Season 4 Episode 6

If I Had a Hammer

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2009 on Showtime

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  • The set-up for the second half

    You can tell that Dexter is in the process of setting all of the pieces in place for the second half of the season. We've been introduced to more of the Trinity Killer and we know about most of his family life.. now we just need to see what Dexter is going to do to remedy the situation. There wasn't too much action and tension as in the previous two episodes, but the amount of new details revealed was almost overwhelming. And seeing Dexter at his usual sneaky, moniker-inventing self was nice to see again as well.

    This episode picks up a little while after the previous episode, with him stalking Arthur Mitchell.. oh wait, I mean the Trinity Killer. Yes, John Lithgow's character finally has a name, a family, and a seemingly perfect life. The montage of scenes showing what he does during his day was great, because we get to see how interesting he truly is as a character. Miguel Prado was good last year, but got irritating near the end.. so far, Arthur Mitchell is one of the most compelling new characters since The Ice Truck Killer in the first season.. no joke.

    The episode decides to replace the action found in "Dex Takes A Holiday" and the tension found in "Dirty Harry" and replace it with some major character development. It seemed like this episode featured a major amount of focus on emotions, whether it was John Lithgow's fight to keep his killer side from appearing in front of the public (watching Dexter purposely instigate Mitchell by holding his dead sisters ashes was a pretty awesome scene) or Deb's sudden outburst towards one of the Vacation Murderers. We even get to see a little more LaGuerta and Batista, although that storyline is quickly becoming staler than a bag of chips left forgotten in the back of a cupboard.

    In the background of all this, we see Dexter also struggling to work things out with Rita. And as always, Dexter seems to get the best marital advice from serial killers, as this time, Arthur Mitchell explains what made his family life work and how he hides his dark, angry side.

    All in all, we got a slower paced but more revealing episode. It was still classic Dexter and proof that Season 3 is being left in the dust. And the fact that Quinn and Dexter seem to be heading towards some sort of major confrontation in the near future only fuels my suspiscion that Quinn will be taking the route of Doakes and investigating into Dexter's life without him knowing. Man, Season 4 is heading full throttle into the second half, and I can't wait.
  • 406.

    Really, did anything exciting happen outside of Trinity attacking Dexter (I mean Kyle) for five seconds? Sure, Deb can be awesome at times and can make inappropriate language seem like nothing, but that is not enough to carry an episode. Nobody cares about the relationship between Maria and Batista so the show needs to deemphasize that, or remove it altogether. Stop trying to lure the Grey's Anatomy/Gossip Girl audience in with that nonsense.

    Things have slowed down a bit as it looks like Dexter will take some time before he murders Trinity, so what does the show plan to do for six weeks? Have Rita rant on? Believe me, she could do it and irritate me and everybody else in the process but somebody better die soon or I'm gonna get angry.
  • Another beautiful episode of Dexter.

    This episode wasn't the greatest of the season, not the usual amount of acion and thrilling suspense, but there were some really great character moments which is why I love Dexter. First there are the great scenes between Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow which absolutely carry this episode. "I didn't save my family, my family saved me." Such a wonderful piece of wisdom from Dexter's pseudo mentor (at least on matters of the family). There was also the entirely different kind of suspense when it seemed as though Dexter just might tell Rita about everything. What a relief that she misinterpreted "i need space" to mean emotional space.

    On the bad side and why I scored this episode lower than I would have otherwise, I could honestly do without any of the Batista-La Guerta drama or all of Deb's... 'feisty-ness.' That's a general feeling I have throughout this season though, and not specific to this particular episode.

    I watch for Dexter because of the interesting character he is on screen which was summed up perfectly in his therapy session, "I never learned." There's the sort of Batman quality to him, which is told in a way that is also very playful at time. The knowing look to us, the audience, was just perfect, and even though it wasn't a shocking cliffhanger like just about every other episode this season it had me wanting more Dexter and I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • Dex and hammer, hammer and Dex ... ;)

    It was another great episode of Dexter. I am more sad now because we have six episode behind us so in this season stay only 6 episode more ;/

    Dex is following behind Arthur Mitchell "trinity", his family, behaviour and others. Dex join to Arthur organisation wchich one build houses for homeless people.
    Next step was find what in Arthur life determinate his behaviour and when Dex find that, concretly that was tragical death of sister, mother nad father "trinity" later Morgan move into Arthur house and check his behaviour when he take his sister in "urn" and Mitchell normal patient man come be very angry and try to strangle Dexter. SO Dex know another thing about trinity , he has his weakness point. What about Dexter more ?? In this episode he is lost man in his family , Rita did not trust him so he dont know what he should do and try learn it from Arthur. At the end he finally know right way and rescue his family :)

    Debra is totally break after Lundy`s death so like her , she searching way to find man who kill Lundy also she find women which one sleept her father in past. Other plot : LaGuerta and Batista, they decide to break his romance and now they both stay at homicide department. Is it fake or not ?? I dont know but something tell me they have some plan and try to fake everybody include boss. gooooooooooooooooood DEXTER 10
  • It's hammer time

    "Trinity" and Dexter finally meet for the first time. Oh yeah Dexter indentified him as Arthur Mitchell so he decides to get close to him and learns how he works.

    Dexter figures out the pattern in his killings and them all are revealed in the deaths of his own family.
    Having gained his confidence, Dexter gets inside the family home and locates the urn containing his sister's ashes, and decides to pick it up in front of him. Arthur gently takes the ashes from him, before violently assaulting him; this man is very dangerous Dexter has his work cut out.

    The hammer that Arthur used to kill his last victim he gives to Dexter, maybe that's what, finishes him off later in the series. Debbie goes to accuse the women she thinks attacked her and Lundy. Her realisation is that, despite all the other horrible things this woman did do, she probably didn't do this crime, spot on Deb.
  • Dexter delves deeper into the life of Trinity as his marriage is on the rocks. Debra tries to uncover who really killed Lundy as Laguerta and Angel decide to find a way for both of them to stay in homicide.

    This ep did lack the usual dexter sharper edge but was no doubt had something very intriguing about it. This was a ep that made Dexter delve into the world of a killer not too unlike himself. This brought about a great look into the Dexter character.

    This week Dexter has plans to kill Trinity for what he did to Debra and Lundy but when observing him he notices how Trinity is able to hide in plain sight and show honest signs of affection with his family. With Dexter's family life in jeopardy he decides to get to know Trinity to see what he can do to fix his relationship with Rita. He soon sees that to be in a family dynamic he must change. Rita begins to take action in the relationship by getting a couples councillor to help her and Dexter mend their relationship. She fears that if Dexter dosn't change then they should call it day on the marriage. Dexter realizes that be able to keep his family he has to find a way to open up all he while not releasing his dark passenger.

    Meanwhile, Debra is still reeling from Lundy's death but is beginning to feel that the vacation murderers may not have been responsible for Lundy's death. She soon discovers that certain pieces of Lundy's work on Trinity is missing and she now feels that maybe Trinity was killing Lundy to cover his tracks. Quinn thinks that shock and trauma are getting to her and that she needs to walk away from the Trinity killer. Needless to say that ain't gonna happen.

    Finally, Laguerta and Angel have hit a bump when Angel is forced to transfer out of homicide. He is hiding his hatred at the idea because he feels it is best for his relationship with Maria. But Maria can't bear to see him lose something that he loves so she proposes a transfer for her rather than Angel. This creates tension and the cnsequences will no doubt ripple on for further eps.

    This ep, like I said, lacked the edge that a Dexter ep usually has, it almost seemed a bit more vibrant than usual with less dark humor but more tongue in cheek gaffs. But all the same this show is still some of the best TV going around and you would be foolish to miss out on it!
  • Dexter knows it's only a matter of time before Miami Metro discovers the Trinity Killer's latest handiwork. Therefore, he has to work doubly hard to stay one step ahead of their investigation.

    If there is one thing you know about serial killers - they do not trust any one. You can see it coming, the hunter becomes the hunted. Dexter has begun to realize that the closer he gets to Trinity, the more he stands to learn from this very different beast. Trinity hides behind a well-kept mask, and getting behind that facade will require some extra prodding on Dexter's part. Meanwhile, Debra becomes frustrated when she finds herself shut out from her own case. She considers bending the rules in the name of justice, risking her career in the process. LaGuerta and Batista come to regret a major decision, and realize that by playing by the rules they may have painted themselves into a corner. And when the friction between Rita and Dexter comes to a head, Dexter gleans relationship advice from a most unlikely source.
  • Powerful, and intense. Rita is the only thing that breaks this episode's chops. -SPOILERS-

    Last nights Dexter was truly an epic one. We finally got to see Dexter get close to the Trinity killer, so close, he appears as a friend, and a mentor...

    This episode gets on the right foot when we see Dexter spying on Trinity in the very church he praises at. Trinity is a true devil in disguise, as he appears normal to everyone he meets, a true beacon. Dexter goes as far as to start building homes with Trinity, and becoming fascinated at the fact he's using the murder weapon from last week as a common tool. Dexter even hit a wrong cord with Trinity when he picked up his sisters urn, and just held it... Trinity wasn't too happy about this as he showed Dexter a side of him that seemed secretive. Dexter, throughout the episode study's Trinity as a mentor, and lands up helping his marriage through his advice.

    Meanwhile on the other act of this season, Deb gets worked up over Nichole swearing she shot her and Lundy. She later confronts her in her jail cell, and gets nothing out of her. She was on the verge of going on the record. In the end run, she cleared up inside and realized she didn't kill Lundy or shoot Deb. Deb becomes rejuvenated knowing this and appears ready and willing to take on the Trinity Killer. To bad Dexter is already there. Meanwhile, Laguerta, and Batista are trying to keep their relationship under the lid as they try to keep both their jobs in Homicide. Laguerta goes as far to help Batista out by almost sacrificing her position so he can keep his. In the end, it's on the record, but they need to keep everything on the DL, otherwise they'll be fired. So now we come to a low key part of this season.....Rita.... Maybe i'm alone in this, or maybe i'm not, but is Rita getting on anyone's nerves. She's really putting Dexter in his place and stepping in the way of his plans. Fortunately, this is all solved in therapy and Dexter gets to build a new private space in his back yard, but loses the apartment. Rita totally turns around and now understands his need for privacy, when in the end of the last season she didn't before. Now here's the real shocker of the episode and it's about Trinity, so click away if you don't want to know this and want to see if for yourself...........

    Trinity's pattern is based on the deaths of HIS family. His sister strangled, his mother fell, and his father beaten down with a weapon. Dexter discovers that this man, has all too much in common with him. So yeah, seems like next week's episode is going to continue this buddy-buddy friendship as we saw in the preview, and Dexter gets a shot at a new kill. :)