loved it!!
  • Death Becomes Miguel] Written by Lauren Gussis And Chic Eglee Directed by Marcos Siega

    Dexter: "What did you say in your bachelor party speech? Friends are always honest."
    Miguel: "Friends forgive. Friends forgive."
    Dexter: "But I don't forgive you. And I don't get to have friends."

    Okay, was there anyone who thought that maybe for a nanosecond that Miguel would make it out of this season alive? Yeah, didn't think so. That being said, I did think that it would be in the finale that Miguel would meet his untimely end and not the episode before it.

    The opening scene of this episode is wonderful in it's tension. Dexter genuinely thinks that with him being tied up in the trunk of a car that Miguel has won. The interesting part is that without the Harry bit, we really should've seen it coming. How else would you get Dexter to go to his bachelor party?

    It's probably not best to kidnap the groom, especially when the groom in question has a highly impressive body count that you'll never see on his resume. I did laugh when Masuka got punched in the face, proving that some good deeds can get you punished for a lot.

    Miguel at Dexter's bachelor party had some defining moments. Both men were desperate to keep up appearances but as soon as Miguel started talking about friendship and forgiveness, I just knew that he was trying to appeal to Dexter's better nature.

    Miguel might have the Skinner in his pocket but he knows that Dexter's a killer and he also probably knew that Dexter was going to end him. Trying to appeal to Dexter's better nature was pointless. Even I was cheering on Dexter talking about killing Miguel and yeah, I'm aware that that's somewhat disturbed.

    Miguel however is a deserving victim for Dexter. He had no reason other than pettiness when he killed Ellen Wolf and he made some serious threats to Dexter and the few people that Dexter cared about. Plus if Miguel hadn't been bumped off this week, then it might have been Maria.

    Maria certainly has come leaps and bounds from the vapid woman she was in the first few episodes of Season One. She had already figured out that Miguel had killed Ellen and spent this episode siding up to him so she could evidence. In other words, Maria was being competent.

    It's usually when Maria acts like a professional that someone like Captain Matthews comes down and bulldozes her. Surprisingly the writers actually avoided doing that. Instead they actually wrote some delightful scenes between her and Dexter, the kind that make you hope that the fourth season will give you more.

    Dexter isn't particularly friendly with Maria most of the time. I don't think he hates her but he never seemed to be as friendly with her as he is with everyone else on the series. Because of their mutual in bringing Miguel to justice, they bonded and it was interesting.

    I liked seeing Maria confiding in Dexter about her fears with Miguel and even telling him that the psycho AD was Ellen's killer when Dexter was able to prove it. At one point, Dexter was even gonna provide her with more clues. Instead he saved her life and she'll never know.

    Miguel's plan to use a drunken Ramon as an alibi wasn't the smartest one he could've thought of. I loved how Dexter was able to trick Miguel into falling straight into his trap. As death scenes go, Miguel's is certainly interesting.

    There's no overt emotiveness like there was when Dexter had to kill Brian/Rudy but like Lila, Miguel did teach Dexter a lesson – he can't have friends. Telling Miguel that he killed Oscar was a touch spiteful so it's a good job that Miguel is definitely dead. That being said, Dexter should probably watch out for Ramon who isn't above a little torture himself.

    If you want an emotional link in this episode then it came perfectly with Dexter telling Deb about Harry's affair with a CI. He didn't specify that it was with Laura Moser but he better not be surprised when Deb pieces that bit herself. I loved Deb's reaction to Dexter about secrets. It's so perfectly in character for her.

    Also touching was the fact that Dexter asked Deb to be his best man. I know there are probably some viewers out there who wondered why he didn't do that in the first place but it felt rather earned here. Deb is probably the closest person that Dexter can be honest with. Maybe not about his killing tendencies, especially if you've read the books but she's pretty close.

    Speaking of Deb, anyone else feel like shedding a tear when Anton told her about the true extent of his ordeal with the Skinner? I certainly did. Anton might not be perfect but him and Deb are a good pairing and he does genuinely care for her. She also seems to feel the same way given her lack of enthusiasm of carpooling with Quinn.

    Quinn's another character I can't figure out. Both him and Deb have had a love/hate relationship all season long and it's easy for that to translate into a sexual one. He's clearly not a bad person but I'd rather Deb with Anton than Quinn. I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment.

    In terms of the other relationships, how interesting is it that Masuka has finally found a woman who likes him? Hey if he can get lucky, there really does have to be someone for everyone out there after all. Angel and Barbara also maintain a level of sweetness that only a genuine sourpuss would scowl at.

    Rita however just seems to be constantly in wedding mode but I did like her comments about Miguel and bringing Dexter some bagels, given that it's usually him delivering food to all and sundry. Will she still do that when they're married?

    Also in "I Had A Dream"

    I'm gonna go on a limb and say that this episode isn't named after a certain ABBA ditty, right?

    Dexter: "So this is how it ends. I pictured it a thousand ways but never like this, me bound in the trunk of a car. I'm so ****

    In regards to this wedding, are we actually gonna see any of Rita's family (excluding Cody/Astor of course)?

    Miguel: "Friends are always honest with each other. They can see past their differences. When they have a conflict, friends are there to forgive. A true friend whom to bury the hatchet because friendship is a sacred bond built on trust and Dex, I have learned so much from you about trust."

    Masuka: "Ow, what am I, the Morgan family punching bag?"
    Deb: "Thanks for not inviting to me to Dexter's party you ass."

    As fitting as Deb would've been at Dexter's bachelor party, shouldn't she have been at Rita's hen night along with Sylvia?

    Dexter: "Dad, I got it. Miguel dies, people notice."
    Harry: "Which means you can't just make him disappear."
    Dexter: "So I'll pin it on someone else."

    Anton: "Debra, I could hear it, y'know? The sound of the blade cutting into me. I didn't, the sound of me screaming like it was somebody else and I remember thinking, 'that guy screaming is gonna die'."

    Can we please get back that woman who Deb went to get files on all of Harry's attractive female CI's for next season? She was a lot of fun.

    Masuka (re Tammy): "The problem is she likes me. I mean, there's gotta be something wrong with her, right?"
    Angel: "I'll let you know when the server is up."

    Maria: "Do you ever get a voice inside nagging at you?"
    Dexter: "I'm aware of the phenomenon."

    It turns out that Masuka donates sperm as his way of giving back to society. Won't someone think of the children?

    Masuka (re Tammy): "That means she's got issues, so she's not out of my league."
    Angel: "Happy to help."

    Dexter (re Harry/Laura): "I didn't know if I -"
    Deb: "- Should tell? Yes. Whenever you have an earth shattering, ball crushing, mind **** of a secret you should tell your ****ing sister."

    Quinn got one seriously nasty slash to the face from the Skinner. I'm surprised he wasn't as damaged as he looked.

    Miguel: "I accept you. I accept you, Dexter, like a brother."
    Dexter: "I killed my brother. I killed yours too."

    It was interesting that Dexter not only had a picture of Ellen on display but also one of Maria as well. It also made sense given what Miguel was prepared to do to Maria.

    "I Had A Dream" delivered punch after punch after punch. Full of excellent tension, beautiful character moments and while I'll be surprised if the finale is a genuine cop out, I'm wondering how Dexter finishing off the Skinner is going to have the same impact given how impersonal the villain has been.
  • perfect

    Dexter does not know if he should kill Miguel or not, but he decides he must when he realizes Laguerta knows what Miguel did, and so Miguel targets her. Will Dexter kill his best friend? Does Dexter even have a best friend?

    Great episode. I really liked the ending when Dexter killed Miguel. The whole episode was pretty heart-pounding and made me want to know what was going to happen next. Great episode, I can not wait for the next episode to find out how season 3 of this wonderful show ends. A+ episode, without a doubt in my mind
  • Weak ending to Miguel Prado.

    Jimmy Smits provided without a doubt the best guest arc in Dexter history, and if he does not walk away with an Emmy this year it will be an absolute shame, but this was weak way to kill such as exciting and interesting character.

    What is the point of the finale now? Dexter getting married? All that buildup and hype just goes down the drain. This was still a pretty good episode with some funny lines from Dexter and Debra and a good chase scene with King messing up Quinn's face. Just upset at how Dexter dropped the ball here. So many possibilities including having Maria actually get killed.
  • Dexter Kills

    Dexter is thought to have been taken by George King in the back of a SUV but it turns out that he has been abducted to his own bachelor party, Dexter knows now that he has to kill Miguel. More clues are coming to light over at Maria's where she's got Miguel around to talk. Except that's not what's on her mind; gathering evidence from the trunk of his SUV is what she's up to, and seen by Dexter is what she is. But she's not that clever at this game and leaves the tailgate open, alerting Miguel to her interest. Dexter gets into Miguel's hotel room and realises he's going to kill Maria that night. Dexter makes the most of this by trapping Miguel at Maria's with a phone message, Miguel falls into it and he soon the Dexter treatment.
  • the setup for the finale

    i was a bit mad that i didnt get to see a skinner-dexter confrontation but maybe they are saving that for the final.
    but the rest was great SPOILERS AHEAD
    miguels death was a very powerfull scene altough not better than the roof one from the previus episode michael c. hall portraits a psycho like a very few can.
    also very little rita that was nice and debra is investigating about harry and his c.i a.k.a mama dexter could be a very interesting plot.
    also the scene in the bachelors party right before miguel gives his speche the way dexter looks and the whole mood on the scene reminded me of the opening scene of a clockwork orange maybe it was a homage . 9.5/10
  • Not as good as 8 9 and 10 but still awesome. Warning *Spoiler episode for this one alert*

    I loved this episode, although I was laughing at the begining when Dexter punched Vince in the face, that was funny!!!! I don't think anyone new it was Vince, I thought it was definetlly going to be George King (Skinner) I gotta say I love the whole idea of the tree trimmer who watches people from trimmed tree's. But I think they could've thought of a better person like in season 1 when his brother was the Ice truck killer, I actually thought it was going to be Quin the new character. But I guess not. I thought it was good how Dexter killed Miguel. but than again, I was dissapointed they killed him. And I guess he'll be killing the Skinner next episode, I sure hope season 4 will be just as good!!!
  • Miguel will be back!

    Miguel's character definitely deserves much more than what he got in episode 11. I think Miguel is still alive and that Dex just choked him unconscious. We know Dex has used those strings to do choke his victims in past. Its all part of Dex's Grand plan!!! In the last scene, Miguel's dead body is not shown…It was perceived that he was strangled dead. Also shown were his fingers having partially torn through the cling film. Miguel is going to gain consciousness and attempt escape. King is a dimwit compared to Miguel and cannot claim the glory of being the main villain. He is a distraction at best and would serve only as a pawn in Dex's finale plans. Debra as usual would split with her lover of the season for one reason or the other. Quinn – no idea what his angle. Probably just a good cop who likes cutting corners and keeps gets into trouble for it. Debra ……….best (wo)MAN.
  • All Around Incredible! *spoilers*

    Just when you thought Dexter was up a creek without a paddle it turned out to be his bachelor party. Holy cow. Punching Misuka was awesome.

    Now that we know what kind of person Miguel is, you can see how much of a lying smooth talker he was all season. Telling Dexter exactly what he needed to hear. Probably attempting to pull Dexter to his side to kill whoever they wanted.

    It blows your mind when you realize how long Miguel was doing this during the past 11 episodes.

    I soooooo wanted Dexter to tell Miguel all season that *he* was the Bay Harbour Butcher. I just wanted to see the look on his face when Miguel realized exactly who he was dealing with. But I am satisfied with the reaction when Dexter told him he killed Oscar! Wow! :)

    Now that miguel is dead, what happens. Does he dispose of the body in the ocean or in public for him to be found. And there is still the Skinner to deal with.
  • Miguel meets his fate, Debra makes some interesting discoveries.

    This episode is exactly why I watch this series, they built up to this moment over the course of 10 episodes, and laid it all out in this episode. There is no more chess match, the moves are now more blunt and obvious. The opening scene is fantastic, I love how he punches matsuka, and Miguel's speech at dex's bachelor party is brilliant. Miguel, who is obviously not a trained serial killer like dex has made some bad moves, from using his distinctive SUV to make a kill, to failing to keep his car clean of evidence. This comes back to haunt him, as LeGuerta finally becomes useful and puts her police work to practice. Miguel, being backed into a corner, attempts the unbelievable. Dexter is there to intervene and pulls off a slick move to get Miguel right where he wants him. The final scene between the two could maybe have been better, but it was really a fitting conclusion to their relationship. Some are saying on here they think that it would have been better if Dexter had stuck to the skinners MO, but I think he obviously IS sticking to it. Rather than plunging in a knife, he strangles him, and I'm assuming there will be a nicely skinned Prado found outside sometime soon. Deb's storyline was interesting, it will be pivotal to see where she takes Dexter's history, especially how he was brothers with the ITK! I like her and Quinn pulling something off, but I wouldn't count Anton out quite yet as some seem to be doing. Matsuka's line about how the fact that the girl is damaged is perfect for him because he might have a shot is priceless. I really see the finale going well, with a very sweet setup for next season. This show gets better every year, and I have learned to trust the writers more than I trust my own family!
  • An earth-shattering, ball-crushing, mind-f*ck of an episode.

    First of all - you cruel, cruel writers! After the insane possibility of having Dex on the wrong side, we get such a major let down. Shame on you for pulling something so Disgusting. Cold feet: Not with marriage. Rita and Dex are made for each other. Both are damaged beyond repair and have made the most of it. And both want perfection:
    "The less left to chance the better."
    "Wise words"

    Dad refuses to die: For both Deb and Dex. After all the hullabaloo of season 2, Dex has yet to still fully embrace his life of loneliness. To borrow a quote from that truly epic odyssey (About a Boy) "All men are islands". Dex shows us that some are just darker than others. Deb tries to essentially marry her dad, and in the process stumbles onto another potential fragment of Dex's past life. Another ball starts rolling. Will it start an avalanche? Season 4 should provide some answers. However – and on a more spiritual level – do we ever truly let our past lives go? Inspired decision: A touching and guilt-inspired choice of "Best Man"- was Dex actually improvising?

    YES SHE CAN! : The answer to the question "Can she be so intuitive, irritating and clumsy at the same time?" LaGuerda stands tall and fumbles a wondrous opportunity to be removed from the script permanently. Hey writers – "can she be killed by a random car accident?" Please refer to the answer provided above.

    The butterfly is gently yet firmly pinned to the wall: After much drama, lying, sharing of the truth, begging and general abuse, the loose cannon finally falls silent.
    "I accept you like a brother!"
    "I killed my brother. I killed yours too."
    I was terribly disappointed by Dex not following the skinner's M/O. Darn it! How fitting would it have been?! Skinning people alive for control was Miguel's speciality – only his victims never knew it until it was too late.

    The end of a dream: The kill is intensity. The kill is connection. The kill is love. Thus - the kill *is* life. Nothing touches him as much as those moments do – hence his trophies. The fading to black was genius. To me, it signified him losing the dearest dream he ever had – that of a real brother and a true partner. Hopes and colour melted away for Dexter in that instant – and even as Miguel breathed his last minutes of air, he continued to offer Dex what he really wanted. But ow that fantasy is finally over. And we are once again back to the darkness in the shade of the code – away from prying eyes – and the possibility of true companionship. Dex had a dream. And Dex killed it with his own hands.

    Now *that* is earth-shattering, ball-crushing, mind-f*ing poetry in motion.
  • A little disappointing

    I was really a little disappointed with the episode. While the fakeout at the beginning was definitely surprising, it definitely let me down. I really wanted to see Dexter escape captivity and confront the skinner. This way Miguel would have had no way of claiming friendship when Dexter knew that Miguel was setting him up to be killed. The final scene was great except when Dexter reveals to Miguel that he killed Oscar. It almost sounded like he was bragging which is not in Dexter's nature. The next episode looks exciting, but I would have rather Dexter dealt with the skinner this episode and have his final confrontation with Miguel right before his wedding in the finale. Instead, Dexter is being matched up against the other brother in the finale, who has not even been a main character. The two or three episodes before this one were top knotch, but I disagree with how the writers have decided to finish this season. Maybe the finale will surprise me, and I will write something completely different next year.
  • Fake outs are fun when Masuka gets punched in the face! Will Miguel end up plastic wrapped by season's end?

    Plot Synopsis (S03E10) - While preparing for his big wedding day, Dexter has to figure out a way to remove Miguel from his life for good. But how does Dexter manage to do this when Miguel is not only a highly placed D.A., but also his Best Man? Rita wants Miguel off best man duties, and Dexter agrees. It dawns on him during a moment with Deb that she's the one that he wants standing up for him. Dexter something careless (which he's been doing a lot this season) and lets it slip to Deb that Harry was having an affair with a CI. This leads Deb on a new search to find out who that CI may be.

    Meanwhile, Debra finds a new clue that brings her even closer to catching the Skinner. She tracks him down to one of his client's empty homes, but he escapes but gets Quinn in the face with his knife.

    Dexter decides to act quickly when he realizes that LaGuerta is on to Miguel, and Miguel is on to the fact that she's hot on his heels. Things reach a decisive conclusion at the end of the episode when Dexter confronts Miguel, revealing to him that he killed Oscar. If only it ended at that, but Miguel DOES get strapped to the kill table, plastic wrapped, and strangled, ending one of the greatest bromances of the show's history.

    More Thoughts on 'I Had A Dream':

    - Although the death scene with Prado and Dexter was great ( a little hammy on Smits' part perhaps), I thought there was something lacking, perhaps more depth.

    - I was hoping Miguel was going to get his final goodbye in the finale, but cable shows seem to be doing this more often, wrapping up the big story an episode before, and doing more of a setup for next season in the final episode. Let's hope the skinner gives Dex a harder time!

    - I can't believe Dexter let it slip to Deb about Harry, more things to come back and bite him in the ass.

    Bottom Line: I was hoping for a three way show down with all the serial killers, or something akin to that, so this episode was some what anticlimactic for me. I'm hoping the season ender won't bring it down even further.

    More at
  • Dexter decides he must kill Miguel and frame the Skinner for it. Laguerta finds out about Miguel as Dexter fears she may be Miguel's next victim. Deb and Alex get closer to finding The Skinner.

    What can I say about this episode that won't make it sound like all the other reviews I have written about this show in the last few weeks. Well I may as well get the ordinary stuff outof the way then, this ep is brilliant as all the other eps have been this season as we push to the finale of this season.

    Last week Dexter was kidnapped and placed in the boot of a car. Now I had a feeling that it wasn't the Skinner as the car was simply too nice, it had to be somehing less sinister and what could be less sinister than his bachelor party. In the car he realises that there is no option but to kill Miguel but knows that this is something he can't hide. Later on he deicides that he would kill Miguel in the same fashion as The Skinner kills his victims.

    Meanwhile, Laguerta is on to Miguel and her suspicions are confirmed when she gets a lab sample back that shows that Ellen Wolfe was in his car. Miguel realizes that Laguerta may know something and that makes her a possible victim. This episode could just as easily have been the finale and had a solid springboard for next season. But the way this episode leaves off makes Dexter's wedding seem like it could be one hell of a climax. As the show was greenlit for a new season only a few weeks ago I'm not expecting a cliff-hanger here, but what I am expecting is one hell of a bang to cap off what has been a really superb season.
  • Dexter finds out he has to kill Miguel - and soon! Plus romance abounds and the Skinner is still out there...

    I disagree, I think there's a lot they could do for the next ep. I mean, obviously it's going to be about the wedding while Dexter's trying to hide Miguel's body while the Skinner is still on the loose...not to mention all the budding & potential romances! We have no idea who Dexter's sis is going to wind up with (not to mention what's she gonna find out about Dex when she looks at those CI files?), if the "IA" investigation will bear any fruit, all kinds of things - some of which could be carried over into next season! Who says they have to reveal all about the IA investigation, or reveal what Dexter's going to be like after he realizes he can't have any friends...even the Skinner could be carried over into next season. Hell, the season ender could be a cliffhanger, with the Skinner taking Dexter's fiancee hostage or something. I'm just saying I think this season was A LOT better than last season. Last season was almost like a sitcom: "Oh-oh! Dexter's got himself in a pickle now! What's he gonna do this week?". This season was very suspenseful. You never knew, from one episode to the next, what was gonna happen with Dexter and Miguel - like if Miguel could be trusted, if Miguel was doing some kind of "set-up", or if Miguel and Dexter could really be "best buds" with a shared hobby & shared code. I really liked it and I'm looking forward to the season finale.

  • Can't help but wonder how the final episode will trump this one.

    So I just finished watching the final scene for the third time and I can probably watch it another ten and still not be over it. There was something about how unexpected the kill was that makes it all the more powerful, and their final conversation was beautifully written.

    While the other episodes of this season made me appreciate some of the side characters, this one had issues concerning Dexter constantly at the forefront. There was the time spent on Deb, which was well done, though even with that I couldn't help but relate it to Dexter and his mentality concerning it all. I honestly am just having a hard time thinking of anything other than that final scene, though it seems like Deb will be coming onto the truth about Dexter's past in the final episode, which is something to look forward to. I can't say I'm too concerned about how the King situation plays out, though I trust that the writers will amaze us with how they treat it.
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