Season 4 Episode 10

Lost Boys

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2009 on Showtime

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  • A particurlarly unnerving episode after the shock revelation at the end of the last one.

    To find that the Trinity Kiler is in fact the Quadrisect killer and the fourth victim (or rather first in the pattern) is a kid is unnerving to me. As is in the episode Dexter questioning who he is and whether he is in fact or will be the same as Arthur. Of course he isn't but you even question the fact that he could become in years like him. Luckily at the moment he isn't and doesn't seem to be.

    The biggest downside to this episode is that the kidnapped kid is quite annoying one minute and quite caring the other even if it is to save his own hide. The kid never seems scared which feels a little odd especially after being snatched.

    With Dexter now having broken Trinity's kill cycle It sets up the final confrontation. I couldn't watch it the next episodes straight after though as I was unnerved by the end (Dexter has never got me like that the last thing was Battlestar Galactica), so will watch that another night.
  • Dexter's hunt for Trinity is hindered when Trinity takes an unexpected victim, leaving Dexter in a frantic race against time to save them.

    Last week's outstanding episode was the previous holder of the "Best Episode of the Season" crown. Now "Lost Boys" has delivered this season's best episode (and possibly the best of the entire series) yet, with thrilling, brilliant storytelling loaded with tension, mesmerising performances and revealing more about Trinity's backstory.

    By employing the classic race against time formula, this episode was able to keep the momentum the from the jaw-dropping close of the last episode going and even kick it up about 10 notches.

    The new dynamic established between Kyle and Arthur post-Thanksgiving is Dexter at its best: when Dexter reveals part of his Dark Passenger to someone else and the dance that inevitably ensues. With full knowledge that Kyle suspects something, Arthur is now even more dangerous. He's more determined than ever to continue his ritual and not let anything or anyone stand in his way, leading to a brazen openness of his true character to Kyle, heedless of consequence. The subtleties of John Lithgow's performance in this episode and throughout the season has both captivated and chilled me. He is simply the darkest and terrifying character put to television. If John Lithgow doesn't win Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series at next year's Emmy Awards, I'd be bitterly disappointed. He truly deserves it for what I believe is without a doubt the best performance of his impressive career.

    Bring on the final two episodes!
  • not great

    this show is struggling in my opinion, the lame twist at the end of Hungry Man, now this episode. Arthur is a great and creepy character, but I'm having a hard time seeing how Dexter could kill him given that Arthurs whole family knows Dexter, is not in name then at least what he looks like and what he did at Thanksgiving... Now.. I would like someone to explain to me how Dexter, who in an earlier season was able to fight Doakes, an ex special forces soldier, then cop, to a standstill, but he struggles to disarm a flabby 60 year old man wielding a shovel. Strange also, that Dexter did not think to maybe bring a syringe of his knockout drug with him... what exactly was he planning to do when he found Arther and the boy? I guess the cops won't be looking up Christines birth records and then immediately securing a warrant for her fathers arrest? I would have thought they would have done that the second they matched the DNA of Christine to Trinity... guess not. I don't like the inconsistency of the cops be alternately clever (Trinity works in the school system) and then incredibly stupid (Christine is related to Trinity, lets NOT look into her birth records NOR should we secure a warrant to arrest her father, who is 50- 60 years old and works in the school system and try to apprehend him at his house where we could also get a pic of him, or at his job... and do all this maybe BEFORE we arrest her, so he won't have any warning) thats a hard sell.
  • Another killer episode as Dexter tries to track down Arthur

    Deb has a hunch, that hunch is she thinks she knows her shooter; she may be right. Christine gets the interview she wanted with Deb at the station, Deb asks Batista to watch on the monitor. Deb starts asking her questions on the Lundy shooting, she gets all nervous and leaves. Batista and Deb knows something's not right so they let Quinn on it and ask him to get something with her DNA. Dexter is following Arthur; Dexter witnesses Arthur abduct a young boy at an arcade. Arthur sees Dexter, but easily escapes. Dexter tries to figure out where Arthur may have taken the child, he discovers that Arthur has been killing in groupings of four, not three, and the cycle always starts with the abduction of a ten-year-old boy who is never seen again. Arthur is keeping the kid underground where as Dexter frantically searches for him. He starts by looking for him in empty houses. Christine thinks the game is up for her and begs daddy dearest to meet her, Arthur meets her and Christine tells him that she knows he's behind these murders and the fact that she killed Lundy to protect him. Dexter finds Arthur and stops him from killing the boy, Christine's game also up. She gets arrested on DNA evidence after they find out that she is related to Trinity.
  • It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

    OMG !! Well this was my reaction after watching this episode. This just keeps on getting better and better. I hope they let Dexter go this time and have him come back for another season :-D. And I am sure they wud luv to hv him back next season. But the Twists and Turns are just AWESOME !! Anyone who is not watching this series now.. Should go and get the DVDs for all the seasons and start it today. I am sure you will get hooked to it and will not stop watching it until its over. Dont give it up if you think that the middle episodes are a little boring or a little side tracked.. Its all a Build-up for the grand Finale.. My Advice.. Start Watching this series today.
  • Awesome.

    Tonight, Dexter produced the best episode of television this week, and arguably delivered one of the best installments of this season. We finally saw the inevitable confrontation between our hero and the Trinity (or should we say Quadruple) Killer, and it did not disappoint as we were left wanting more, and wondering where he ran off to.

    The season started off a bit shaky, but it has certainly turned into being on par with previous years. The twist with the reporter being Trinity's daughter was something nobody saw coming and that's a rarity for me to not pick up on that as I watch so many cop shows you think I'd realize something like that when it's happening before my eyes. That's how great this show is.

    I have a feeling the last two episodes of this season will be ever so intense and excellent. I just hope Dexter learns from its mistake last season and they don't kill Arthur until the last episode, as opposed to the 11th like last season, and have virtually nothing during the finale.
  • Captivating "Debxter" evil twin investigations ; dual and webbed character development ; Courtney Ford's convincing performance

    If you had lost faith in Dexter then this episode should definitely be your redemption. Hungry Man was a good episode to lead us to the intense events that happened in Lost Boys.

    I really enjoyed the double investigation and both arcs were well written. Of course Deb and her team continued to track down Trinity and as usual Jennifer Carpenter did a great job. The interview she did was just fascinating, very well staged and brilliantly directed. In fact it's funny to compare Deb to her former self in season 1. She's so strong now and has so much charisma ! Obviously the other arc involved her brother. Even if I found its dynamic a bit sloppy and the writing not as puzzling as it could have been, because of its common patterns, all I can say is that it was quite surprising. In fact I can't believe the writers have waited for so long to finally unveil what the show is all about. I won't spoil it but to better understand what I mean, just read my Easy as Pie episode review once you have watched this one. I also found his hasty dialog with the character he worked with quite inspiring.

    So the dinner was tasty but there were also plenty of other elements to wild the senses. "BatisGuerta" was only featured for a few seconds and this time it was more about what Batista is capable of as a detective. Also like in the previous episode Dex and Trinity profiles were developed further. The scenes with the second were relatively disturbing but for once we learned more about his past and it demonstrated that things are not just all black or white. Last but not least what I probably enjoyed the most was Courtney Ford's performance as the reporter Christine Hill. Last time she quickly grew on me but this episode she finally revealed her talent and the character's profile even managed to bring a new dimension to Dexter's story.

    It was so interesting that I'm already thinking about what will happen in season 5 ! And as I consider it as a new beginning I don't expect the show to end before a few seasons. A good or bad thing ? I let you be the judge.
  • pretty good!

    this episode definitely kept me watching, but the levels to which i had to suspend reality made me a little uncomfortable. christine's motivation for killing lundy, for example, which was finally revealed in this episode, seemed pretty far-fetched, and was definitely a hard sell. granted, she is the daughter of a serial killer and would likely be unbalanced emotionally, but her performance as such was unconvincing, so i feel that, what was initially a great narrative hook, ended up fizzling out with an unsatisfying explanation. i think the preview of the next episode was probably the most exciting part of this episode. (btw, you'd think that they'd get a sketch of trinity from the boy he kidnapped, so stepping into miami metro would be a very stupid idea, but we'll see how that ends up ;) )
  • Awesome episode leading up to a potentially amazing finale.

    Dexter and Arthur going at each other's throats is providing some of the best hours of television right now. Lost Boys was yet another strong episode in Season 4, proving it to be one of the best seasons yet.

    Initially, John Lithgow didn't do too much for me.. but the more we know about him, the creepier he becomes. And seeing Dexter attempt to out-manuever him makes for compelling television, since it's serial killer vs. serial killer. But we've seen Dexter escape being pegged as the Bay Harbor Butcher, while Arthur seems to be dropping the ball all of a sudden.

    Thankfully, they put LaGuerta and Batista's relationship on the backburner, allowing us to focus entirely on Dexter and Arthur's attempts to do what they do best. Also, we got to learn who killed Lundy, who turns out to be somebody that was quite a surprise, albeit pretty obvious starting with last episode. Having said that, the ending with her being arrested was excellent.

    It appears that Deb may actually discover Dexter's relationship to the Ice Truck Killer.. it's just a matter of time, and I'll be patiently waiting for it. My only gripe with the show continues to be Harry's involvement.. bring back the flashbacks! It was a much better use of his time than what they're doing with him right now.

    Overall though, this was an awesome episode. Dexter continues to hit it out of the park.
  • This episode was truly great. A top-notch one in every possible aspect.

    This episode was truly great. A top-notch one in every possible aspect. When the Lundy murder happened I was expecting Quinn to be the killer because he was the first person to show up in the crime scene and all this compassionate behavior towards Deb looked fake. I thought he was playing Christine the reporter all along. But this season evolved into a much more interesting story with a great outcome in the foreseeable future. Although Arthur seemed to be a bit fragile and weak even weary of murdering people possibly few episodes back, that time has long gone and now seems to be the ultimate nemesi for Dexter. He's a versatile villain and not a cliched one and that's what makes me claim that this season is the best since season 1. Because, 2-3 didn't have such a strong story arc and Miguel Prado seems ridiculous in comparison to Trinity and Lyla ruined Season 2 for me. Dexter's Season 4 is the closest TV can get to the big screen. My only complaints yet are the boring love story of Sgt Batista and Lt Laguerta, the fact that the writers forgot the whole interest of Quinn's in Dexter's life after the stalking in the bar and finally the underdevelopment of Masuka's character so far this season!
  • Amazing Episode! (Spoiler-Free)

    I know a lot of people felt that this season was the worst for Dexter so far but I have to say that it's absolutely amazing.
    Each episode is tense, taut and really interesting. Sure it took a while to realise the seasons end-game but that just makes the pay-off a lot more worth it.
    And this is the episode where I would say that everything started to come apart.
    The Debra-Lundy storyline was really well done and the Dexter-Trinity storyline was especially interesting this week.
    Each season, I think there's an episode where the show finally pulls together all the threads of the season and I would definitely say that this was the episode for tonight! Amazing episode, certainly well worth your time and a reminder of how good television can be when it wants to.
  • As the end of this season nears, Dexter has to save a child while Deb makes huge progress on the Lundy murder.

    Dexter this season is probably at it's best so far. The brilliance of Michael C. Hall is backed by the scariest big bad ever, John Lithgow is incredible ! Now, tonight's episode really ramped up the excitement as the end os S4 draws nigh. Last week & tonight have been the best episodes IMO, tonight I couldn't take a breath, so much was happening. The ending was great, poor Dex is running out of hours in his day every day now & something's gonna give ! I cannot wait for the finale :D I watch and love quite a few shows but I truly believe that this one is the best - acted, written, everything.
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