Season 6 Episode 6

Just Let Go

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Brother Sam ends up in the hospital while Dexter tries to get revenge.


    It's rare that the last few seconds of an episode will make me go from disliking an episode to liking it. I'm of the opinion that twist endings can't always make up for fifty minutes of crap that precedes it, but in this case, the twist ending found at the end of "Just Let Go" is fantastic, a random-as-hell yet intriguing twist that opens up a slew of different possibilities.

    I actually don't think "Just Let Go" was crap; it was just really boring, ridiculous andirritatingat times, something I would never describe Dexter as in its best seasons. After Dexter gets pulled away from trailing Travis (conveniently pulling him away just as we're about to see if Geller is a ghost or a real person), he learns Brother Sam was shot and begins looking for the attempted killer in typical Dexter mode.

    While Dexter does that, the rest of Miami Metro attempts to keep looking into the Doomsday Killer. They decide to reinterview Carissa, the witness that Quinn slept with in last week's episode. I tried to figure out what exactly re-interviewing her was important and couldn't come up with a concrete answer. It took me a bit to realize this was just a ploy to create tension between Quinn and Deb, something that's not necessary to make this show better.

    As for Travis and Geller, Travis struggles with his dark side and with the instructions that Geller is giving him. By the end of the episode, Travis has embraced his good side (after a visit to his sister, who is a kindergarten teacher) and lets the woman he kidnapped go. It's an interesting contrast to Dexter, who likely wouldn't have done anything like that to someone he knew was guilty.

    That brings me to the ending of the episode, which made up for the rest of it. Brother Sam, before he dies, tells Dexter to forgive the guy who killed him, something I saw happening from a mile away. Dexter decides to simply confront the man, and at first, it seems Dexter will succeed in fulfilling Sam's wishes. But it doesn't last long and in a good scene mirroring the baptisms Brother Sam doled out, Dexter drowns the killer in the same pond. The guy dies and out of nowhere, Dexter's dead brother, the Ice Truck Killer a.k.a Brian Moser begins appearing to him. Will Brian now replace Harry after Dexter embraced his dark side for good?

    The reappearance of the Ice Truck Killer, while completely random, gives me hope for some good storytelling. And we need that. If I have to watch one more stupid plot between Batista's sister and the new intern, I'll scream.