Season 2 Episode 8

Morning Comes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 2007 on Showtime
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Dexter is attacked by the man who murdered his mother. Meanwhile, Lila wants to get closer to Dex, and Debra and Lundy close in on the Bay Harbor Butcher.

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  • Dexter is close to been revealed as the Bay Harbour Butcher in more ways than one.

    This is so far the best of the season so far and it felt like so much was happening in the last 20 minutes of the episode like when Deb and Batista found the car the Butcher was using only Dexter was smart enough not to use his own car but used one from evidence storage and now Lundy is certain that the Bay Harbour Butcher is in Miami Metro While Dexter is out bowling he is attacked by his mothers killer but Dexter comes out of recovery and kills him in a convenient fear is Doakes who has only just come back and all he is focused on is Dexter enough to go and find and take his episode has definitely made the next episode a must see.moreless
  • Revelation

    Wow... That episode was amazing. I even cannot start thinking what happened. It was all those storylines coming together, some secrets unveiled and much realized.

    I adored the writing. It had darkness, horror, but also some really good emotion on it. It had action, excitement, even comedy. It had it all.

    I love the way we see Dexter's char envolving. He is more and more drifting away from Lila and soon he realize he has been living underwater, and everything is still there.. And with that, he starts to think clear, sees the connections and the truth is almost as frighting as the one Deb, Lundy and Angel find: it is one of them.moreless
  • The Experiment Is Over Written by Scott Buck Directed by Keith Gordon

    Dexter (to himself): "It's one thing to **** with me, another to **** with my ex-girlfriend who hates me. The Lila experiment is officially over".

    As experiments go, this one didn't take very long to sour. It was always going to happen though – Dexter would meet someone he'd think he would be able to open up to more deeply and somewhere down the line that person would turn out to be seriously unhinged.

    Last season that person turned out to be Rudy, even though Dexter was blissfully unaware that Rudy was both his brother and the Ice Truck Killer until it was too late. This time round he's spent the last couple of weeks letting Lila get to know him and now it's backfired.

    To be fair Lila didn't exactly hide her darker side from him. Dexter got those glimpses earlier on when she was able to describe his darker impulses and also showed little concern with some occasional law breaking and lying. However while Dexter did seemingly figure out at the end of "That Night A Forest Grew" that Lila torched her flat to the ground, he was still allowing her to stay with him. It's very funny that the animosity between Lila and Deb also then managed to go up a few notches as Dexter made a poor effort to stay neutral.

    In a fun way both ladies were right to diss the other. Lila pointed out that Deb really did need to move out while Deb showed the derision she much deserved. Then again we also know that Deb like a good segment of the core is also a Dexter/Rita shipper so therefore there was no way that Lila was going to be flavour of the month.

    As for Lila she did do her best to be as evasive about the insurance stuff as she could be. Dexter at this point definitely knew she torched her own place but he was still confused as to why she would do it. Still it was enough to make him think that some distance between them would be a good idea.

    Lila however had other ideas. She wasn't best pleased when he rejected the offer of sex so he could catch up on some work and she even got her own back by inviting herself to Dexter's bowling team with Angel and Masuka. When it came to that, Dexter also had a hard time masking his annoyance that Lila was getting a little too close for comfort.

    Lila did make a good impression on Angel and Masuka but as much as they're good characters, it's not like Lila had to work especially hard to win them over. All she did was a bit of casual flirting and that in itself is enough to keep Masuka pretty happy. Masuka isn't really the most fussy of men, although someone like Lila would probably eat him alive if the opportunity presented itself.

    Of course the bowling would then have to take a more sour turn when Dexter gets attacked outside the building by Santos Jimenez. Yeah, that evil so and so had to make a return and it was a good job that Dexter did have Angel and Masuka around or else Santos would've gotten his own revenge.

    For the time being returning the villainous character was a way for Lila to further sink her claws into Dexter. After all, it was her who unintentionally stopped Dexter from killing Santos back in "The Dark Defender" and once again, it's her that Dexter bares his soul to. The only problem is that Lila caused all this.

    When Dexter decided to finish what he started with Santos, it then became apparent that Lila had contrived for Santos and Dexter to meet outside the bowling alley. Seeing as Dexter hasn't killed in a while, there's something satisfying in watching him slay Santos.

    Santos is still as unrepentant and vile as he was earlier on in the season and the fact that he's doing cocaine and still threatens to kill Dexter makes it only better that he winds up a dead man. I'm not advocating that we take the law into our hands but the world is better off without people like Santos and there's no point pretending that it isn't when there's a lot of evidence that points towards scum like Santos.

    However if Lila not nearly getting him was bad enough, then snooping around Rita's house and scaring the crap out of her definitely overstepped the mark. Dexter got super territorial with the cops when it came to Rita getting protection and when he figured that Lila was responsible it brought out the worst in him.

    Lila should pick her enemies more carefully because getting on Dexter's bad side was a major faux pas on her part. When Dexter threatened her, he looked genuinely angry and she did look mighty scared. Of course with four episodes still left to air, I don't think the Lila problem is going to go away from Dexter just yet.

    Which for Dexter really should be a bad thing. His problems keep increasing in this episode. One of the minor ones is his attempts to maintain a cordial relationship with Rita. She gets suitably angry when he tries to play the good neighbour during the morning and even Cody and Astor pick up on the fact that Rita is mad with him.

    On the plus side the home invasion thing might end up working in his favour. Rita did look impressed when Dexter came to her aid and given that he's determined to flush Lila out of his system it might not to be too long until viewers actually get to see them back together.

    That being said, when it comes to problems Dexter still has Doakes to deal with. Getting him fired last week should've effectively have solved that problem but unfortunately without Maria to keep him in line, Doakes had carte blanch to up his harassment of Dexter.

    First off he lulled Maria into another false sense of security by pretending to be interested in a security. Either Maria's deeply stupid or too trusting when it comes to Doakes but either way she believes that he wants to make a positive change. It's only when he fails to show up for his interview does the penny drop.

    Doakes has had no problem with stalking Dexter seeing as he spent the good part of a month doing it with such vigour. Now he broke into Dexter's house, snooped around and even found his slide collection. That scene really did make my jaw drop and if next week's trailer is anything to go, then Dexter is going to be screwed beyond belief.

    If Doakes and Lila weren't bad enough, Lundy only went out of his way to make things just as bad for Dexter. With everyone being forced to reassess old case files, Dexter faces the grilling from hell courtesy of Lundy. Given how well Dexter is usually able to talk himself out of tricky situations; it's amazing how brilliant Lundy is able to counter.

    Yes I know Lundy is far older and more skilled, but every line of defence that Dexter tried is shredded within seconds. At the end the only thing Dexter is able to do is lie that he screwed up during a particular case with the blood work and even then Lundy looked pretty unconvinced by Dexter.

    Lundy's spent the last few episodes ruffling feathers and having every officer under scrutiny has stirred more bad feeling. Maria seems to think he's clutching at straws and Doakes openly hostile when grilled by Lundy. Angel and Masuka however are more childish in their attitude while Deb is uncomfortable with treading on anyone's toes.

    As bad as the situations are for Dexter, he's only got himself to blame. He should've been more cautious when he first started seeing Lila. He also shouldn't have been so reckless in getting Doakes fired and publishing a manifesto as the Bay Harbour Butcher. Thanks to this episode, all of these have come back to haunt him. Harry might have been a hypocrite but I think Dexter is beginning to realise just how needed that code is after all. By ignoring it Dexter just went and created so many problems that he easily could've avoided.

    As for Deb, at least she's making some progress. Both her and Angel seem to work incredibly well as a team and this week both of them get notes from a nosy parker named Lenny. Apart from being a cantankerous git, Lenny's notes along with some more internet research only confirm Lundy's theory about the BHB being a cop.

    The reactions to this reveal were pretty spot on as well. Lundy didn't seem entirely surprised that this was the case while Deb and Angel were suitably upset. In fact I even think that Angel was even more devastated that Deb was. He was so adamant that Lundy was wrong, so it's got to sting that Lundy ended up being right.

    Speaking of Lundy, it looks like him and Deb are a couple and already their differences come into it when they share a meal at their home. I'm not sure I can see them lasting as a couple and Deb did look suitably pissed off when Dexter was less than receptive of his sister's new boyfriend. I can't possibly imagine why Dexter would object to Lundy, could you?

    Also in "Morning Comes"

    Is it me or are the "Previous On" bits getting shorter with each new episode? That's not exactly a bad thing.

    Deb: "Is that my shirt?"

    Lila: "I thought it was Dexter's".

    Deb loses points for mocking Lila's accent but I did love the **** nasty vampire description she labelled on Lila.

    Dexter: "Good thing I dropped by".

    Rita: "Don't ever do it again. It's too hard on the kids and it's too hard on me. It's Paul all over again. Please stay away".

    Lundy: "Weird. Gosh, I'd hate for you to feel weird".

    Deb: "You know what I mean".

    Although Lila was nasty when she said it, I think she was right about why Cody kept putting toys in his bag. Deb (re case file): "You just happen to have it with you".

    Angel: "I'm a reasonable man".

    Lila: "I like to celebrate the little things in life".

    Masuka: "If you like little, I'm your man".

    Judging by her work clothes, it seems that Rita is still working in the same hotel as she was last season.

    Angel: "Jesus Christ, they'd sell anyone a gun in Florida".

    Masuka: "Yeah, it's scary right".

    Lila: "What do you mean?"

    Deb (re Dexter): "He's not working late. I think he lied to you. Men are such pigs".

    Thanks to Jimenez, Dexter now has a new layer in the Everglades when he can do up his victims.

    Dexter: "Here we go again".

    Jimenez: "What the ****?"

    Dexter: "I know I keep asking myself the same question".

    Jimenez: "I'll ****ing kill you".

    Dexter: "No Jimenez, I'm killing you tonight like you did to my mother".

    Standout music: A lot of the score music this season has been pretty good. I don't credit it often but I do like it.

    Dexter: "You, you are more dangerous than my addiction will ever be. That's saying a lot. Stay away from Rita, stay away from me".

    Lila: "Or what?"

    Dexter: "Or you will see the monster".

    Chronology: A week since "That Night A Forest Grew".

    Definitely one of the best episodes of the series, "Morning Comes" ups the ante impressively as Dexter begins to pay for the casual recklessness than he exhibited when under Lila's influence. It'll be interesting to see him dig himself out of it.moreless
  • One of the better episodes in a while.

    Dexter is finally killing again, something that I have missed very much. The crazy new girl that I was sooo wrong about it finally gone. The new girl made me start to like rita again. I hope those two get back together but not before she makes him pay for his bad actions with the other girl. The investigation is getting so much closer to Dexter I dont know what he is going to do I normally have guesses even if they are wrong but I am kinda stumped on what he is going to do. I am going to watch the next episode right not to try and make a better guess.moreless
  • Review

    Not as deserving of a 9.7 rating as "Born Free" or "Truth Be Told", but still a pretty good epsiode where the last 20 minutes was just followed by crazy moment after crazy moment. Doakes has found out about Dexters little slide collection, which is going to make the next episode very interesting. I don't see how Dexter is going to get out of this now. I guess Doakes is going to put things into his own hands, which is when Dexter is going to get the better of him. Dexter ends things with Lila, which I was hoping for after watching the end of the last episode. Lundy and Deb have officially sparked more then just that one kiss outside of the newspaper building. I didn't see it comign, but it happened. I'm not sure how I feel about it entirely, but the writers did work all season long on getting the two of them together. Dexter returned in this episode with the killing of the man who killed his mother. That brings his kill count this year up to a grand total of...four. Something I didn't see coming after last years big death toll. Overall - second best of season two, which isn't saying much.moreless
Tony Amendola

Tony Amendola

Santos Jimenez

Guest Star

Bruce Weitz

Bruce Weitz

Lenny Asher

Guest Star

Matt Borlenghi

Matt Borlenghi


Guest Star

Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson


Recurring Role

Preston Bailey

Preston Bailey


Recurring Role

Keith Carradine

Keith Carradine

Special Agent Frank Lundy

Recurring Role

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    • Dexter: (to a dead Jimenez) Can't leave you here. Can't take you with me. Don't go anywhere.

    • Masuka: How come you got a hug and I get a pat on the nose?
      Angel: Cause you're like a retarded puppy.

    • Dexter: You, you are more dangerous than my addiction will ever be. That's saying a lot. Stay away from Rita. Stay away from me.
      Lila: Or what?
      Dexter: Or you will see the monster.

    • Dexter: (voice over) It's one thing to fuck with me, another to fuck with... my ex-girlfriend who hates me. The Lila experiment is officially over.

    • Deb: The Bay Harbor Butcher is one of our own.
      Lundy: We keep this to ourselves for now. Just the three of us.
      Angel: Well, I'm gonna go tell it to a bottle of scotch.

    • Dexter: (voice over, while following Jimenez) A secret cabin in the middle of the Everglades? What more could a rededicated serial killer ask for?

    • Dexter: (voice over) Lila almost had me believing it was possible to change, to become something else. As if that ever really happens. I've always known what I am. (pulls on gloves in preparation for a kill) If the glove fits...

    • Dexter: (voice over) I'd almost forgotten this feeling, driving toward a kill, all my senses sharpened. It's like I've been living underwater, holding my breath, and now I can finally breathe. So how come it's so suffocating in here?

    • Lila: I like to celebrate the little things in life.
      Masuka: Hey, if you like little things, I'm your man. I mean, I'm not little everywhere. There's some places I'm just... perfectly average.

    • Deb: You are not allowed to talk about anyone I date as long as you're seeing little miss "pardon my tits". I'm sorry Dex, but she is gross. And pale, and nobody is pale in Miami. She is obviously a vampire. A gross. English. Titty. Vampire.
      Dexter: You just described the perfect woman.

    • Lenny Asher: Who's dead?
      Angel: Anthony Rodrigo.
      Lenny Asher: I know. They found him in the ocean. I hope a whale ate him and shat him out, and then ate him again.
      Deb: You weren't too close to him, were you?

    • Lundy: You performed blood work that directly led to Rodrigo walking free. I ask myself, how the hell did that happen?
      Dexter: (voice over) And did you answer: Dexter blew the case on purpose so that he could get Rodrigo off the streets for good with a cordless reciprocating saw?

    • Lundy: Can I offer you some tea?
      Dexter: Uh, no, thank you, um... (voice over) And he pours it anyway. He's trying to throw me off balance, show that I don't have the power to say no to him.
      Lundy: How about some sesame crackers to go with that?
      Dexter: (voice over) So I'll say yes to everything. (aloud) I'd love some.
      Lundy: Oh, sorry. Guess I ate them all.
      Dexter: (voice over) Asshole.

    • Lila: How did it go at Rita's this morning?
      Dexter: Oh, you know, I just returned Cody's toy and that was it.
      Lila: No quickie on the kitchen table?
      Dexter: Rita doesn't have a kitchen table.
      Lila: Ooh, clever way of not answering the question.

    • Lila: (about her fire-damaged apartment) I like the smell, don't you? Like something exciting happened here.
      Dexter: It's like when a piece of bread gets stuck in the toaster.

    • Deb: I'd feel kinda weird about investigating my own colleagues.
      Lundy: Weird... Gosh, I'd hate for you to feel weird.

    • Dexter: (voice over) It seems my manifesto unintentionally helped Lundy narrow his focus. That's what I get for trying to emulate Lila and take the offensive. I've always worked best in the shadows. That's where I have to stay.

    • Lila: (about Cody) He's trying to control you. By hiding toys in your bag, you have no choice but to return them to him.
      Dexter: He's seven. He seldom has thoughts more complicated than the desire for candy.

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