Season 2 Episode 1

It's Alive!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2007 on Showtime

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Doakes continuously following Dexter everywhere. So finally, when Doakes takes a night off, Dexter goes to kill a man after almost 38 days. The man supposedly has killed many people, but is blind. Dexter starts off coolly in his usual style, but is unable to do it.

Rita then invites him over, and Dexter is unable to perform in bed, because he kept thinking about that incident. Debra returns to work. There is a crime scene reported with a guy dead due to multiple stab wounds. People at the crime scene keep teasing Debra about the ice-truck killer.

Rita takes her kids to visit Paul in jail, and Paul reminds Rita about the missing shoe, but Rita denies having ever found one. Doakes interrogates Chino, the killer of the boy found earlier, and he denies having ever met him, although the boy's mother claims that Chino is the actual killer. Dexter decides to get rid of Chino once and for all.

Debra takes Rita out for a couple of drinks and punches a stranger on the face, when he only tried to touch her on the shoulder. Meanwhile, Dexter gets Chino to his execution room, but this time he is clearly nervous. Also, the tapes he has applied prove to be way too less for the giant Chino, and he makes an escape.

Towards the end we come to know that Paul has died in prison due to an altercation with his cell mate, and Rita is really upset knowing that she could have helped him. Also, the police has found the graveyard of Dexter under the river and have extracted more than 30 bodies from the river.