Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on Showtime

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  • The pull of the dark passenger tugs with a vegence over the course of a Nebraska road trip involving...the Trinity Killer???


    "Bam!"…I ain't referring to a spice infused Emeril approved entre' either! Dexter season six episode seven, "Nebraska", opens ferociously as Dexter's dark passenger reappears with a vengeance in the form of his deceased brother, Brian Moser. Moser asserts control over Dexter during the disposal of Nick's body telling Dexter "it's been too long". The battle inside Dexter has been heading toward too much contemplation over believing in the light and Dexter's pause toward gravitation toward his darkness gets a big push. Dexter seems to want to dispose of the pretense and give into his dark passenger. Dexter admits he is relieved to do so as his phone rings. Moser, aka "the dark passenger" gains ground.

    Deb is requesting Dexter come in immediately. Moser tells Dexter it feels good, that darkness is as warming as the sunshine is to the rest of the population; for Dexter darkness is actually affirming. The extent of the darkness Dexter is wrestling with is exposed in Moser's revealing comment regarding Deb as "ah, the one that away" meaning there's a part of Dexter truly capable of greater darkness than he's answered to: the murder of his sister included. This is the deep well of darkness Dexter is really made to follow. Deb's big revelation is that the Trinity killer is back murdering his wife Sally and daughter Rebecca. The murder happened though Sally, Rebecca, and Jonah had relocated within witness protection services to nowhere Nebraska. As Dexter is the only one, save us viewers, who know it is impossible for Trinity to reappear, he immediately senses Jonah, as the only survivor, as well as his father's son is the prime suspect. In the guise of having "to get away" due to Sam's murder and now this Dexter is primed to respond to Moser's prodding. The adventure into the depths no inhibition is on.

    While Dexter sets out to Nebraska Deb is mired in lackluster statistics in her department. As we know when Deb bottoms she turns to Dexter for balance, what a dichotomy! Dexter is on a mission and Deb is pulling him back, but at the moment she's no match for Moser's pull toward large-scale mayhem. Dexter is incommunicado as nothing can stand between his vigor toward Jonah appearance on his table. In fact, on Dexter's road trip we witness a Dexter lacking control which was the source of his new assuredness. This season it was that control giving us viewers a safety net, believing Dexter will be able to go about murder using "Harry's code" without being exposed. Dexter's disposal of weighing his behavior evolves as terrible decisions: he recklessly has relations with a young 7-11, perhaps teenage, clerk, steals a revolver, and goes on a high-speed "shoot-up" taking out road signs at will. Moser is overjoyed as he is setting the hook. Moser takes the opportunity to once more bring up the "Deb issue" hinting at something in Dexter's psyche that he either wants, or needs, to snuff her. The proceeding into the depths is temporarily interrupted by a "bump in the road" as Dexter is forced into a bit of reality by a flat tire. A detour to the Shady Lane motel, a place where things aren't quite as they seem, seems like a bit of luck. Nice nod to Hitchcock. The strange owner is ever accommodating: he even fixes flat tires! A nice lunch is in order and like most things Dexter a trip into town, via Moser's shortcut through a cornfield, reveals Shady Lane's secret: The owner is a pot farmer.

    Meanwhile Deb tricks Dexter into answering his phone by calling from his apartment. We see Moser just can't quite set the hook as he told Dexter not to answer, but he did of course because he loves Harrison. Moser can't understand love so he asks Dexter why he wrestles with a code as it is a lie in Dexter's case. Moser pushes ahead with Dexter responding by casing Jonah's house. When he opens the rental car's trunk he sees "the motel gimp" has ransacked his stuff taking his forensic knives. As Dexter looks for blood evidence in Jonah's house he is confronted by Jonah. Analytically Dexter implodes Jonah's claims and soon Dexter reveals more about his role in Trinity's death, Jonah flees. Dexter, perhaps, more so believes Jonah is responsible for his mother's and sister's death so he must get his tools back. At the Shady Lane Dexter confronts the owner in his workshop. The owner, as telegraphed, is about as crooked as suspected and draws a gun on Dexter. With darkness gaining ground the hotelier picked the wrong time to stand up to Dexter who efficiently disposes of him; tools found. About this time Gellar is confronted by Travis who wants his freedom. Gellar says he is free as he knows where the door is. Travis takes his leave, but we know Gellar is doing his usual, playing Travis. Deb and Quinn have a "heart-to-heart" making up, but Deb reveals she thinks they haven't got a future together as a couple. Deb sheds an uncharacteristic tear so we know this "ain't over till the fat lady sings".

    Jonah sets up a meeting. Dexter knows it is because Jonah hasn't completed his mission until Dexter is dead too. Things take a left turn here as Jonah actually wants Dexter to kill him to take himself out of the hell he's been living in. Rebecca killed herself due to her mother's blaming of her, as well as Jonah, for the death of their father. Jonah's rage over his mother's siding with his father, ending in Rebecca's suicide, resulted in him doling out a kind of justice Dexter can relate to…Dexter spares Jonah. As Dexter is leaving Moser is pulling out all the stops to persuade Dexter not to spare Jonah and to continue downward. Dexter answers Jonah's question as to how he can go on living by saying: "forgive yourself" as he uses the car to, yet again, kill his brother while saying he's going home. On the journey home Dexter picks up a hitcher, it's his dad who say's "Welcome home Dexter" letting us know the control lost, as well as the light/dark battle, is back. Just before that Dexter tells the viewer that by definition for darkness to exist there has to be light! Some viewers may feel this return to control was a letdown, not really, IMHO, as this builds up the magnitude of Dexter's bi-polar existence. This episode was relentlessly packed with everything all of us as fans love about Dexter! The best episode this season – so far that is, things are very escalated and we have no choice but to wait until next week! Of course, now we know whatever control Dexter has is tenuous and is apt to go south at a moment's notice (in reality we always knew this, but affirmation is a good thing). Something very messy this way comes!