Season 6 Episode 6

Just Let Go

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Can Dexter override his dark passenger by choice? Will Dexter let the light Sam sees in out so he can: "Just Let Go"?


    Dexter season six episode six opens with Dexter shadowing Travis because Travis will lead him to the doomsday killer. Dexter leaves due to Deb's call informing him that Sam has been shot and is clinging to life. A near miss as, in fact, Gellar was at the event with Travis. Dexter performs his work at Sam's garage to aploub as he explains what the evidence reveals. Masuka's intern fawns at the skill Dexter possesses calling him a "*ing rock star". Who is this intern and why is he so Dexter-centric? Something may be up with that? Dexter excuses himself and retrieves some evidence from a blood spattered bat he hit one of Julio's crew with. Since he senses whoever this is will be Julio's number two man he surmises he has to be the shooter. A little clandestine lab work later and Dexter believes Leo Hernandezis Sam's shooter and that the Loco's had Sam shoot as retribution for Dexter's taking out Julio. If Leo is the shooter he must be on Dexter's table. Dexter attends a vigil at the garage talking to Nick to ascertain where Leo is. Sam's dog barks at Dexter until Nick tells him not to; this doesn't seem important, but it sure beats the cacophony of the dog.

    Batista and Quinn find some more information on Gellar, the book Gellar wrote and illustrated definitely is matching the killer's methodology. In researching Gellar at the University of Tallahassee Batista turns up a quite upsetting photo of none other than Professor Porter (tattoo on female in picutre matches Porter's according to Quinn who knows due to his breach in having a one night stand with Prof. Porter). The photo is some sort of statement made by Gellar that proved to be so controversial it put Gellar at odds with the university. Quinn is now between a rock and hard place as Deb demands material witness Professor Porter prescence at the station for questioning, all this and she doen't even know Professor Porter is actually the girl in the picture. Quinn is sweating bullets over this. Batista is torn between telling Deb about Quinn and Porter and his allegiance to Quinn as his partner.

    Returning home Dexter is bubbling with hate over Sam's shooter. Harry comes to Dexter and makes him face the fact that he is trying hard to deny the light that makes him care for Sam is inside of Dexter. Harry says he wishes he could have seen light in Dexter as things would be different. Harry encourages Dexter to believe Sam was right and he, himself, was wrong...Sam sees the light Harry fatiled to and Dexter should too, that's why Sam is important to Dexter as one who has travelled both roads ultimately choosing light over darkness. Dexter's struggle between believing and nothing ramps up a notch.

    Dexter decides to find Leo Hernadez who he feels was Sam's shoter. Before Dexter can get to Leo detective Mike is on the scene and kills Leo in a shootout. As Dexter didn't perform the kill, and also due toit not being certain Leo was the shoter Dexter has no satifaction over Leo's death. Dexter works the scene and Mike says he thinks the case is closed and it can be official when they find Leo's 9mm. Dexter still isn't totally convinced as Mike says it isn't exactly a "slam dunk". Dexter knows something isn't right as he views a DVD taken from Sam's garage security system...Sam's dog Eli is in the footage and he isn't barking. Nick is the only one, other than Sam, that Eli doesn't bark at. Back to Travis at Gellar's hideout where Sam is severly struggling with his and Gellar's next victim. Travis feels Gellar may be getting wrong in his interpretation of what he says God is telling them to do. Travis is waffling. Dexter tracks down a bullet from Nick's gun which was fired the night Sam came to retrieve him fromJuliohome. He matches it toone of the bullets Sam was shot with...Now, Nick mustbe the shooter and must me on Dexter's table.

    The questioning with Professor Porter at the Miami PD slides off the rails as Deb insists Quinn be in the room while Batista questions Porter. Porter, angered over Batista's accusations spills the beans, leaves with the threat of "lawyering-up" and effectively can no longer be a usable material witness. Dexter prepares for Nick while the rest of the crew go to Deb's housewarming party. Before he can trackdown Nick he gets the call that Sam is temporarily out of a coma and wants to see Dexter. At the hospital Dexter tells Sam he knows Nick was the shooter and not to worry because he is going to get Nick. Sam tells Dexter no, he says he has forgiven Nick and that he is the only person he trusts to tell Nick that he is forgiven.Furthermore Sam says Dexter must forgive too because he knows Dexter in only the way he can. Dexter has potential for change, but he has to let the darkness go as it won't do so itself. Dexter is in deep with his struggle after this. Where he would normally have no choice in following the dark passenger he now must confront that and make a choice for forgiveness. Quinn crashes Deb's party and he is totally inebriated losing his date due to his smart mouth.

    Gellar tests Travis' loyalty by leaving him with orders that the preparation to their next victim must be done by the time he returns. Travis hits a critical mass when he prepares to brand the victim with the symbol. Back at Deb's Quinn makes the mistake of hitting on Batista's sister and gets punched out. When Quinn rouses he asks Deb if she ever loved him to which her non-response elicits that it is what he thought. Dexter never showed as he is at the hospital. As Dexter leaves he states that even though he accepts his path Sam has caused there to be a fork in the road. That fork takes shape when he asks Nick to go for a ride with him. Taking Nick to the beach where Sam baptised him Dexter confronts Nick with the fact he knows he shot the very person who most wanted to help him. Dexter is wrestling with what to do so he asks Nick why. After explaining what his reasons were it seems Dexter is on the verge of taking the path of light. Telling Nick that Sam only confirmed the shooting so Dexter could tell him of Sam's forgiveness Nick seems, for a moment, sorry.Nick asks Dexter to return them to the hospital so he can work it out with Sam to which Dexter explains Sam is dead and Nick is now a murderer. In an instant, Nick's demeanor changes for pure evil as he laughs at there being no witness so he is untouchable. That may be true if the touch he feared was from the legal system, however, in another instant Dexter's forked road becomes a clear path as he plows Nick into the water and drowns him. It appears the dark passenger hasn't lost any of his touch as Dexter walks out of the water only to meet his deceased brother on shore. Wow, quite the finish to an otherwise fairly slow episode. Slow in only the action because this episode, like many others, is only setting up something larger that is sure to come. As viewers the only choice we have is to not miss next week. A very good episode in which so many larger issues will have to be dealt with.