Season 6 Episode 6

Just Let Go

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Fork in the Road


    Dexter goes off the trail of Doomsday in order to find who shot Brother Sam. A good diversionary episode that was much better than I expected. Deb found out that as the boss her former buddy cops are less willing to bro out with her. The Gellar evidence shows that Karissa Porter posed for a tableau that Gellar did and Quinn tries to keep from Deb that he slept with her, but she finds out anyway and Karissa refuses to cooperate so there's that. Deb talks to her therapist while dealing with her new life and decides to throw a housewarming party at her place. We finally get to see Anderson at work as a cop, which is awesome, and he "flamingos" a junkie to find out who the new leader of the gang is since Dexter killed the old one. Dexter is trailing who he believes it to be, Leo Hernandez, until the cops show up and blow him away in a firefight. When they get their hands on the security footage though the dog not barking points to Nick as the trigger-man, and Dexter looks to put him out of business. Travis begins to rebel against Gellar's influence, and another clue of him not being real by having Travis pay for stuff. It was a slow burn process I thought but by episode's end he had made a big turn around in regards to being a blind follower of Gellar as far as being a "chosen one" was concerned. When Gellar gets back how will he react? If he's not real what can he really do to Travis? Him setting the Whore free was a pleasant surprise rather than a Travis did it off camera again thing. Dexter talks to Brother Sam who wakes up right before he dies and tells Dexter to forgive Nick for killing him and to just let go of the darkness which Dexter struggles with. When he runs into Nick and takes him to the beach where he was baptized he tells him he knows and Nick says that Sam lied to him and that his life is no better than when he was a banger. Dexter informs him of Sam's forgiveness and how Sam died earlier that day and Nick seemed repentant for a second. Then when Dex tells him to turn himself into the police Nick says that they can't prove it and that he's excited he got away with it which Dex doesn't like and tackles him into the water and drowns him and declares "There's no light in you. There's no light in me." Dexter tried to walk Sam's path but if Nick had been truly sorry for his actions it would've been a great step for Dexter stepping towards the light but things never work out that way on this show unfortunately. And the whole Brian Moser thing showing up? Whatever that's about I thought he killed that memory back in Season 2, but I guess there's reason for it. You'll be missed Brother Sam, Mos Def did a terrific job but the second part of the Season will show the downfall Doomsday, as well as more hilarious adventures with Quinn getting drunk and bringing women from bars to Debra to show off how he's getting on just fine. Sure Quinn, keep telling yourself that.