Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on Showtime
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Miami Metro gets closer to Gellar and Travis thanks to the new intern. Meanwhile Dexter deals with faces from the past. Travis tries to move on from Gellar.

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  • What things would have been like if Dexter didn't kill his brother

    This was a different episode because Dexter starts to see his brother and it triggers the even darker side of him because his brother is telling him to kill when Dexter wouldn't always kill This episode showed what it would be like if Dexter hadn't killed his brother I have to admit they probably would never get caught but Dexter had to kill him and now is seeing him This episode was also interesting because the Trinity killer storyline continues because Arthur's wife and daughter was murdered and everyone thinks its the Trinity killer but Dexter knows better Jonah is still alive and saying that he saw his father kill them Dexter thinks its him and chooses not to kill him even though his brother is pushing him to kill him It was good to see that Harry comes back to replace Dexter's brother in the end because Dexter didn't kill Jonah it triggered his lighter side.moreless
  • Dexter and his brother go on a road trip.

    I think it's safe to say, heading past the halfway point of the season, that this is the weakest season yet. I don't even have to wait to see how the season will finish, it's obvious that the writing is aimless and even if the acting is somewhat solid (especially with Mos Def and Michael C. Hall, of course), it doesn't excuse the ridiculously misguided plotting.

    That being said, this episode was a nice change of pace from the lame Doomsday Killer stuff. We get to see Dexter's Dark Passenger replaced with his brother Brian, who grabs a hold of his damaged psyche and makes him kill without following the code. If Harry acts as the person trying to keep Dexter on track, Brian is the one trying to make him go off the tracks. This all begins after Dexter learns that Trinity has struck again in Nebraska, this time killing his wife and daughter. Of course, Dexter knows this isn't possible since he killed Trinity two seasons ago. Which means it must've been Jonah. Dexter decides to take a five day road trip to Nebraska.

    The road trip acts as a means for Dexter to let his id run loose. He hooks up with a woman on the road, steals a gun, kills a weed farmer and nearly kills Jonah. It's a tumultuous road trip, and the whole time, he has Brian right behind him, making him do these things.

    This sets up some issues between Deb and Dexter. Deb needs Dexter to be there for her and help with the Doomsday Killer case. Tension between Deb and Dexter can only mean great developments in terms of the long-term story being told in the show (which means Dexter being caught). However, it doesn't help that the show focuses on pointless crap.

    This includes, sadly, the stuff about Travis Marshall and Geller. When I heard Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos were guest-starring this season, I grew excited at how the show would use them. Instead, their characters ended up doing nothing exciting and Mos Def jumped ahead as the stand-out. Right now, Marshall is hanging out with his sister while Geller (who is probably not real, yet the show insists on making us believe he is) tries to get him back to work. It'd help if we could figure out what the heck their plan is, but right now, it makes no sense.

    I'll never bail from the show, but right now, it's really hard to justify this show staying on. It should've ended after five and they should've given the show a different ending so it could've gone out on a higher note.moreless
  • 607

    "Nebraska" was a little bit goofy at times, with "The Ice Truck Killer" doing his best James Franco impression throughout and an odd and random storyline as well, but it was not half bad. Having a one-off killing was a welcome change of pace from the majority of this season so far and it will hold as one of the season's better installments, despite the lack of continuity and its lack of major developments storyline wise.moreless
  • Pivotal subtle revelation, refreshing but too short roadtrip, percussive guests, twisted but slapdash writing, interesting alternate realities (Spoilers)

    I cut my thumb and blood drops spoiled my immaculate ivory keyboard when I smashed the spacebar to kill the thirsty vampire bats that were standing on it like mocking birds on an electric cable. Yes this is a Dexter review, not some funny animated film one. Dark Passengers are everywhere. They're all around us waiting for a weakness, a sign that they can take over our body and soul. Some people had quickly figured out who was Professor Gellar but I'm not one of them. I wish I hadn't read a review that revealed it to me because it made this episode less exciting. Still the two brothers roadtrip was entertaining and definitely enlightening. I can only suppose it had references to season 4's 9th episode, Road Kill, because I haven't seen it. But it was impossible to miss the one to Hello, Dexter Morgan's cult encounter. Brand Eaton's comeback as Jonah Mitchell deserved more than one episode in my opinion but the actor's performance was energetic and until the very end I had no idea Becca had committed suicide. So the writing was unpredictable but sadly it obviously screamed "Dex, you're in big trouble" ! I mean he made so many mistakes that it's not even interesting to count them. I don't expect it to be as accurate as the best cop shows but its lack of attention to details has become annoying. The good thing about this subplot is that it should arise suspicions around him, specially in Deb's neighbourhood. Fucktopia ? I have met an ant that knows where it is ! Let's hope Masuka's new sidekick will design a level inspired by it. For the moment I don't get his role. Is he destined to replace him ? He's so useful to their department that I can't see how they wouldn't want to hire him ! As for Batista it was funny to see him as a video game character. It's interesting because like in Caprica it's possible to imagine that Dexter could be a virtual reality program. The ghosts who haunt its characters are nearly as real as them. The way they're filmed blurs the lines even more but in the end it's their contribution that matters. That's probably why they had waited so long to finally mention Rita and specially Lumen, to confirm that Dex has what it takes to slice and drown his Dark Passenger. The candles of their love still burn within him and if the Ice Truck Killer wasn't able to blow his bubble of light, no one will.

    Note : This review was first posted on Kritikenstein, my weblog.moreless
  • Great episode. I'm really enjoying all this season. A bit disappointed 'though, when Bro Sam died last week. If you haven't watched the episode, don't read this review 'cause spoilers are following.moreless

    Since the beg of Dexter, I've always thought that our serial killer needed a sort of "light" counterbalance (either by his ghost father or by the once living Rita, who is now dead and, for the moment, excluded from the show and more recently, Brother Sam).

    Naturally, I was utterly concerned when I saw his ghost bro occupying his mind. Thankfully, he managed to get rid of it. I was relieved to see his father taking a ride back home at the end of the episode.

    In my POV, mr. Morgan was very careless (in many occasions) during this episode: when he left all his tools in the car (which was about to be manipulated by the inn Keeper (btw, this guy was a real pain in the neck); also by dumping his body in the grain container (sooner or later the body will come out, but this will not be a real problem to Dex if the writers are cool enough to let it go); plus, the unstable Jonah knows his secret. This can be a real problem later. Dex was so certain that Jonah deserved to die that he flatly revealed "I killed your father". However, in the end, he concluded Jonah was another "victim" just like himself.

    So, I will not be surprised if in the future, Dex be once more "obliged to kill against his will"; he offered Trinity's son a chance that may not be seized by him.In brief, I think we will hear about Jonah later (especially now that 2 more Dexter seasons are confirmed).

    Now, in brief about other characters:

    - LaGuerta is really getting on my nerves.

    - I wonder what is reserved to Masuka's intern in the future. Guess that his game may become a huge problem to Miami PD. He's getting closer to Baptista's sister, who works for Dex. Humm?? I don't know, but I think this plot can be useful to writers later.

    - Quinn may restart writing his story. I'm happy for him and hope he will succeed.

    - Travis and doomsday plot can now boost up until the end of this season. I'm not sure that Travis will be as strong as Dex and thus suceed to get rid of his dark passenger of his own. Soon enough we will definitively learn if "professor" is real or not.

    So, I'm simply eager to see the continuation.

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