Season 2 Episode 11

Left Turn Ahead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2007 on Showtime
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Dexter must make a massive decision that will have an effect on all those he holds close. Meanwhile, Lila is back with a secret to blackmail Dexter.

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  • Dexter makes a decision to whether he will turn himself in.

    This was a brilliant buildup to the finale with Dexter now knowing his father killed himself because of who Dexter is and now Dexter believes the code is shattered and thinks about turning himself in Dexter spent the day like it was his last and he looks forward to no more running and peace When Dexter was ready to tell Deb we saw some really funny ways she code react with the last one being the funniest When Deb talks to Dexter it makes him realise that he shouldn't turn himself in But because the FBI are moving in on Doakes it makes Dexters plan to frame him useless if they find him in a cage but it was very interesting to see that Lila has beaten everybody to Doakes and will be good to see what happens now that Lila will know the truth.moreless
  • Review

    I had this episode right around a 9.5 for the first half of it. The first half was really good - some more Dexter / Doakes interactions and the fallout of Lila trying to get Dexter to come back to her. The second part kind of began to trail off a little bit from the first part. Too much Lila in the second part. All of her scenes seem to drag on about twice the length that they really should be. Her finding Doakes wasn't really a twist, it just seems like an average way to resolve both storylines in the finale instead of having them be seperated for Dexter. Dexter went through a phase of wondering if he should turn himself in, but halfway through the episode he changes his mind. I would have liked to see a more intense struggle with the realization of Harry's death, but with the beginning of the season like it was it may have just felt like more of the same anyway. Either way - it was a good epsiode, was going to be hard (in my book) to follow "There's Something About Harry" but it did set up the finale.moreless
  • The plot has been climaxing but they took a break on this episode.

    Each episode has been getting more and more crazy but it seems as if they took a week off for this episode. The next episode it the finally and I can't wait to see what happens. Lila found doks, and it should be interesting to see how that all plays out. Dexter has decided to save himself and now it might be too late. I am pretty sure that he finds a way out of it all other wise the show wouldnt go on and it has too. Dexter's relationshio with rita is progressing back to where it should be and the crazy girl is on the way to being gone.moreless
  • Turn Left Written by Scott Buck And Tim Schlattmann Directed by Marcos Siega

    Doakes: "You wanna make a change, man, then all you gotta do is let me out of here. It's over, man".

    Dexter: "Is it over when I say it's over".

    Oh it's definitely getting to the point of being over for both Dexter and Doakes as the penultimate episode continues to raise the stakes. While Dexter is unlikely to be caught and tried as the Bay Harbour Butcher anytime soon, it's definitely safe to say that things are getting worse for him.

    Keeping Doakes captive is only putting off the inevitable – the guy is going to die. There's no way in hell Doakes is going to make it out of this season alive and while Dexter seems also fairly unlikely to kill him, I still know in my gut that Doakes' days are numbered.

    I think even Doakes realises that as well but it doesn't stop him from fighting. Being held hostage by Dexter has forced him into being nice to his rival. In fact seeing Doakes being polite to Dexter is intriguing. You just wonder if Doakes had never felt that if there was something 'off' about Dexter, would the two of them have been friends.

    Last week drew all the parallels between the two of them but seeing as we've only one more episode to go, I guess we'll never know really. Doakes is on a mission to appeal to Dexter's good side and although it might be grudging on his part that means that Doakes must realise that Dexter isn't evil to the core.

    Finding out about Harry's suicide has definitely triggered Dexter's emotional and Doakes himself even seems a little sympathetic to Dexter's plight. However when Doakes makes the obvious that Dexter turn himself, Dexter refuses to do it. I don't want to see Dexter in jail but if I were in Doakes' position, I would've suggested it too. However leaving Doakes alone for prolonged periods of time is something Dexter shouldn't be doing. Naturally enough Doakes makes another attempt to escape and the only thing that stops him this time is a bunch of drug dealers looking for their stash. As a couple of days go, Doakes is certainly not having a good time.

    It's also quite typical to point out that between drug fiends and Dexter, the latter is clearly the lesser of the two evils. Dexter risks his own life to save Doakes from the killer and while his motives aren't selfless; it does however lead to a good moment between the two of them.

    Dexter does come to the realisation that holding Doakes captive isn't the best thing he could be doing with his time. However the bigger factors are Dexter's relationship with both Rita and Deb and as a result he decides to turn himself. Doakes is thrilled by the idea but his enthusiasm dissipates when Dexter abandons him again in order to get his affairs into order.

    Doakes isn't the only thorn that Dexter has got sticking out of him. Lila has upped her bloody game in being a crazy stalker by landing Angel in a serious amount of trouble. Drugging herself has meant that she can accuse the poor guy of date rape and pretending that she has no memory is a pathetic way of trying to win Dexter back.

    Luckily for us, Dexter's brain cells are functioning perfectly and he sees through Lila's little plan. Unfortunately his powers of persuasion aren't up to that much so trying to get the evil bint to change her mind fails big time. To give Dexter his due, he did try both the nice and threatening options and Lila succumbed to neither.

    Plus there was something absolutely glorious in Dexter telling Lila that there was no endgame to her plan. The cruelty in which Dexter displaying when conveying that sound bite would be appalling if Lila didn't deserve it but after she's putting Angel through, I think Dexter was almost being soft by comparison.

    As for Angel, while I hated his blatant stupidity over Lila, I felt so bad for him here. Yes he should've had the sense to stay away from her even after Dexter repeatedly told him she was bad news but no-one deserves to be accused of rape and it was good that he called Dexter first.

    I knew that Dexter would believe him without question and it was absolutely sweet when Dexter told Angel that he admired him. I don't think Dexter was faking that – Angel is an all round nice guy and even though Dexter does maintain the fact that he has no emotions, his friendship with Angel is yet another example of the contrary. As plans went Lila's was pretty flawed anyway. Not only did Dexter refuse to buy into but no else in the station did either and although Lila seems to think she's indestructible, it seems that making an enemy out of Deb was a dumb move on her part. Deb already hated her guts to begin with and Lila added fuel to the fire by taking revenge on Angel.

    When it comes to dark secret we know that Lila's a pyromaniac, a boyfriend killer and now a person who cries false rape. On top of that she's also got two surnames and an expired visa which is enough for Deb to feel smug. In fact I revelled in watching Deb smugly telling Lila to get out of town, even though I knew Lila would fail to follow this sound bit of advice.

    Instead Lila steals Dexter's Sat Nav and makes her way to the cabin where Doakes is. Could Lila possibly be the one to end Doakes' life? It would be a good way to get Dexter out of one sticky situation and Lila seems the type who would kill to prove her love to someone? Besides the girl's a freaking whack job but at least Jaime Murray is having fun as the unhinged lady.

    As for Dexter, he's still got other problems to deal as well as keeping Doakes hostage and trying to get rid of Lila. Outing himself as the bay Harbour Butcher will not only impact his own life but Dexter realises that it will cause incredible damage to the lives of both Deb and Rita, the two people he bragged to Doakes in the previous episode about having to be there for.

    Still it was the thought of not being able to keep up the pretence that compelled Dexter to consider turning himself. His timing couldn't be worse given that he and Rita are still working the kinks out of their relationships. We know that Dexter loves her to bits so the fact that he's determined to give her a memorable day proves that.

    Dexter has come to view Rita, Astor and Cody as his family and it's perfect that he gives them a family day out on his boat. It's in this episode you further see how great a father Dexter is to the kids but more importantly you can also see how much Rita loves him when she makes it clear that they have a future together.

    Dexter's dinner with Deb on the other is equally as effective. There's a brilliant moment where Dexter goes through the possible reactions that Deb could have if she really knew he was the Bay Harbour Butcher. After all, if there is one person who would react, it is certainly Deb.

    More poignantly though is their conversation where Deb opens up about getting past the whole debacle with Rudy. It's a well judged performance from Jennifer Carpenter and only a show like this could pull off something so genuinely touching and affecting between siblings without reducing it to mush.

    It's also the fact that both of the times Dexter spent with Rita and Deb that later justify his decision to change his mind. I don't like the idea of him framing Doakes either but I can understand Dexter's desperation and even sympathise with him a little. However he's not going to be a happy camper when he realises that Lila will now also know his secret identity.

    Meanwhile when it comes to the Bay Harbour Butcher, the last few episodes have been a brilliant reminder that Maria is a decent person after all. Her steadfast determination to prove Doakes' innocence may have alienated from everyone else, but for once you can buy into why she's doing something that could damage her career.

    Lundy already made an idiot out of himself last week by not taking her evidence seriously and once again, Tom treats her with disdain. Tom does this a lot when Maria shows signs of advancing which only go to further her accusation of sexism earlier on in the season.

    However as much of a jackass as Tom and Lundy have been at times, neither of them compare to the latter's boss, Max Adams who is equally as dismissive of anything that could prove Doakes innocence. It even gets to a point where Deb uses her shouty manner in good use by giving the man an ear bashing.

    Of course she's mainly doing it to defend Lundy and in this episode, it's nice to see her in the role of support rather than her older lover. As much as I do like Deb with Lundy, it's safe to assume that once this BHB case is resolved that Lundy will just move on and Deb will on her own again.

    Also in "Left Turn Ahead"

    The flashbacks we got in this episode were of Deb during the moment in which Harry died. I don't remember actually seeing Harry here.

    Lila: "Everything's a little fuzzy".

    Dexter: "This is desperate, it won't work".

    Something that Billie Doux mentioned in one of her Season Two reviews is Lila's attire. Given how pale Jaime Murray is, I find it more distracting whenever Lila is wearing white and she has been doing that in a lot of episodes.

    Dexter: "Why can't you just let me go?"

    Lila: "Because I'm your soul mate, not Rita. Me! I see the real you inside".

    Dexter: "And look where that got you".

    Dexter: "After everything we've been through, I just want to be with you guys. Is that selfish?"

    Rita: "No, it's lovely".

    Is Rita's car the same one that Dexter bought her back in Season One? It looked different to me.

    Doakes: "So here we are. Back to **** square one".

    Dexter: "Not exactly".

    Lila: "You going somewhere?"

    Dexter: "Looks more and more likely".

    Lila's real name is West but she had been using the alias of Tournay. I loved Deb comparing her to Elvira. Marlene: "We're all gonna die eventually".

    Deb (to Dexter): "Okay, yeah. Is that why you were acting so weird last night?"

    Rita: "That's not exactly taking it slow".

    Dexter: "I'm sorry. I'll never do that again".

    Rita: "Never say never".

    The drinking session with Deb, Masuka and Angel was a nice turn. Deb managed to avoid making the Rudy slip up awkward.

    Lundy: "Ooh you're getting tough".

    Deb: "I'm just getting started".

    Deb: "I want you gone tonight".

    Lila: "You don't want to do that".

    Deb: "Already done".

    Deb's reactions to Dexter revealing to be BHB included shooting him, crying, arresting him and nearly choking.

    Dexter (re Rudy): "How did you finally do it?"

    Deb: "I just got through it".

    Chronology: It took place right after the end of "There's Something About Harry".

    "Left Turn Ahead" may not have seen certain people head into a parallel world without their hero but it's definitely an episode that has seen Lila, Dexter and Doakes all heading into one hell of a collision course.moreless
  • Stunning

    The story has been climbing and that's it.. I never thought that kind of development. I was sure Lila killed herself in last episode.. but no.. she has always plan and after the plan she has another.. thinking and plotting, all the time.

    I loved the development of Dexter.. to get him to the point, where he puts his affairs in order and is ready to give himself up.. but no.. Deb talks him out of it.. but we were sure it won't happen.. I mean, giving himself up.. It was too clear.. but I loved them going that way.. opening up those thoughts, new layers..

    And the ending.. brilliant.. what comes now?moreless
Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks

FBI Deputy Director Max Adams

Guest Star

Mary Ostrow

Mary Ostrow


Guest Star

Wilmer Calderon

Wilmer Calderon


Guest Star

Keith Carradine

Keith Carradine

Special Agent Frank Lundy

Recurring Role

Geoff Pierson

Geoff Pierson

Captain Thomas Matthews

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Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Dexter said the doctor had told him Lila had 72 hours to press charges. In fact, the statute of limitations for rape in Miami (Florida) is 4 years so she could decide to press charges up to 4 years later. Also, why would a doctor be telling two members of the Miami Police Department something like this?

    • Goof: Fingerprints on non-porous surfaces such as metal would be destroyed if exposed to water.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Rita: I know I've been taking slow with us, but it's not because I don't have feelings for you. It's more like I have too many feelings. I just want to make sure that I get it right.

    • Angel: If I lose my job over this, well...I won't have a pay grade.
      Deb: That is not gonna happen, everyone at the station knows you're innocent.
      Angel: How am I gonna prove it? I can't explain the Roofies, the rough sex.
      Masuka: There was rough sex?
      Angel: It was her idea; now it's my word against hers. I'm screwed.
      Deb: Angel, you have got to fight back.
      Masuka: Dude, Morgan's right. You gonna man up; get tough! Love's a battlefield.
      Deb: Or in your case a restraining order.

    • Dexter: (voice over) For such a neat monster I'm making an awfully big mess.

    • Dexter: (voice over) For so long my boat has been a tool of my dark trade, a graveyard transport. I'd almost forgotten it can double as a pleasure craft.

    • Deb: How do I find out Lila's real name?
      Lundy: I think you know the answer to that.
      Deb: Cut off her head, look for a label.
      Lundy: There's probably an easier way.

    • Deb: What is this shit, Masuka?
      Masuka: Hey, tequila's all the same.
      Deb: Not when it's made from pumpkins.

    • (on the phone)
      Dexter: I'm not the best brother, am I?
      Deb: Dexter, are you smoking something?
      Dexter: No. I've always been curious to try. Do you have any? Weed?
      Deb: Okay, now I'm really worried.

    • Dexter: I've really enjoyed our conversations, James. I lie to everyone I know, except my victims, right before I kill them. It's hard to establish much of a rapport there.

    • Dexter: (about turning himself in) Prison. I could finally get some sleep.

    • Dexter: You told me, take responsibility for what I am. You were right. Harry killed the wrong person.
      Doakes: Morgan, you're not thinking about...
      Dexter: Kill myself? No, that's pathetic.

    • Angel: I heard that Doakes walked off in the middle of Lundy's questioning, and uh, Lundy didn't stop him. (Deb glares at him) I might've heard that wrong.

    • Dexter: Angel, if I got to choose a person, a real person, to be like, out of anyone, it'd be you.
      Angel: Not really sure what that means, but thanks Dex.

    • Dexter: (to Lila) This is how you win me back? Framing a good man to get what you want? (voice over) Which is precisely what I'm doing to Doakes.

    • Doakes: There's that anger again. You gotta let that out, man.
      Dexter: Careful Sergeant, you might get your wish.

    • Doakes: You want to talk about it?
      Dexter: About what? That my life is one tragic mistake?
      Doakes: We've all felt that at one time or another. I know I have.
      Dexter: Did you happen to be stuffing a human leg into a garbage bag at that point?

    • Dexter: (voice over) I always thought hardening arteries squeezed the life out of my father, but it was me. Harry gazed into the eyes of his creation and saw evil, pure and simple. My evil. It killed him.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Masuka: Love's a battlefield.
      Deb: Or in your case a restraining order.

      "Love is a Battlefield" is a song by Pat Benatar. It was a hit in 1983 and her top hit in the U.S.

    • Deb: If you hadn't fucked Elvira...

      Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, is a fictional character who hosted the weekly horror movie show Movie Macabre. Her trademark look consisted of a black, gothic dress and extremely pale, vampire-like features.

    • Deb: Nice hair, Borelli. I'm sure the johns up in, uh, Boystown are loving that Duran Duran look.

      Duran Duran is an English pop group, popular in the 80's and early 90's, whose members sported mullet haircuts typical of the 1980's.