Season 5 Episode 10

In The Beginning

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Is this the beginning of a second monster? An apprentice to the master?

    What makes Dexter as good as it is, is how the show builds up the tension throughout the season. Part of it comes from Dexter avoiding to be detected, part of it comes from the tension between him and the (other) bad guys. This episode was a great example of both. A top moment was at the police station where Jordan and Dexter, both psychopaths in their own way, exchanged veiled threats under a mask of ordinary pleasantries. This just makes you wonder what will happen next. And because the show does not shy away from dramatic plot twists, this episode just raises more questions we all desperately want to see
    answers to during the last two episodes of the season. What is for example the true relationship between Emily Birch and Jordan Chase? And what will happen to Lumen? Many sure want her to survive, but wouldn't that go against everything the show is about? Doesn't central characters in Dexter's life, both good and bad ones, always die? It would fit the plot if Lumen died at the end. She had the chance to end this hunt. She could have gone back home, or on a trip with her fiancé. But she decided to get vengeance. Managing to avoid a horrible fate thanks to Dexter, only to be killed getting her revenge with him would be quite poetic. When Jordan told Dexter that some might get involved with people who are toxic, unstable and dangerous, Dexter assumed he meant that's what Lumen is. But maybe it could also be a reference to Dexter's life in general! Maybe that's what Dexter is to other people. Often he just realizes others gave him clues and advice when it's too late. How often has he ignored Harry's advice only to admit later that he should have listened to Harry? Maybe we will see a dramatic ending to the season with Dexter's voice-over saying something like: "Jordan was right, some people are toxic, unstable and dangerous. But he didn't mean Lumen. He meant me."

    The episode also showcased the humorous side of the show. Dexter giving Lumen the gloves was certainly one of the funniest moments in the show's history. The awkwardness of the whole situation when Dexter gave her gloves to be used in a murder, while smiling like a proud father, was priceless. All in all this was again a solid episode of Dexter. Great acting and the plot thickened just in time for the last episodes. The only thing missing were a few jokes by Masuka. But I guess we can go one episode without them.
  • 5x10

    another brilliant episode, this is a very very good chapter, i loved almost of the scenes here, but the best part was the ending scene when dexter seeing lumen thought "but in her eyes, i´m not a monster at all", that was so emotive and i really liked that phrase, in general this chapter was very entertaining and probally the last two chapters are going to be very good too, i think dexter´s secret is going to be revealled soon and this capter in some way proves my theory.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • beginning

    Excellent episode! Deb is so smart. I love how she's figuring out all the things that Dexter wants to be kept a secret from everyone. It's so interesting how Quinn's private investigator is following Dexter and Luman and filming everything they do. I am so confused about Emily Birch. It seems like she's under Jordan spell but at one point it almost seem as if he was under her spell. Luman's first kill was cool. I love how Dexter and Luman bonded over it. I really like the character Luman and if things get serious between Dexter and Luman, I wouldn't mind it
  • In The Beginning

    In The Beginning was a perfect episode of Dexter. I really enjoyed watching this episode which had a lot of suspense, action, drama, intrigue, and touching moments. There was a really great story. Dexter really connected and bonded with Lumen in this episode. I think for the first time he felt totally free being himself around her and sharing intamacy. I am surprised he hasn't picked up on the surveilance yet. This episode was full of shocking moments which played out well. I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode. I have a feeling there are more surprises to come!!!!!!!
  • when i thought dexter couldn't get any worst...

    worst episode so far! i don't believe there's so much people rating this a 10! dexter simply isn't him anymore... hunting in pairs? that's not the kind of thing old dexter would do. so why did he kill lila and miguel for? it's okay to kill characters when it's convenient to the writers... and it's okay to create a partner to dexter when it's convenient too! that's just lazy writing. besides... a girl raped and tortured by FIVE guys would still be horny as a freaking teenager? i don't think so. and dexter saying "people can be stronger than you think" didn't convince me at all. nor when he said hunting in pairs feels natural. even dexter's thoughts are lazy now and totally predictable. it seems very improbable too that to kill and cut a man into pieces would be so easy to someone who is not used to that. even if that person went to hell, even if it's a revenge. i imagine that killing someone with a knife and cutting their head and members off and seeing all that blood is something a 'normal' person would not do - or at least would esitate a bit. so is that easy to become a cold killer psychopath? cause they make it look like it is. and i don't believe it a bit. actually it's the first time i'm hoping the 'bad guys' get dexter and annoying lumen and put them in jail (quinn) or simply kill them (jordan chase). the only reason why i didn't rate this episode abysmal is again because of wonderful Jonny Lee Miller. despite his uninspired catch phrase (tic tic tic etc) the only moments this show remembers its greatness of other times is when miller is on screen. i love him and i hope his character kills dexter and annoying lumen! go jordan, go! (can't wait to see miller in danny boyle's new movie!)
  • Just wonderful - but I have a bad feeling about this....


    I won't say more than I loved this episode and agree with all the other 10/10 reviews.

    But I have particularly warmed to the Dexter/Lumen relationship - the chemistry between them is fantastic, and I would love to see the two of them get together as a family with young Harrison...

    BUT knowing that Julia Stiles is this season's big guest star I have a nagging suspicion that she's not about to commit to a TV series and may not be around for the next series....

    I just really hope I'm wrong!

  • Lumen and Dexter are made for each other...

    They're both broken in some shape or form, they do not have to pretend in front of another, they can just be themselves.

    I do watch quite a few shows however only a couple really rock my world, Dexter is one of them. When i really thought it can not get any better - then it happended - the writers made it superb! I urge everybody to watch Dexter - the twist and irony in this show is capturing. My husband and i speculate a lot after watching every episode but it seems like our speculation is nothing even remotely close to what the writers have in store for us.
  • 510

    It looks like a showdown at Miami Metro between Dexter and the man he is hunting is goinjg to be becoming an annual tradition. There is always tension there and I think that we all eagerly anticipate the day when Dexter does finally knife Jordan Chase.

    Like last year, this season started off slow, but things are starting to get really good and I have a feeling that the last three episodes of the year will be really good.

    Julia Stiles started off poorly as well, but now she's great in her role as Lumen. As I have said in the past, I wish she could stick around next season.

    Great episode, great dramatic writing.
  • Everything in its right place

    If you think about it, that's what Dexter is all about. This show always manages to create brilliant ideas every season, and then organize and develop them perfectly, just like Breaking Bad. Actually, although I really like Mad Men, those two shows represent how amazing television can be right now.

    "In the beginning" was another great episode of Dexter, and at this point, with Dexter and Lumen romantically involved, I really wonder whether or not Lumen will stay for season 6. I really hope she stays, and if she doesn't, I hope the writers find an original way for her to leave.

    And is Lumen the only one who will find out about Dexter at the end of the season? With Debra and Liddy getting closer and closer, you have to wonder about that too. There are just so many paths the show can take right now, so many options, so many variables.

    Not wanting to repeat myself about how ridiculously good Michael C. Hall is, or about how interesting Jordan Chase is turning out to be (I already did that last week),I only have two small "complaints": -As I said, Jordan Chase is turning out to be a damn good villain. I only wish he had been given a full season to show it. -Were the final moments of the episode (Liddy watching Dexter and Lumen "play" with knives, Lumen killing someone for the first time, Dexter and Lumen sleeping together) a little predictable? Were we expecting that a while ago? Yes. But weren't they awesome? Absolutely!!!

    Don't mind my "complaints" then. Just don't forget that you are fans of one of the best shows on television.
  • Lumen and Dexter Belongs together. They nee each other. She is the only one who will ever understand him. Now that she is here she should stay. Dexter need someone like her.

    I have already watched this episode twice in one night, that is how much I love it. Lumen is good for Dexter, she should remain with him, like she saids "he has been her only way through this", he needs a partner, someone whom he can talk to (not his dad), and who love him regardless. The ending scene, where she just took her clothes off and went to him for him to make love to her was the most sensual thing I have ever seen, it just blows my mind. Because going through something like that, I would think that she would never want a man to touch her, but Dexter is not just any man, he freed her from her insanity. I think they both need each other. Please keep them together.
  • Lucky Number 13 (Spoiler Alert)

    To keep it simple they identify the fifth man in the picture and Lumen kills him and Deb and Quinn are on top of the Barrel Girl investigation while Liddy puts surveillance on Dexter's apartment. This episode of Dexter was by far the most beautiful, while we all thought Lumen would just be a lay for Dexter it was the last thing that mattered to him and to the writers, it just happened. The rest of the episode was great especially Jordan Chase's origin and him not touching the victims in a way makes him that so much more creepy as he talked people into it. The relationship between Dexter and Lumen has finally blossomed into what could possibly be the most heartwarming, beautiful episodes/moments in Dexter's history and how he finally has someone to share it with in a way that Rita or everyone else never could. We learned that he is capable of human connection how Harry steered him away from it but now he has been set free. Deb is wrong, under Dexter's guidance for Lumen there is a "next" in her life and she can move on after this. Of course it would be foolhardy to assume such a thing with the season about to end in two episodes but I enjoy it as it goes. Bravo Dexter!
  • Just when I thought Dexter couldn't get any better, the writers kick it up a notch & makes it phenomenal!

    This episode is aptly named "In the Beginning" as it provides an insight for Jordan Chase group and I'd like to think it's a double entendre for Lumen's life together with Dexter. It had all the appropriate components - answers (like who are the people in the group picture), more questions (for example, will Lumen leave Dexter after finishing off Jordan Chase to start a 'regular' life), suspense(can Dexter shake-off Liddy and all that surveillance evidence?) and definitely less of annoying Mr & Mrs Batista story-line was just perfect. The only slightly lame bit was Jordan was with Emily and looked as thought if he was blind. What was up with that? Anyways, "Praise" where praise is deserved.. the writers definitely deserve a raise on this series and this season especially!
  • Someone must have sold their soul to make this show great because nothing can be this good on it's own!

    In my mind, this episode had only one flaw... there was no health warning at the beginning of the episode reminding you to breathe. I seemed to spend that entire episode holding my breath as the tension was almost unbearable.

    So we are now ten episodes into the season, the kids have been safely stowed away with the grandparents, the Miami Metro Homicide team are really picking up pace with their investigation, ex detective Liddy has never been so close to Dexter's secret and four out of five rapists are dead. Did I leave anything out? It is hard to tell as there was so much packed into that episode I might have glossed over it.

    I am not even going to comment on half of the story lines in this episode or I will have written a book by the end of this review so let's go strait to the main story arc... Lumen's first kill.

    She has come a long way since she first saw Dexter kill Boyd at the beginning of the season, and in the beginning I had my doubts that she would rise to the occasion but she is a stronger character than I gave her credit for. In this episode she not only relives her ordeal without breaking down completely but seems to find fuel from it to take the lead on the next hunt and racks up her first kill.

    I am scared to say this as nothing ever works out well for Dexter when partners are brought in but she seems almost a perfect match for him. There were some genuinely funny moments in this episode where they both reminded me of children trying to show off to their friends. Dexter gifting her with some gloves and when she shows up dressed in the figure hugging killing clothes to impress Dexter did a brilliant job of cutting the tension. Their joint experience with the kill seemed far more natural than when Miguel Prado first killed someone with Dexter. Whilst I am not sure that them sleeping together was the best way for them to go I will no longer allow myself to doubt this show and trust in the direction the writers take it.

    I am once again kicking myself that I didn't wait until the season had ended to watch this show so that I could watch all the episodes back to back rather than have to wait a whole week between episodes. Only two episodes left of the season and I have got a feeling that they are even going to put this weeks masterpiece to shame.
  • Baby steps for Lumen, from amateur to pro. Best episode this season.

    I am at a loss for words after watching the episode just now. I've always liked Dexter very much but with this episode they reached a new level of awesomeness.
    So Lumen, who started off as a really strong character but then faded somewhat in the background, now rises again to the occasion, I tip my hat to Julia Stiles, of whom I thought could only play in mediocre romantic drama's. Boy was I wrong!! She made Lumen real for me. Of course no doubt that the superb acting skills of mr. Morgan also have something to do with that. 
    There' a lot going on this episode but you don't mind cause somehow these writers do succeed in pacing the story. I don't know how they do it but they do it well. I'm giggling when baby Lumen gets her first pair of killing gloves, I'm smiling when she gets to practice her first knifing, I'm on the edge of my seat when she gets to kill the man who finished of the original Lumen. And then I'm in tears when she finds herself trusting to let go again with another human being. This is the most human I have seen Dexter and this is the most human Luman will probably ever be again.
    The bliss will not last. Luman is a opportunity killer, she's taking revenge, and rightful so, but this won't last, Dexter is, an always will be, a total psychopath and that's exactly why I watch this show.

    As far as I'm concerned this was the best episode of the entire season and maybe of all time, well not including the s4 finally.
  • Dexter and Lumen search for the next person who attacked her, Leddy keeps getting closer to discovering Dex's secret and Miami Metro gets close to unveiling everything

    Just as usual, everybody's stories are beginning to collide with one another. Around the same time last season, Dexter was in the middle of tracking down Trinity, who had gone missing and was attempting to stay a step ahead of Deb and Miami Metro, who were nearly as close to catching Trinity as him. However, this season took a lot longer to get to the man Dexter wanted to get: Jordan Chase. We didn't even meet him until about seven episodes in, but when we did, it was clear that Dexter had a formidable foe to go up against.

    Season 5 has succeeded where Season 3 failed: it's given Dexter somebody who he can be friends (and maybe more) with and who he can be completely open with. When they tried that with Miguel Prado, Dexter failed, and to an extent, so did the season. The show took so long to get from Point A to Point B, and by the time it did, the outcome wasn't satisfactory at all. However, Season 5 has been awesome from start to finish, and even when the show was moving at a slower pace than usual, it was building everything up to where we are now. For me, there were slower episodes in Season 4 than there was here. If anything, this season has reminded me of Season 2, which is a great thing.

    Julia Stiles has done a great job in the role of Lumen, and if anything, she has only gotten better with time. I was really hesitant to see how she would evolve over time, and I was worried the show would stumble with her eventual and inevitable evolution into a killer a la Dexter. However, this episode built the moment of truth up into a touching, haunting and cathartic experience for both Lumen and Dexter. Just look at Michael C. Hall in this episode. Talk about an incredible actor. The way his lips tremble as him and Lumen take their relationship to the next level, or the way he looks ecstatic at giving Lumen a present (a pair of gloves to hide fingerprints... funny and touching at the same time)

    And the writers seem to have smartened up and loosened up on the focus on the supporting characters. I don't have a problem with any of them, but this show is about Dexter, and the heavy focus on Batista, LaGuerta and others was pointless. I cope with them only because I hope that it'll go some place, but it usually doesn't. And I've always liked Deb, so I enjoy watching her character develop and I've slowly grown to like Quinn.. he's been around for awhile, and his character may only exist to foil Dexter, but it creates excitement and drama, which is good for the show.

    The final two episodes will likely be twice as exciting as this, and from what's been said, the finale should be shocking like last year. I know it's unlikely Julia Stiles will return for a sixth season, and I feel like we're already being lead to believe Lumen won't survive or return... but the biggest surprise we could get is if she WOULDN'T die. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next.
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