Season 6 Episode 6

Just Let Go

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Brother Sam ends up in the hospital while Dexter tries to get revenge.


    It's rare that the last few seconds of an episode will make me go from disliking an episode to liking it. I'm of the opinion that twist endings can't always make up for fifty minutes of crap that precedes it, but in this case, the twist ending found at the end of "Just Let Go" is fantastic, a random-as-hell yet intriguing twist that opens up a slew of different possibilities.

    I actually don't think "Just Let Go" was crap; it was just really boring, ridiculous andirritatingat times, something I would never describe Dexter as in its best seasons. After Dexter gets pulled away from trailing Travis (conveniently pulling him away just as we're about to see if Geller is a ghost or a real person), he learns Brother Sam was shot and begins looking for the attempted killer in typical Dexter mode.

    While Dexter does that, the rest of Miami Metro attempts to keep looking into the Doomsday Killer. They decide to reinterview Carissa, the witness that Quinn slept with in last week's episode. I tried to figure out what exactly re-interviewing her was important and couldn't come up with a concrete answer. It took me a bit to realize this was just a ploy to create tension between Quinn and Deb, something that's not necessary to make this show better.

    As for Travis and Geller, Travis struggles with his dark side and with the instructions that Geller is giving him. By the end of the episode, Travis has embraced his good side (after a visit to his sister, who is a kindergarten teacher) and lets the woman he kidnapped go. It's an interesting contrast to Dexter, who likely wouldn't have done anything like that to someone he knew was guilty.

    That brings me to the ending of the episode, which made up for the rest of it. Brother Sam, before he dies, tells Dexter to forgive the guy who killed him, something I saw happening from a mile away. Dexter decides to simply confront the man, and at first, it seems Dexter will succeed in fulfilling Sam's wishes. But it doesn't last long and in a good scene mirroring the baptisms Brother Sam doled out, Dexter drowns the killer in the same pond. The guy dies and out of nowhere, Dexter's dead brother, the Ice Truck Killer a.k.a Brian Moser begins appearing to him. Will Brian now replace Harry after Dexter embraced his dark side for good?

    The reappearance of the Ice Truck Killer, while completely random, gives me hope for some good storytelling. And we need that. If I have to watch one more stupid plot between Batista's sister and the new intern, I'll scream.

  • 606


    Dexter's sixth season showed signs of promise, but then againit has also made some really bad moves that have left me scratching my head. Travis turning on himself and his cause, Brother Sam being killed off, while this was not a terrible episode of TV (drunk Quinn made for some hilarious moments) it is rare that I object so vehemently to some of the decisions made by this show all in one episode. Not bad, but why they did half the things they did left me wondering.

  • From mercy to forgiveness, Deb is the boss, double-edged generosity, exciting investigation, dreams and nightmares (Spoilers)


    I hate previews ! They should just be forbidden because they're vicious spoilers and usually I manage to avoid them but not this time. Still Just Let Go was a lot about forgiving so let's say Showtime isn't such an evil network after all. More seriously this episode felt like a sequel to one of my favorite Dexter episodes, Easy as Pie. I can't help mentioning it from time to time because it was just heartbreaking and I still haven't forgotten Camilla's mercy swan song. What Brother Sam asked Dex was similar because they both had to leave the world of the livings. If you don't free your soul it remains grounded and the only solution left is to… watch Ghost Whisperer ? I'm no Melinda Gordon, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt in the series, but one thing is sure is that Mariana Klaveno makes one charming teacher as Clarissa Porter. It was a guilty pleasure to watch Batista and playcop Quinn trying to avoid falling in their own trap. And the best part is that Deb had no idea what was going on so she just objectively did her job. Men are idiots and she's the boss ! As for Masuka's student I found it interesting that he was actually a video game developer but a girl like Batista's sister digging geeks is almost science fiction.

    As for Deb's psy sessions I'll definitely miss them because they reminded me of Being Erica. However they're apparently not over considering she looked at the shrink's business card. Maybe she has decided to give up on men for a while. Sorry I watched Les Poupées Russes a few days ago and Cécile de France's hilarious performance as a lesbian had an apocalyptic impact on my mood and libido. It leads us to the wicked Travis who has apparently thought a lot about Dex's words of wisdom. It's funny because it's easier to help others, try our best to give them good advices for instance, than to help ourselves. Deb thought way too much for her own good when the most efficient to succeed is probably to just be and do things as authentically as possible. It's a way of life, making mistakes is as normal as drinking water or framing someone for murder. What ?! At least it's what happened to Brother Sam because he found the light and for some people it was just unbearable. And sadly Dex made the mistake of drowning his killer in sacred water. That's probably what summoned you know who. He was so close to let go and finally get ride of his Dark Passenger ! Even Harry believed it could be done. But this installment investigation was twisted so he's Dex's life. The black supercop thinks he well solved the case probably because he's over confident. Travis adorable sister has no idea what's going on and teaches children to paint their dreams in order to make them come true once they're older. We'll see if he finds a way to finally put and end to his misery and transform his nightmare.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.

  • Another average season?


    While this season is interesting so far compared to last (which I didn't actually mind at all except for the villain) the show is showing signs of falling into mediocrity.

    Everything seems to be rushed, cut scenes are abrupt and they've suddenly starting adding an outside view of Miami Metro (seemingly from across the canal or perhaps even from a boat) that seems pretty sloppy and doesn't look like anything we've seen previously; exclusively parking lot shots in the past.

    Aside from sloppier camera work the story lines, like the friendship with Brother Sam, seem to happen too quickly with no real lead up. How long did it take for Miguel and Dexter to become friends? Perhaps close to the same number of episodes but at least with Miguel there was a thoughtful logical progression as they went deeper and deeper into each others pockets, reluctantly on Dexter's part. This season with Brother Sam he has a heartfelt conversation in the hospital room that seems rather too deep for where the relationship was at; made me think that the actors jumped into the friendship fully established because that's what was in the script for that episode. Dexter should if anything be harder to reach now after everything.

    To me even his inner monologue comments to outside conversations, the one liners especially where he finishes the sentence of the person he's listening to, don't seem to have the same umph or sense of perfect timing and fitting the mood like it did in the past. What happened to the overall flow?

    Last but not least the real or not so real Professor Gellar. Though they may twist this before the end its pretty clear that he is a figment of Travis' psychosis (my thought is that he killed Gellar himself and now his ghost haunts him just like Dexter's brother is now doing with Dexter (i just watched episode 7 too so it fits better) and likely this is the very reason that they did it; its to prepare us so that we understand when they "surprise" us. If I'm right it's another sign the writing is becoming predictable and sloppy. I've never known in the previous season's how it was going to end, though I always had an idea (that ended up being wrong) so to know now would be disappointing, especially if Dexter and Gellar (Olmos) never actually interact at the end of the day.

    I still love the characters, I still l love the show but its like having a hero suddenly show clay feet.

    Since its my first review I'll just finish with my thoughts on how I would like to see the show end someday (likely next season). Dexter must be caught, if not by the law then at the very least Debra and one or two coworkers. If by his sister and peer(s) only then they will choose to keep his secret and this would only be possible if he turns over a new leaf and stops killing; this would be with the help of Brother Sam in a reprise role perhaps.

    The better scenario is that the law catches him finally, meaning his sister and a coworker like Quinn (who seemed so close last season but seems to have lost his memory this season), but with the call being made by an outside agency to force it into the public eye with no chance of keeping it in the closet. Imagine the incredible fallout that would occur. Imagine the press getting hold of it (I picture something like the end of Season 1 with the imaginary "We love you Dexter" parade which could then really happen) and the public/political debate that it would create. How could he not be a vigilante hero "keeping the streets clean" in this scenario. We can picture him in an asylum and the interviews with FBI psychologists trying to unravel his mystery while other scenes focus on the lead up to a trial and his coworkers dealing with the truth. What would be the verdict will be the big question. The department would go down in flames, like La Guerta and the jerk Chief Lieutenant, for not seeing it all along and having gotten it all wrong, like with Dokes to name one. He's really really made them look like fools over the years after all.

    Well, its an either/or in my opinion in how it eventually all ends and I hope it's the latter since, like the old saying, "it's not if you get caught but when". I just hope the writers don't run out of juice before they get there and give us an ending the story and fans deserve.

  • Just Let Go


    Just Let Go was a superb episode of Dexter and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had a lot of character and plot development full of twists and turns as Dexter learns who really shot Brother Sam, and has to deal with his dark passenger in surprising ways, and Deb learns Quinn's secret. Deb had some issues to deal with in this episode. Travis made a surprising choice and I look forward to watching how things progress after this awesome episode!!!!!!!

  • Super episode!


    I Totally agree withthe previous review, it's all about Dexter! This season is almost sure the last one! Dexter will learn what Brother Sam said about forgiveness. While Dexter cannot forgive the sinners, he will never let is dark passanger go away!

    This is a full emotion episode! I couldn't stop watching!

    The end of the episode is amazing... I guess Dexter will start seeing his brother instead of his father...

    Can't wait to see next episode

  • Can Dexter override his dark passenger by choice? Will Dexter let the light Sam sees in out so he can: "Just Let Go"?


    Dexter season six episode six opens with Dexter shadowing Travis because Travis will lead him to the doomsday killer. Dexter leaves due to Deb's call informing him that Sam has been shot and is clinging to life. A near miss as, in fact, Gellar was at the event with Travis. Dexter performs his work at Sam's garage to aploub as he explains what the evidence reveals. Masuka's intern fawns at the skill Dexter possesses calling him a "*ing rock star". Who is this intern and why is he so Dexter-centric? Something may be up with that? Dexter excuses himself and retrieves some evidence from a blood spattered bat he hit one of Julio's crew with. Since he senses whoever this is will be Julio's number two man he surmises he has to be the shooter. A little clandestine lab work later and Dexter believes Leo Hernandezis Sam's shooter and that the Loco's had Sam shoot as retribution for Dexter's taking out Julio. If Leo is the shooter he must be on Dexter's table. Dexter attends a vigil at the garage talking to Nick to ascertain where Leo is. Sam's dog barks at Dexter until Nick tells him not to; this doesn't seem important, but it sure beats the cacophony of the dog.

    Batista and Quinn find some more information on Gellar, the book Gellar wrote and illustrated definitely is matching the killer's methodology. In researching Gellar at the University of Tallahassee Batista turns up a quite upsetting photo of none other than Professor Porter (tattoo on female in picutre matches Porter's according to Quinn who knows due to his breach in having a one night stand with Prof. Porter). The photo is some sort of statement made by Gellar that proved to be so controversial it put Gellar at odds with the university. Quinn is now between a rock and hard place as Deb demands material witness Professor Porter prescence at the station for questioning, all this and she doen't even know Professor Porter is actually the girl in the picture. Quinn is sweating bullets over this. Batista is torn between telling Deb about Quinn and Porter and his allegiance to Quinn as his partner.

    Returning home Dexter is bubbling with hate over Sam's shooter. Harry comes to Dexter and makes him face the fact that he is trying hard to deny the light that makes him care for Sam is inside of Dexter. Harry says he wishes he could have seen light in Dexter as things would be different. Harry encourages Dexter to believe Sam was right and he, himself, was wrong...Sam sees the light Harry fatiled to and Dexter should too, that's why Sam is important to Dexter as one who has travelled both roads ultimately choosing light over darkness. Dexter's struggle between believing and nothing ramps up a notch.

    Dexter decides to find Leo Hernadez who he feels was Sam's shoter. Before Dexter can get to Leo detective Mike is on the scene and kills Leo in a shootout. As Dexter didn't perform the kill, and also due toit not being certain Leo was the shoter Dexter has no satifaction over Leo's death. Dexter works the scene and Mike says he thinks the case is closed and it can be official when they find Leo's 9mm. Dexter still isn't totally convinced as Mike says it isn't exactly a "slam dunk". Dexter knows something isn't right as he views a DVD taken from Sam's garage security system...Sam's dog Eli is in the footage and he isn't barking. Nick is the only one, other than Sam, that Eli doesn't bark at. Back to Travis at Gellar's hideout where Sam is severly struggling with his and Gellar's next victim. Travis feels Gellar may be getting wrong in his interpretation of what he says God is telling them to do. Travis is waffling. Dexter tracks down a bullet from Nick's gun which was fired the night Sam came to retrieve him fromJuliohome. He matches it toone of the bullets Sam was shot with...Now, Nick mustbe the shooter and must me on Dexter's table.

    The questioning with Professor Porter at the Miami PD slides off the rails as Deb insists Quinn be in the room while Batista questions Porter. Porter, angered over Batista's accusations spills the beans, leaves with the threat of "lawyering-up" and effectively can no longer be a usable material witness. Dexter prepares for Nick while the rest of the crew go to Deb's housewarming party. Before he can trackdown Nick he gets the call that Sam is temporarily out of a coma and wants to see Dexter. At the hospital Dexter tells Sam he knows Nick was the shooter and not to worry because he is going to get Nick. Sam tells Dexter no, he says he has forgiven Nick and that he is the only person he trusts to tell Nick that he is forgiven.Furthermore Sam says Dexter must forgive too because he knows Dexter in only the way he can. Dexter has potential for change, but he has to let the darkness go as it won't do so itself. Dexter is in deep with his struggle after this. Where he would normally have no choice in following the dark passenger he now must confront that and make a choice for forgiveness. Quinn crashes Deb's party and he is totally inebriated losing his date due to his smart mouth.

    Gellar tests Travis' loyalty by leaving him with orders that the preparation to their next victim must be done by the time he returns. Travis hits a critical mass when he prepares to brand the victim with the symbol. Back at Deb's Quinn makes the mistake of hitting on Batista's sister and gets punched out. When Quinn rouses he asks Deb if she ever loved him to which her non-response elicits that it is what he thought. Dexter never showed as he is at the hospital. As Dexter leaves he states that even though he accepts his path Sam has caused there to be a fork in the road. That fork takes shape when he asks Nick to go for a ride with him. Taking Nick to the beach where Sam baptised him Dexter confronts Nick with the fact he knows he shot the very person who most wanted to help him. Dexter is wrestling with what to do so he asks Nick why. After explaining what his reasons were it seems Dexter is on the verge of taking the path of light. Telling Nick that Sam only confirmed the shooting so Dexter could tell him of Sam's forgiveness Nick seems, for a moment, sorry.Nick asks Dexter to return them to the hospital so he can work it out with Sam to which Dexter explains Sam is dead and Nick is now a murderer. In an instant, Nick's demeanor changes for pure evil as he laughs at there being no witness so he is untouchable. That may be true if the touch he feared was from the legal system, however, in another instant Dexter's forked road becomes a clear path as he plows Nick into the water and drowns him. It appears the dark passenger hasn't lost any of his touch as Dexter walks out of the water only to meet his deceased brother on shore. Wow, quite the finish to an otherwise fairly slow episode. Slow in only the action because this episode, like many others, is only setting up something larger that is sure to come. As viewers the only choice we have is to not miss next week. A very good episode in which so many larger issues will have to be dealt with.

  • i really couldn`t think of much wrong to say about this episode. *SPOILERS AHEAD*


    I think the writing has been really superb this season and the return of a certain someone from your past can always turn things upside down. Biney`s return was a genius move on the writer`s part to balance out the `goodness` that Dex has been absorbing over the past few weeks. I was disappointed in a way that Brother Sam was killed off, it would have been interesting to see how Dex would explain Nick`s death to him while coming to terms with his own feelings of belief in his friend and not wanting to break his trust. the Jonah situation is a massive surprise and I really think next week`s show is going to be in the top 10 or so of Dex episodes of all time, my head is still buzzing with questions! overall season 6 has been phenomenal so far, and as someone who wasnt quite convinced by Jordan Chase in season 5 this is the old Dexter we know and love (?) anyway , ironically, he (Dexter) is someone i can believe in again!! i also like quinn now strangely enough, i think desond plays him really well and feel a little sorry for him from time to time.

  • Unforgiven (Spoilers)


    It's nothing new to have death in Dexter, in fact it is a fundamental part of the show, so maybe that was why when a significant regular or reoccurring characters dies on this show I don't feel it as much as other shows. It's kind of like desensitising I guess, while unfortunate, it's there and I have to deal with it. So when Brother Sam lay there on his death bed, i wasn't really focused on his imminent demise, but rather his dying words; "Forgive Nick".

    It's pretty sad that Dexter could not achieve this, while Nick may not have deserved it, for his own sake it was really sad moment that he couldn't let go.But i seriously digress.

    Over all I think the episode delivered tonally and thematically, though on closer inspection, a portion of the dialogue was very blunt and hammered home, in regards to the exposition, on several occasions I took a plot element on and then they explained in precise detail what had already explain visually and by the actors faces.

    Other than that the reveal at the end was great, even if I wasn't shocked at first. I was like..."Oh it's Brian cool....WAIT?!?!?".

  • Fork in the Road


    Dexter goes off the trail of Doomsday in order to find who shot Brother Sam. A good diversionary episode that was much better than I expected. Deb found out that as the boss her former buddy cops are less willing to bro out with her. The Gellar evidence shows that Karissa Porter posed for a tableau that Gellar did and Quinn tries to keep from Deb that he slept with her, but she finds out anyway and Karissa refuses to cooperate so there's that. Deb talks to her therapist while dealing with her new life and decides to throw a housewarming party at her place. We finally get to see Anderson at work as a cop, which is awesome, and he "flamingos" a junkie to find out who the new leader of the gang is since Dexter killed the old one. Dexter is trailing who he believes it to be, Leo Hernandez, until the cops show up and blow him away in a firefight. When they get their hands on the security footage though the dog not barking points to Nick as the trigger-man, and Dexter looks to put him out of business. Travis begins to rebel against Gellar's influence, and another clue of him not being real by having Travis pay for stuff. It was a slow burn process I thought but by episode's end he had made a big turn around in regards to being a blind follower of Gellar as far as being a "chosen one" was concerned. When Gellar gets back how will he react? If he's not real what can he really do to Travis? Him setting the Whore free was a pleasant surprise rather than a Travis did it off camera again thing. Dexter talks to Brother Sam who wakes up right before he dies and tells Dexter to forgive Nick for killing him and to just let go of the darkness which Dexter struggles with. When he runs into Nick and takes him to the beach where he was baptized he tells him he knows and Nick says that Sam lied to him and that his life is no better than when he was a banger. Dexter informs him of Sam's forgiveness and how Sam died earlier that day and Nick seemed repentant for a second. Then when Dex tells him to turn himself into the police Nick says that they can't prove it and that he's excited he got away with it which Dex doesn't like and tackles him into the water and drowns him and declares "There's no light in you. There's no light in me." Dexter tried to walk Sam's path but if Nick had been truly sorry for his actions it would've been a great step for Dexter stepping towards the light but things never work out that way on this show unfortunately. And the whole Brian Moser thing showing up? Whatever that's about I thought he killed that memory back in Season 2, but I guess there's reason for it. You'll be missed Brother Sam, Mos Def did a terrific job but the second part of the Season will show the downfall Doomsday, as well as more hilarious adventures with Quinn getting drunk and bringing women from bars to Debra to show off how he's getting on just fine. Sure Quinn, keep telling yourself that.

  • Dexter cannot be viewed as any other show.


    Dexter cannot be viewed as any other show just like Twin Peaks was not to be viewed as other shows.
    Most people are concentrating on the 'movement' of everybody on the show while the show is strictly about the 'movements' of Dexter, the man.

    Therefore, while many consider this season slow compared to others it is the fastest paced season so far... if one watches it from Dexter's perspective.

    I wish I had the time to go through the 60+ episodes since season 1 and cut and paste together just Dexter's voiceover track. That would be an amazing trip and would make people understand what the show is really about. Everything else, everyone in MM are like the dancers behind Lady Gaga: they only have meaning and greatness because of what she goes through with her music. No Gaga, no music, they would look boring, lengthy at times, and what they do incomprehensible or stupid.

    Watch the show from Dexter's perspective and it is just another, and such amazing, story.

    The characters are shown to us as Dexter sees them not as they really are. That is why they look corny, useless, and bland at times. This is how Dexter sees them. Except his sister and those who have had close encounters with him. This is observable by the superior caliber of actors that were/are brought in to play those roles. Doakes, Trinity, Lunden. Why does this new detective shines so much amongst the twits of MM? Because he his an outsider, seems competent and Dexter sees him as an eventual threat.

    Its all about Dexter's movements... Only about Dexter's movements.

    I would call this episode "Midseason Rush". It was clearly mentioned by the producers, last year, and hinted at the very beginning, that this season was going to be mainly about Dexter's inner questioning. And from that point of view, this is probably the fastest paced season of all. And it is no surprise that those who watch the show for the kills and the pursuits are disappointed. The series has never been about that anyway. The first two years were solely aimed at setting the character's dynamic well, before entering the journey.

    It all began with the birth of Harrison. It intensified when he met the Trinity killer. It deepened when he found Harrison in his mother's pool of blood (as himself was found by Harry). It then got hopeful with the Lumen experience. This season, it has accelerated with Harrison entering school, Brother Sam and the "Tooth Fairy Killer" where it got a speedboost. This episode was the cumulative effect.

    Harrison is the key here. Is it a coincidence that the writers have decided to name him "Harry's son"? Haven't we seen him more in this half season than on any other season? Without Harrison the questioning in Dexter's mind could not occur.

    This is not about faith. It is about the changes in Dexter's inner self. That is probably why the writers needed to have Brother Sam killed. And if we all have been disappointed or sadden by his death, he has achieved his purpose because Dexter was also shook. That guy was no Miguel Prado to Dexter. He is beginning to feel true emotions which he has never shown before: happiness when he found out that they were dealing with a serial killer at the "Angel of Death" scene, disappointment when Leo got killed by the cops, profound disappointment and sadness when the doctor gave the news of Sam's death, and now, this growling rage when he killed Nick...

    Dexter is changing, thus his vision of Harry is changing. He has been more "reflective" than "directive" as this season progressed, even beginning to question his own judgment: It's because he's [Sam] traveled both roads that he understand the darkness in you... and he sees the light. I wish I did. Maybe things could have been different". The comforting presence of Brother Sam in his life has lead Dexter to let Harry, his "safety valve", slowly fade away. If Harry fades away someone else may slip in... and there, is Brian, applauding.

    A very intense episode for our dear Dexter. He has boldly gone where no Dexter had gone before. He never was half that disturbed when Rita died. Harry never prepared him for that. While he may now seek refuge in his brother to avoid the suffering, I believe it is temporary. Dexter has to exorcise his brother through Harrison before he can move into a lighter shade of life. The Jonah story, next week, is a perfect setup for that.

    Still, I believe that his greatest turmoil has yet to come when he really comes face to face with Travis, the other traveler.

    Travis is also beginning to question himself. What horrible story lays behind his dark passenger? He still has to face the wrath of Gellar next week. Will he ask Dexter for help? "Oh, trust me, I know more about darkness than most, and Gellar is pure darkness" said Dexter in the car.

    As for the other stuff at Miami Metro:
    Masuka thinks that they are all rock stars but they all closed the case on Brother Sam's killer with the wrong guy.
    Quinn is suffering a lot more about Debra leaving him then he wanted to show. I began to feel sorry for him.
    LaGuerta's voice was all shaky when she talked to Debra. I think she is a very sad woman.
    The new intern is absolutely useless and a bit creepy at times. Maybe there is a surprising twist there. If the Ryan story was solely to introduce the reappearance of Brian it was totally unnecessary. In fact, the impact would have been better without that.

    Great episode of a great season but the best has yet to come.