Season 2 Episode 1

It's Alive!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2007 on Showtime

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  • Go away Doakes, I have the urge to kill, leave me alone!

    I've been looking forward to this since FX broadcast the first season last year. The 5 minute catch up (longest I've ever seen) at the beginning gets you up to speed on the premise and past happenings of this dark comedy drama about a mass murderer who slaughters those who murder. It's not needed for me but for anyone starting on the series with this episode its a good thing.

    Anyway, Dexter (a forensics expert) after killing his Brother (the ice truck killer) 6 weeks ago is being constantly watched by Detective 'Motherf****n' Doakes who he works with. Doakes is very suspicious but only on a whim so doesn't suspect Dexter to be a mass murderer. However this thread continues throughout the episode and thankfully is not pushed right in your face but works its way more subtly. No big confrontations between them, they do work together most of the time after all.

    Anyway, Dexter after getting away from Doakes for the first time in weeks sets out for his first kill since his brother. Only because he's nervous he ends up going for a blind guy. The voodoo feel in the shop was great and I enjoyed as he struggled to kill this guy. Later on he goes from Blind Bat to killer whale in terms of his next choice in Little Chino so he tries both ends of the stick. Except Little Chino (a violent gang member)makes him even more nervous which doesn't turn out well. It's great to see Dexter have a crisis of conscience and slipping up slightly but as its revealed at the end of the episode what he really needs is his adrenaline pumping.

    I particularly was impressed with the forward motion this episode provides as his body dumping ground is now found which makes for interesting times ahead. Also the plot with Dexter's girlfriend Rita and her abusive imprisoned husband is brought to a head. This needed to be gotten out the way I just wasn't sure about how they actually did it. I wasn't sure about Debs (Dexter's adopted sister) and Rita sharing their misfortune in a bar either but the worst scene by far was two idiots hounding Debs for a photo at a crime scene, calling her Mrs Ice Truck Killer, completely insensitive and the scene felt really forced.

    Funny things in Dexter's world was his inner monologue telling us fellow Cop Angel had found faith in a Oprah rerun and him stepping in the blood at a crime scene by accident. Doakes sitting in the interrogation room with Little Chino and being suspicious of Dexter for looking at a tittie site when he hasn't ever rented any porn raised a smile as well. A good start to the season with a lot of forward motion, wasn't perfect but still really good.