Season 6 Episode 6

Just Let Go

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • From mercy to forgiveness, Deb is the boss, double-edged generosity, exciting investigation, dreams and nightmares (Spoilers)


    I hate previews ! They should just be forbidden because they're vicious spoilers and usually I manage to avoid them but not this time. Still Just Let Go was a lot about forgiving so let's say Showtime isn't such an evil network after all. More seriously this episode felt like a sequel to one of my favorite Dexter episodes, Easy as Pie. I can't help mentioning it from time to time because it was just heartbreaking and I still haven't forgotten Camilla's mercy swan song. What Brother Sam asked Dex was similar because they both had to leave the world of the livings. If you don't free your soul it remains grounded and the only solution left is to… watch Ghost Whisperer ? I'm no Melinda Gordon, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt in the series, but one thing is sure is that Mariana Klaveno makes one charming teacher as Clarissa Porter. It was a guilty pleasure to watch Batista and playcop Quinn trying to avoid falling in their own trap. And the best part is that Deb had no idea what was going on so she just objectively did her job. Men are idiots and she's the boss ! As for Masuka's student I found it interesting that he was actually a video game developer but a girl like Batista's sister digging geeks is almost science fiction.

    As for Deb's psy sessions I'll definitely miss them because they reminded me of Being Erica. However they're apparently not over considering she looked at the shrink's business card. Maybe she has decided to give up on men for a while. Sorry I watched Les Poupées Russes a few days ago and Cécile de France's hilarious performance as a lesbian had an apocalyptic impact on my mood and libido. It leads us to the wicked Travis who has apparently thought a lot about Dex's words of wisdom. It's funny because it's easier to help others, try our best to give them good advices for instance, than to help ourselves. Deb thought way too much for her own good when the most efficient to succeed is probably to just be and do things as authentically as possible. It's a way of life, making mistakes is as normal as drinking water or framing someone for murder. What ?! At least it's what happened to Brother Sam because he found the light and for some people it was just unbearable. And sadly Dex made the mistake of drowning his killer in sacred water. That's probably what summoned you know who. He was so close to let go and finally get ride of his Dark Passenger ! Even Harry believed it could be done. But this installment investigation was twisted so he's Dex's life. The black supercop thinks he well solved the case probably because he's over confident. Travis adorable sister has no idea what's going on and teaches children to paint their dreams in order to make them come true once they're older. We'll see if he finds a way to finally put and end to his misery and transform his nightmare.

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