Season 2 Episode 1

It's Alive!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2007 on Showtime

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  • NO SPOILERS -- why I changed my mind about this episode

    Firstly... QUIT with the spoiler reviews. Anyone who happens to read these reviews before watching this episode will have the experience of it ruined!

    After finishing Season One I thought it would be impossible for Season Two to live up to it. It was perfection and could be regarded as an extended length movie when viewed from the first to last episode... and a great movie at that, including the twist ending.

    And so as I watched episode 1 of Season Two I kept telling myself why this season cannot be as good as last season. Last season had the perfect season-long villain in Rudy and who could possibly top him? I was set to give a less than perfect rating here... and then, with the perfect Ending, everything just clicked into place. Heck, even the title I now realize was perfect. And so, the episode that I didn't think had "it", warrants my 10.
  • The real killer of Miami.

    This was a great start to season 2 which carried off from from season 1 with Doakes following Dexter and Paul trying to prove Dexter set him up When Dexter gets away from Doakes he finds he wasn't able to kill his victim because killing his brother seems to have effected him Dexter's next victim couldn't be any harder to kill when he chooses little Chino but he escapes from Dexter's kill table Dexter is going to have to get back to normal because things have got bad for him when some divers find the bodies Dexter has dumped in the sea and when it comes on TV Deb says the killer is even worse than the Ice Truck Killer and she can finally get peace She is right but I am not so sure about the second part I don't think Dexter could believe all the bodies have been found and he feels his heartbeat because it will be pumping like crazy.
  • Go away Doakes, I have the urge to kill, leave me alone!

    I've been looking forward to this since FX broadcast the first season last year. The 5 minute catch up (longest I've ever seen) at the beginning gets you up to speed on the premise and past happenings of this dark comedy drama about a mass murderer who slaughters those who murder. It's not needed for me but for anyone starting on the series with this episode its a good thing.

    Anyway, Dexter (a forensics expert) after killing his Brother (the ice truck killer) 6 weeks ago is being constantly watched by Detective 'Motherf****n' Doakes who he works with. Doakes is very suspicious but only on a whim so doesn't suspect Dexter to be a mass murderer. However this thread continues throughout the episode and thankfully is not pushed right in your face but works its way more subtly. No big confrontations between them, they do work together most of the time after all.

    Anyway, Dexter after getting away from Doakes for the first time in weeks sets out for his first kill since his brother. Only because he's nervous he ends up going for a blind guy. The voodoo feel in the shop was great and I enjoyed as he struggled to kill this guy. Later on he goes from Blind Bat to killer whale in terms of his next choice in Little Chino so he tries both ends of the stick. Except Little Chino (a violent gang member)makes him even more nervous which doesn't turn out well. It's great to see Dexter have a crisis of conscience and slipping up slightly but as its revealed at the end of the episode what he really needs is his adrenaline pumping.

    I particularly was impressed with the forward motion this episode provides as his body dumping ground is now found which makes for interesting times ahead. Also the plot with Dexter's girlfriend Rita and her abusive imprisoned husband is brought to a head. This needed to be gotten out the way I just wasn't sure about how they actually did it. I wasn't sure about Debs (Dexter's adopted sister) and Rita sharing their misfortune in a bar either but the worst scene by far was two idiots hounding Debs for a photo at a crime scene, calling her Mrs Ice Truck Killer, completely insensitive and the scene felt really forced.

    Funny things in Dexter's world was his inner monologue telling us fellow Cop Angel had found faith in a Oprah rerun and him stepping in the blood at a crime scene by accident. Doakes sitting in the interrogation room with Little Chino and being suspicious of Dexter for looking at a tittie site when he hasn't ever rented any porn raised a smile as well. A good start to the season with a lot of forward motion, wasn't perfect but still really good.
  • Dexter Returns

    This episode was very slow and I think that can be attributed to the fact that we have to move away from the ice truck killer case that really bagan to heat up at the end of last season and kind of get a feel on what this season will be about. I liked Dexters portrayal of "The Killer who can't kill anymore" kind of attitude, though Im glad that its only going to last this lone episode it would seem. The scenes with Rita were all really well done, aside from Dexter I would say she is the character who has been the most devoloped since the beginning of the show. The rest of the episode did feel to drag on a little more then I wanted it too. It's really hard to get into any of the characters (for me) aside from really Deb, Dexter, and Rita. Doakes, the two lt's, and the rest of the police force just is not an interesting storyline. I wonder where they are going with this Doakes v Dexter thing, seems like soemthing that is going to have to come to a resolution eventually.
  • I Need To Kill Someone Written by Daniel Cerone Directed by Tony Goldwyn

    Angel: "Don't forget to tell the universe what you really need".
    Dexter (to himself): "I really need to kill someone".

    With the summer in Ireland and Britain producing more rain than actual sun and not many new shows around, it's great that FXUK are finally getting round to airing the second season of this show. It was one of the best things on the box last year and if this opening episode is anything to go, it'll be that as well this year.

    It's been over a month in Dexter's time since he was forced to kill Rudy and now he's got a boat load of problems. I suppose even for someone like Dexter, having to kill your brother would take a lot out of you especially when you freakishly admired his handiwork while also trying to stop him from killing Deb.

    The episode has a cheeky start as instead of a killing we get Dexter on a bowling team with Angel and Masuka. As a non-sporty person, I like bowling but it's been ages since I've actually done it. Dexter seems to have a knack for it too but the game is competitive as they're playing against another police station.

    Angel seems to have had a new age vibe since we've last seen him as he's spouting out stuff about the universe giving you what you want provided you ask for it. All Dexter wants to do is kill someone but thanks to Doakes he has to be a little more cautious than usual.

    In "Born Free" we saw that Doakes has taken to monitoring Dexter's every move and while Dexter plays dumb in order to goad Doakes, there are times when it does look like he's seething as well. Doakes has never been shy about his hatred for Dexter but even in this episode it's like he's taking it to a new level.

    He can barely contain his anger towards Dexter when the blood spatter expert makes casual remarks about Doakes supporting the bowling. Morally Doakes has ever right not to trust Dexter and trying to catch him slip would be commendable if he wasn't such a dick.

    However Doakes' hatred for Dexter does make you as a viewer not feel sympathetic for him. It's a good job that throughout Season One with his relationships with Maria and Deb that we've seen a decent side to him because he does often come across as one dimensional when he's having a go at Dexter.

    There's even a scene where Dexter is pretending to look at porn that Doakes is still unconvinced that Dexter is as pure as the driven snow. Watching this show and siding with a character like Dexter over someone like Doakes is a strange experience. I never felt this way when watching The Sopranos.

    Now there are plenty of men out there who are so sexually frustrated, they're practically climbing the walls. With Dexter, it's the lack of a decent kill that's making him on edge. While he's smart enough to get Doakes on his back, he rounds up a potential victim in Jimmy.

    Jimmy's blind but Dexter ain't prejudice due to Jimmy using resin to kill his victims. Dexter used Jimmy's blindness to his own advantage and even gagged him when he tried to put a curse on him. Also this near kill happen later in the episode compared to the "Pilot" episode too.

    However when it came down to the crunch, Dexter just couldn't kill Jimmy. I don't think it was pity that compelled him. Jimmy might be blind but he's able to kill people and he's not losing sleep over it either. With Dexter it seemed more like performance anxiety than attack of conscience.

    If missing out on killing Jimmy wasn't bad enough, then Little Chino had to have been a bigger disaster. When the cops discover a body at the beach and the son's grieving mother Eva gives a police statement, Dexter feels another opportunity slipping out of him hands.

    In the last season we had a minor plot with the gangster Guerrero and this season we are getting a plot with Little Chino, another thug who's arc is probably a warm act to the main meat of the season. The good news for Dexter is that because Eva has a history with drugs, Little Chino is let out of prison.

    In a lot of ways I feel for Eva. Little Chino happily killed her son for no reason and like many drug dealers, this guy doesn't care who he kills in order to get ahead. Dexter getting back into the game decides to do the world a favour by ending a scumbag like Little Chino but even Dexter couldn't get that one right.

    Fortunately it wasn't a case of performance anxiety but just dumb luck that Little Chino was able to untie himself and get away before he got added to Dexter's slide collection. Okay so it's sloppiness on Dexter's part but even neat monsters are going to screw up. However he'd better do in Little Chino before the gangster does him in or reports him. Dexter doesn't have much time to correct that mistake.

    Also loosing Little Chino wasn't the only mistake as his relationship with Rita is also in danger. Last season Paul made sure she found his shoe and now she realises that Dexter did drug up her abusive ex-husband. Also like a dog with a bone, Paul is still pestering her to get him out of jail.

    Considering everything he's done to her and the fact that psychologically both Rita and the kids would be a lot safer without him in their lives, I really hate the idea of Rita helping. I did like that for the most part of the episode she resisted and only told him about finding the shoe when he was getting on her nerves.

    It was also great to see Rita tell him to deal with being in jail. I don't sympathise with people like Paul. Maybe Dexter had no right taking the law into his own hands but in all fairness, am I really supposed to feel for Paul? Even when he's whining about being unable to hack prison life, I still couldn't muster sympathy for him.

    To be honest even when Rita later tells Dexter that Paul died in an altercation with a cell mate, I still didn't give a damn. There are people worthy of grieving for but I wouldn't waste a tear. Maybe that makes me sound like a harsh people but I don't sympathise with abusers, even when they're punished for something they didn't do. Paul can rot in hell for all I care.

    However in spite of that I did feel for Rita. She did think that by not helping Paul that she's somehow responsible for his death. I really wanted to shout at the TV 'No, you're not' but it wouldn't have made a difference really. Julie Benz really knocked that scene out of the ball park.

    Of course Paul's death puts Dexter's relationship with Rita in jail. For the first time she was genuinely furious with Dexter and he didn't twig on to the fact that Rita knew about the shoe incident. It's ironic that Dexter chose the wrong night to go to Rita for solace. Things with them in this episode were on shaky ground.

    Dexter even blew off a date with Rita so he could go for a kill. Rita however did spend some time with Deb and the two of them had some lovely choice moments. Rita showed some genuine compassion for Deb's well being and Deb reminded Rita that she was better off without Paul in her life.

    Deb was another focal point of the episode. Having her around made things tense for Dexter as she could hardly with the ordeal over Rudy. I knew that going back to work would also highlight it. Maria even said to Esme that Deb coming back was too soon and she was right.

    At a crime Deb could just about contain her anger when some locals were making fun of her and in a bar she struck a guy who actually looked like he meant her no harm. If Deb doesn't really talk about how she feels she will crack up big time. Going back to normal life is all well and good but not getting further help could be her undoing.

    However there's also another delight in this episode – the discovery of corpses. Thanks to a bunch of scuba divers, over thirty bags of severed limbs have been found and both Dexter and Deb end the episode with some of the most interesting if obvious reactions to this.

    With Deb, the rise of a new serial killer should be the very thing to help her get past nearly being killed by the Ice Truck Killer. Dexter on the other hand looks like all his Christmases have come all at once. There's a new villain on the block worthy of his stature and if that doesn't get him back in the game, what else will?

    As for flashbacks, we got to see teenage Dexter and Harry argue over a delayed boar hunt in a firing range and then Harry mistaking Dexter for trying to kill himself. They aren't the best ones we've had but they still function in trying to explain Dexter's need to feel as well as kill.

    Last but not least, could Maria and Esme actually work as a team? Tom drafted in Esme at the end of the season to stick it to Maria but it might have the opposite effect. Esme might order Maria around but it's refreshing not to see her resort to childish behaviour when doing it. Also Maria did seem to empathise a little with Esme's romantic woes so perhaps there's a distinct possibility that the two of them can get along. After all Maria could use a female ally in order. I can't see her and Deb becoming friends anytime soon.

    Also in "It's Alive"

    Just like the start of every season premiere of The L Word and Weeds, the "Previously On" bit was quite long.

    Angel: "Keep your mind limber".
    Dexter: "I'm doing mental jumping jacks".

    Dexter, Angel and Masuka's bowling team was called "Bowl Til You Bleed". Not the most subtle of title for a Dexter team. Then again he does have a boat called "Slice Of Life".

    Jimmy: "What's happening?"
    Dexter: "The only pertinent question is what happened to your victims?"

    Harry: "Dexter, enough with your psychopath **** You're in control of your urges, not the other way round".

    Doakes' stalking of Dexter also included him learning that Dexter hasn't rented a porn movie in over a decade. Geez, Doakes that's going a bit far.

    Rita: "I just got this urge".
    Dexter: "I'm all for satisfying urges. I just wish I knew how come I couldn't satisfy mine last night". LaGuerta: "You don't like roses?"
    Esme: "Allergies and let me know what you find out about that body".

    For the second premiere in a row, Dexter and Rita are having sexual problems. Won't be long until that will be the least of Dexter's worries.

    Angel: "What's the matter with you today?"
    Dexter: "Little off my game. I'll get it back".

    Deb (re Rita): "You bum hole. Why did you have to put it that way?"
    Dexter: "She's expecting you in half an hour. You're a lifesaver".

    There's a new kid playing Cody. I noticed that the second time I watched this episode. At least they kept the original actress playing Astor.

    Esme: "Sorry you had to hear that. That was my fiancé. We're having problems".
    LaGuerta: "It happens".

    Rita: "Stop blaming other people for your problems. You're in prison now. Deal with it".
    Paul: "Rita. No".
    Dexter seems to have found a new place to kill people. For Little Chino he used the back room of Jimmy's shop.

    Deb (to Rita, re Paul): "Hey I'm the one that answered that domestic dispute call way back when. That prick deserved to go to prison".

    Rita: "Now I have to find a way to tell my children that their father's dead and I could've helped him".
    Dexter: "How? How could you have helped him?"

    Rita was smoking in the garden when she told Dexter about Paul's death. It's sort of common for even non-smokers to smoke when they're grieving.

    Deb: "There's a killer out there that could be way worse than the Ice Truck Killer. Maybe now I can finally get some peace. Isn't that great?"
    Dexter: "It's amazing".

    Chronology: Exactly 38 days between this episode and "Born Free".

    As openers go, "It's Alive" is certainly one that gets better on repeated viewing. A lot of the episode feels very familiar to what's been liked about the first season but with a new killer on the loose, Dexter struggling with his mojo and Rita wising up a little as well as a relentless Doakes, it's also refreshing to see some evident changes as well.
  • This episode takes on board the events of the previous season, and lets the characters deal with them.

    Deb's ex-fiance tried to kill her. Was she back to normal ? Nope. Dex killed his brother. Did he carry on as he always did ? Nope. Doakes knows that Dexter is not a normal human being. Does he ignore this ? Nope.

    There was a lot of pain in the last season. A lot of things changed for the characters, and this season, they have to deal with it. Dexter killed his brother, and in doing so, caused (more) psychological problems. He is suffering a block, so he is unable to just go ahead and kill his victims anymore. He needs to deal with his problems and move on.

    I like the fact that the characters in season 2 are in a different place than they were at the start of season 1. Life changes. Things are different. People deal with issues.

    I look forward to watching the rest of this season.
  • What did they do to this show... it was so good last season :( The only reason i give them a 5 is because of last season, or else i'd give a 2.

    Wow, just wow. Is it just me or is the new way Rita is acting just plain retarded. She's suddenly this all knowing, over dramatic egomaniac trying to pull of these "Soap Opera" type phrases. There is no way she just up and got over the years of abuse she was put through.

    Why does she now think smoking is cool? Did we go back 20 years and i missed it? Sitting outside bursting in tears one second then puffing away like some French diplomat spouting out her retarded lines.

    Now why the hell can't Dexter kill. This would mean he has feelings, remorse, or pity. W T F this is not Dexter and i don't like it.

    Daniel Goldman was much better suited for the role of cody, this new kid is far too outgoing. Cody is supposed to be this soft spoken kid that only utters the occasional word.

    If they fired some one from last season they seriously need to bring them back, because the way this is going the show will soon be an expensive and long Soap Opera....not cool guys...not cool

    *not part of the episode* why is Julia Benz name above Micheal Halls now? did she win a bet or something?
  • Need to feel again

    Oh.. haven't we felt it all? That sometimes everything is so numb around us and there has to be a break to make us feel again? This is what Dexter is going trough. Somehow it is aftermath to all that happened in season 1.. and introduction what is going to happen - considering that Dexter is in big failing mood and loosing his prays and his dump site discovered. Also Rita is maybe suspicious. So.. It all really feels like going downhill. What they will come up with it? Will it be a season of Dexter trying to find himself again? Or Deb trying to catch him? That would be fantastic storyline, I quess.
  • A great opening to a new season.

    I loved how they set the stage for this season. Dexter trying to find out if her has feelings, and then finally feeling something when he finds out that people found his hiding spot. I can't believe that the big guy ran I thought that he was going to stay and fight back against Dexter, that was kinda a let down, but other than that the episode was good. the annoying ex is finally off the show for good. The sister is having some new crazy issues. I don't like the new boss but I bet that she is going to lead to some new good drama.
  • He needs to Kill...

    A fantastic start to the Second Season

    It's been 36 Days since he last killed (His Brother) he finds his victim but he has a problem Sgt. Doakes is on his case ever since the The Ice Truck Killer was laid to rest; he has been watching him like a Hawk.

    Dexter very much wants to kill someone and when the opportunity finally arrives, finds that he is unable to follow through. His sister Debbie, apparently recovered from her ordeal, returns to work but Maria isn't so sure.

    Rita recieves some bad news that her husband Paul has been Killed in Jail.

    39 Days have gone by Since his Killed Now, The Police discover the whole heap of Bodies buried in the River; looks like we have new mass murderer out there.
  • It's alive, and Dexter is back.

    The second season of Dexter starts with a bang, as Dexter begins to discover that his thirst to kill has gotten stronger, but his will to kill has disappeared. Could this have to do with his last kill, which effected him in a way that he had not expected? Now with Doakes on his back, Dexter has to sneak around and is not on top of his game. Trying one last time to kill Little Chino, a local killer who definitely deserved Dexter's knife, Dexter fails and finds that his victim has escaped.

    Debra is also recovering from the events of the finale, and much to LaGuerta's surprise, she seems to be handling her new found fame quite well. Rita discovers that Debra is not doing as well as she says she is when she breaks down at a local bar after being tapped on the shoulder by a local man.

    The most pivotal part of this episode was not the character development, or the revealing flashbacks, but in fact the newest discovery on the Miami scene: Dexter's kills on the bottom of the seafloor. This episode was very revealing and Season 2 is already off to a great start, and hopefully heading in a fresh new direction now that Dexter has even more hiding to do.
  • Another excellent season 2 episode. This is proving to be quite the pivotal next step for Dexter.

    Episode 1 of season 2 left you with some hard questions as it ended. What would happen now since Dexter's work had been discovered, buried deep within the ocean? Would his secret be made clear to the world? Would his step-sister disown him? These particular answers are left for later as we see just what Dexter is going through after killing his brother and messing up his very first kill after a month. Amazing character development here. You almost feel sorry for the man who just wanted to fulfill an inner desire, a desire so gruesome and reptilian, and seeing his world slowly fall apart as a new character by the name of Det.Lundy steps in to create the life of the 'bay harbor butcher' a living hell. All we can do is wait and see what happens as now Rita finds out more about Dexter, though something completely different than what we might expect.
    I'm patiently awaiting October for the return of one of the best TV shows on planet earth, if not the best. Highly recommended episode... love it ;)
  • Not disapointed one bit

    This has been bouncing around the internet since mid July apparently , I caught it online yesterday all I can say is...WOW. The second season kicks straight in thirty nine days after the events of season 1. There is a brief re-cap, then we fall right into Dexter's dark world for a brand new tale of serial killing and general mayhem.

    Dexter has a problem Doakes is tracking his every move and he cant quench his thirst for the kill. He is on edge and slowly going nuts. Debra has moved in with Dex as she is afraid to be alone after her boyfriend turned out to be a serial killer and she is slowly grating on Dexters nerves. This sets up what looks like another amazing season of a great series. There is stuff happening with everyone in this episode from Rita (Dexter's girlfriend) to some hilarious moments with Angel Batista and his new spiritual awakening courtesy of an Oprah rerun

    Dexter struggles with saying goodbye to the brother he was briefly re-united with at the end of season 1 This leads to some nice scenes with Dexter milling over what he has done and leads to him actually letting one of his prey go. The end of the episode is just brilliant and this was just the first episode!. Im so looking forward to watching this season unfold. This show deserves to be seen by everyone its amazing great story great acting just pure 10/10 entertainment
  • Wow. That about sums it up... Wow.

    A lot of people have been having issues with the way that characters in this show are changing... their personalities are not the same as they were in season 1. But, I, on the other hand, am in awe of the great writing that has gone into this show allowing that. Season 1 has affected the way that the characters in this show interact and feel. It should be like that. It's much more realistic to see a show where what happens in one season or episode makes them a different person in the next. There is no reset button at the end of a show. The plot twists actually leave you hanging. This show was well written. Kudos to all involved.
  • Not the same characters as last season.

    This isn't the same series anymore it seems. Perhaps the relocation to Los Angeles from Miami. Perhaps the fact that they aren't following the books anymore (not too surprising they're not doing the second book really though is it?). Maybe they've just got different writers.

    As others have noted though they're rewriting Dexter to be a more normal person, and losing the things that made this series interesting. Pretty soon it'll just be another generic show. Wow, remember that guy that actually wanted to kill his sister? Who was that guy? Obviously the writers don't know.

    As others have said, I'm only rating the show this high because of last season. I'll almost certainly watch this season to the end, but if it stays this way, I won't be looking forward to the third.

    BTW, for anyone who doesn't know, there are novels that you should be reading, and they're REALLY GOOD. Even if you have already seen the show. All the characters are similar but a little different, and the humor is all there. Get them.
  • I know it seems silly to give every episode a 10, but this show has not once disappointed me, or taken any wrong turns.

    This show is pure genius. I forgot how much I loved it during the hiatus from the incredible end of Season 1.

    The opening credits are brilliant. The light and up-beat music in the opening and throughout the show just compliment the dark themes perfectly.

    I think that gangster in the show was the biggest dude I have ever seen... ever! I was just cringing while Dexter was trying to get him prepped to kill, and then he got away.

    I enjoyed the fact that they made Dexter's character off-balance since he killed his brother. Shows that there is part of him that is human, thanks to his foster father, that he is slowly able to get in touch with when he needs to.

    And his stash of bodies is found! This is going to be another incredible season!
  • A lot of shows stumble between season 1 and season 2; Dexter has made the jump seamlessly.

    During season 1 we met Dexter and his family, came to understand his code of ethics, and learned a bit about how he became the way he is. There was a conflict, some suspense, and some resolution to that conflict. So, you could say that Dexter had a pretty good first season, right?

    Just how good wasn't evident to me until I watched episode 1 of season 2. The end of the first season provided plenty of fodder for tension in season 2:

    - Doakes is onto Dexter, with some tension there.
    - Brenda's husband dies, setting up some tension between her and Dexter, as she gains additional suspicion regarding Dexter framing her husband
    - And most wonderful of all, Dexter's ocean body dumping ground has been found.

    I don't know where this show can go after this season, but for this season it is set up for success!

    The tension of Dexter being sought for his vigilante killings will be great, I believe. Much like the salad days The Shield (another favorite of mine) experienced where Vic & the Strike Team were trying to stay ahead of Internal Affairs and the Armenians after stealing the money train, I think the tension of staying one step ahead of the authorities can really enhance a series, at least for a time.

    I'm looking forward to watching the next 12 episodes unfold.
  • Dexter finally feels alive

    After a fantastic complete original first season i had no idea how Dexter could follow into a second season with a better storyline, however the creative team seem to have found something fantastic. This time it seems it isnt Dexter against a serial killer, its Dexter against himself which is far scarier and worse for all involved. I couldnt believe how tense this first episode was, Doakes is following Dexters every step, Dexter seems to start have a normal life (which is fat more disturbing than his killer life), he starts letting his victims escape and the huge reveal at the end is that his dumping ground has been found. Season 2 looks to become fascinating viewing.
  • This episode was fantastic!

    I couldn't have been any happier with this episode. I am always impressed by episodes of Dexter, but this episode was especially good. Most of the time, the first episode of a season will be quite dry and uneventful, and only serve to introduce new plots. This show wasted absolutely no time to jump right into the action. The writing was very impressive and I especially loved some of the plot twists, such as Dexter having paralyzing difficulty when attempting to make a kill, which has never happened before. I can't wait to see the next episode, which is exactly how I feel after every installment of this show. Home run!
  • Disappointing...

    I felt let down after watching this episode.

    Last season, we were introduced to these characters and we liked so much about them, that there is a second season. Now everyone's different.

    Dexter used to like not having feelings... Now he wants to feel alive and he "needs" Rita. Rita is more confident than before (and she smokes). Dexter's dad is more forceful than before. The new captain seems to be a character from a soap opera.

    Why is it that TV writers think they have to change things so much after a good first season? The reason it worked so well was we liked the way it WAS!!!!!

    If this new season goes as badly as this first episode, I'll stop watching.
  • Well Dex is back but I am not very satisfied . . .

    Well Dex is back but I am not VERY satisfied .... I was a lill bit disappointed ... I still hate his sister ... I want her to die . . . I hope they won't give him guilt . . . And how come this stupid woman felt so bad about her rapist husband? ... Dex should have killed him last season anyway ... Pfff here's what happens when you play nice . . . Please please PLEASE don't kill my show . . . kill everybody else though ;)
    I vote 8 ONLY because of the ending . . .
  • The new season will be mind blowing!!!

    The episode started really boring with the retrospective, bowling and Dexter unable to kill a blind shaman. Paul is still in prison and his wife is protecting Dexter even though she found the shoe which could exonorate Paul. Dexter finds him self a new victim (Cuciccino or something) and the guy is like 6"8 so he has some troubles getting him on the table. Dexter forgot to put enough tape to strap Cuciccino down so he frees himself. The greates plot twist comes at the end when some divers found all of Dexters bodies in the sea. And Dexter is assigned to found the serial kiler. Killer star.
  • Our favorite serial killer is back....Finally!!

    Somebody told me that the only flaw of this show was that it concentrated too much on subplots with the other characters of the show. I think that's bull. Even if Dexter is the best character on the show, the complete cast is great. I love every character. So I don't mind if I have to see Angel going through his divorce with his wife. I really am interested in learning about Doakes's past, or how Rita is dealing with her problems. Yes, the show is called Dexter, but when there is a great cast like this, we the viewers aren't going to worry about losing Dexter like so many other great shows that have been canceled.

    With all that being said, I'll keep the review short and sweet. Dexter kicks ass!!! Can't wait till next week.
  • Wow! amazing start for a great show!

    Dexter might be in trouble. We see his character begin to evolve and start having more normal feelings. However, he still has an urge to kill but he just can't seem to get it in him to "pull the trigger" or I guess in this case, use the knife. He's being sloppy since he's not in tune with his normal self. The murder of his brother really got to him. Not only that but a new police chief doesn't help at all either. On another note, I think Dexter might have to start looking for a new place to drop the bodies since his "cemetery" has been discovered. Can't wait for the rest of the season!
  • Good episode.

    Dexter is clearly in a bad position. Although he saved Miami from the ITK in season 1, he is now having worse problems. He is haveing trouble with Rita, his dump site has been found, and he can't kill. The episode was absolutely worth the wait (even though I only waited a month because I watched it On Demand). The scene where they find the chopped up body under water is classic. Dexter's newest addiction, bowling, has some interesting scenes. The way the writers are developing Dexter through flashbacks is interesting as well. Cleverly plotted with good character development, a whole new season of Dexter has begun.
  • Dexter is having trouble, both with killing and with satisfying Rita.

    Excellent start to the new season. This episode picks up approximately 5 weeks after the season one finale and Dexter has't killed anyone in all that time. Doakes is keeping him under constant surveillance and Dexter is getting frustrated. Then when he gets the chance to kill someone, he cannot go through with it. When Rita wants to have a quikie, he has trouble performing. The two things must be linked.
    I loved the flashback to yougn Dexter and how he almost shot his dad. The wanting to listen to Harry, his dad's heart which he said was almost jumping out of his chest, freaked out Harry and was a great scene. Very convincing.

    When Dexter finds a new possible victim, things seem to look up. Dexter's killing goes wrong when the victis wakes up too early and manages to break free from the tape and the first seeds of doubt come up in Rita's mind when she's todl that Paul died in prison.

    Deb and Dexter watch the news and it's showing a report on the divers who found the bodies. Deb says that there may be another serial killer and she might finally get some peace.
  • Worth the wait

    You know what's really wierd about this show, You actually catch yourself rooting for a serial killer! I mean really hoping he takes out some bad guy. I caught myself really getting scared when Little Chino escaped. What the heck is going on with TV these days? I guess a show with a narrative can get away with anything.

    Now we have Dexter trying to look normal and get Sgt. Doakes off his trail. All the while Dexter's old bodies are turning up in the Miami Bay. Looks like Sgt. Doakes is gonna have some fun figuring out who Dexter is. Then again Doakes did kill the "Haitian Boogeyman" last season. Maybe he and Dexter will bond after all....
  • A fine start to a second season of the best "creepy" show on TV

    My favorite moment was watching a suspicious Doakes track Dexter around the city while Dex hides at the bowling alley, etc. This show takes off right where it left off last season as the most original, compelling, and unusual POV of any police/crime drama on TV. This year it seems Dexter himself is going to be the target of the FBI and police as that broad story arc is clearly established as the central tension in this first episode. Parts of this episode reminded me of the episode last season where the Ice Truck Killer sets up Dex after he kills some Cuban human traffikers as it has him squirming under the scrutiny of an intense police investigation (one of the best from last year). But anticipation of waiting for the new season put me in a forgiving mood as it was necessary for their set up. I liked the touches on the new season with Dex's sister, Deb, as she struggles to recover from her harrowing encounter (as the worst judge of men ever) and is the perfect foil as Dex's odd couple roommate. Baby sis has got to be cramping a Serial Killer's style. I predict Dex kicks her out soon. The episode was largely solid fare, although I thought the blind voodoo guy was a tad overwrought and frankly did not understand why the big Latino gangster didn't kick Dexter's ass. (He didn't look the type that often runs away from a fight.) Nits aside, I liked the reveal on the "treasure hunters" uncovering Dex's killing fields in the Miami shallows. It seems a little uncharacteristically careless for Dexter to have put them all in the same locale. Still, I look forward to watching Dex toy with the FBI profilers in future episodes.
  • Looks like Dexter has some feelings in this episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode, as I do in all of them, because of a couple reasons. I enjoy Doakes character, and now that he is following Dexter, it's acutally funny to see. It is very interesting that they found Dexter's body dump, that would definitely be exciting to see how that's going to go. My only annoyance is with Deb. Her character has always been a little off for me, I guess I just need to get use to her. I'm glad Paul is gone, I could see him giving Dexter a hard time in the future, and just when Dexter is getting used to a relationship and seeming to need it, Rita is now being suspicious. Poor Dexter, this episode was too sad for him (not being able to kill), my heart bleeds for him.
  • Dexter has some performance anxiety after killing his brother, Deb deals with the aftermath of dating the Ice Truck Killer, Rita struggles with whether or not to help/believe Paul

    I thought this was a great follow up to the phenomenal first season. I definitely felt like I had never stopped watching the show for a year, it pulled me right back in. It was great to see Dex suffer from some actual human emotions whether it be pity for the blind guy or missing Rita and wanting her comfort when he failed in his second attempt to kill. I like that he is struggling with his urges and now dealing with being a person since he now knows the reason for his urges. The previews for the upcoming season after the show seem like this season will be just as good as the last. I'm excited Dexter is back!
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