Season 4 Episode 1

Living The Dream

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2009 on Showtime

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  • Woke me up at 3am on New Years Eve

    I NEVER GIVE (nor do I ever read) SPOILERS

    I'd been watching the finale of Season 3 in bed, struggling to stay awake. When the episode concluded I decided to just watch the opening of Season 4, episode 1 before going to sleep. This episode woke me up and I couldn't stop alertly watching until forcing myself to go to sleep at the midpoint.

    Oh my gosh. The irony of what I just wrote! New Years Day now and I just finished watching the conclusion of the episode. I now realize this episode -- which I began making this comment on previously, including the title I gave this review -- is all about staying awake.

    Without giving a spoiler, let me just say... WATCH this episode to its conclusion and you'll understand why I say my review here is ironic. And you'll also understand why I am giving it a well-deserved perfect 10.
  • Dexter Morgan, Family Man.

    Already from the first episode of season 4 we know where it's going and it looks like it's heading in the right direction The main storyline is the return of a serial killer named the Trinity Killer who kills in three's and Lundy has tracked him to Miami But Dexter is now a family man and is finding it hard to get things done because he is tired because of the baby, Harrison and all that shows at the end.
  • Dexter settles into suburban family life as a new killer is on the horizon in Miami. A solid start to what should be a great season

    For me season 3 of Dexter was the highlight on TV last year, there was nothing that matched it. This of coarse leaves a huge expectation on this season and the signs were looking good from the outset. Dexter having new obstacles to hunt his prey all the while a new villain will appear to terrorize Miami.

    This season kicks off with a very tired Dexter who finds it difficult to get some sleep with a cranky baby around and Aster being a terror teen. This leads to him slipping up in court riling up Quinn but in turns gives him his next kill. His planning is as meticulous as ever but he is having trouble staying awake through it all.

    The villain in this season shows himself early with a kill in the opening scene. Soon Dexter discovers that this is an experienced killer that has been killing for years. Soon Dexter discovers that Former FBI Agent Lundy is on his trail Lundy sees the killer as the one that got away. Not too much is known about John Lithgow's Trinity Killer, but I for one am waiting with baited breath to see what type of character is revealed in the coming eps.

    Deb is happy and in love with Anton but fears disaster around the corner, Lundy may just provide that in the ep to come. Meanwhile she is still on the chase for the CI that her father had an affair with and is slowly leading to Dexter's mom. In other news Leguerta and Batista are having a secret affair that they are both trying to hide from the restof the dept. but are having problems with Masuka seemingly everywhere they are.

    With all the other characters also getting decent screen time and stories that will be fleshed out as the season goes on. This season has started well and gives you hope that this season may just lve up to the lofty expectations left from last season. Only time will tell but one thing is for sure, suburban life is shaking things up!
  • Great casting, unexpected come back and scary villain but déjà vu patterns, lazy graphic violence and hopeless writing

    Since Easy as Pie, the 7th episode of season 3, I have felt less and less interested by Dexter because his dark story is not the one I would have written. However being an optimistic I thought his baby with Rita could be the wake up call he needed. But what I think doesn't really matter so let's go back to Living the (American) Dream. A beautiful and inspiring title but when it comes to Dex you know something deadly is on the way. So as usual we were introduced to a new nemesis and all our favorite characters were back : Sweary Deb, playcop Quinn, cool Batista, kinky Masuka… But in the end it really felt like déjà vu and nothing really surprised me. Of course Jennifer Carpenter's performance is still irresistible but I wish things had changed a little more. For example they could have at least redesigned their office. But for a premiere I think it's important not to be too picky because there were still plenty of elements to enjoy.

    First one character I wasn't expecting to show up was back. In fact it scenes made me realize how much I missed it. I know its relationships with other characters will greatly contribute to their development and it should also create some twisted story arcs.

    Second John Lithgow plays Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer, and as a veteran I'm sure he'll do a great job. In fact his calm but disturbing attitude reminded me of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. However it would be foolish to expect him to be as good as Anthony Hopkins was. But his few scenes were quite shocking so I expect the worst to happen in the upcoming episodes. In fact it worries me because in my Easy as Pie review I denounced free graphic violence and I don't want this season to turn into a blood bath. I mean what's the point of showing something if it's explained by some character a few seconds later ? So I think it would be better to let the viewers imagination do its magic instead of fast-fooding some scenes.

    It leads us to Dex and Rita, lemonly played by Julie Benz. As usual Michael C. Hall performance is great but I have to admit that Dex is not growing on me anymore. In fact season 3's ending dramatically changed my mind about the show, specially its controversial morality, and the path the writers have decided to follow. I respect their talent but we have to question their decision and I wonder for example what Jeff Lindsay, writer of the Dexter novel series, thinks of the show. Has it already jumped the shark for him ? It's a question I can't help asking because they have already planned a 5th season and as a fan I worry the show will never end.

    But don't get me wrong, Dexter is still a good show. This time I specially enjoyed the contrast between his daily routine and night life. So there's still something fascinating about it. However it's not as great as it could have been. Do the show creators still care about their baby or it's now only in the lucrative hands of the network ? Beside Trinity an other character was introduced and the episode ended on a climax but don't we already know what will happen in the upcoming episodes ? Surprise, surprise… or not.
  • Dexter is back...

    Yes people Dexter is back after a 9 month wait our favourite serial killer who doesn't get caught is gonna be gracing our T.V screens for the next 12 weeks. Dexter is now happily married to Rita, has a new baby boy that just won't go to sleep and hasn't killed anyone for months until now.

    Debbie is still looking into Harry's past, getting closer to Dexter's mom. Agent Frank Lundy or I should really say now retired from the FBI is back in pursuit of the so called "The Trinity Killer" Yep, this guy apparently kills in three's. The Trinity killer makes his mark in this episode as he kills his victim naked in the bath tub, somewhat disturbing in my view.
  • Disappointing start for the anticipated new season.

    It is great to have Dexter back, nobody would deny that, but after watching this season premiere I could not help but feel that this show is losing a bit of its appeal. The new story arc, involving the Trinity Killer, seems forced, and is not as entertaining as the past season-long guest stars. Plus, can John Lithgow portray a murderer?

    But it's more than that as the show seems to be reaching with a lot of cliches lately (last season ended with a pregnancy and a wedding, and this season started with our hero getting in a car wreck, not exactly groundbreaking television.) There was also a random get together out of nowhere between Maria and Batista. Save that stuff for Grey's Anatomy.

    It is unfair to judge an entire season based on one episode, but if this is any indication this will be the worst season of Dexter yet.
  • Not an auspicious premiere. I was so hoping the quality of last season would carry over.

    Is it just me or have the writers changed this season? So many things about this episode seemed contrived -- the ridiculous affair between Batista and La Guerta being the main one. Moreover, some of Dexter's and Deb's lines seemed, well, a little out of character. Good ol' Masuka was the only character who seemed to have not changed. Overall, the whole episode was uncomfortable to watch. This was the first time EVER that I have wanted a Dexter episode to hurry up and finish. I hope this isn't the start of a downward trend. Still, overall, it is good to have Dexter back after a long summer.
  • Very impressive opening episode, so what can we expect from season 4

    From the summary it looks as though the Yuki/Joseph Quinn storyline is returning... Hopefully it'll form some kind of substance this season...

    With Lundy returning will he connect Dexters latest bloodwork error to the one he confronted Dexter about in season 2?
    Will Lundy suspect Dexter as the real "Bay Harbour Butcher"?

    Looks like season 4 will cover similar themes as past seasons aswell,
    Dexters struggle to be an efficient killer (start of season 2)
    Dexters facsination with another serial killer (season 1)
    Dexter vs. Quinn (Dexter vs. Doakes, seasons 1&2)

    My problems with the writing of first episode.

    I know Dexter stated that his second attempt at capturing his victim would have a higher risk factor but the knocking at the door was not plausable, in a full trailer park with windows everywhere, i dont think Dexter would have attempted that.

    Batista and Lagueta? 3 seasons with zero cemistry???
    Errrr just how did the start again? 

    Lundy appearing at the crime scene despite being now retired from the FBI?
    He's a civilian right? He'd have to have some documentation to acsess the crime scene...
    And we're meant to believe he's tracking down a cerial killer whilst retired?
    Is that actually possible?

    I'd like to hear what everybodies take on the first episode..

    Despite my problems with it, overall it was a very strong opening episode, better than season 3's opener. I was very suprised to see a cliffhanger so soon. Yet it doesn't have me worried in the slightest. 



  • Already wrote this review in my blog, but Im reviewing it on the page now that it's aired.. AMAZING premiere.

    Seeing as I don't have Showtime and probably won't get it for a little while, I decided to check out the leaked season premiere of Dexter Season 4.. and I have to say, I'm surprised at how consistant the quality of this show has been, even after four years. The premiere was incredible, bringing a little bit of everything from previous seasons to the table. It also gives us yet another side of Dexter: the father figure. Seeing him deal with his new son, Harrison, while having to deal with work, court and urges to murder criminals is interesting. I think the spoof on the theme song early in the episode sums up his feelings about fatherhood.

    Glad to see Anton is still around.. He's not a huge character, but it's good to see them continuing the storyline from last season. I'm also intrigued at what will happen once Deb finds out that Dexter may be related to The Ice Truck Killer. This gives Deb something to do other than swear and whine.

    John Lithgow's first appearence in Dexter was a chilling one. Not only does he pull off being a serial killer well, but he certainly has the acting chops to pull off an Emmy nomination next year (Yes, based off his two scenes, I can see it happening.. if Jimmy Smits, who did excellent this year, can get a nomination, so can Lithgow.) Lithgow's re-emergence as the Trinity Killer leads to Lundy (Keith Carradine) returning to track him down. Lundy's appearence will also make for some great tension between him and Dexter, as well as him and Deb (as the final scene with him seems to indicate).

    The episode was great, probably the best premiere the show has had. It set everything up perfectly for the season.. and as for the ending.. well, you'll have to see it yourself. Explaining it isn't enough. Let's just say it'll be interesting to see how Dexter will evade getting caught this time.