Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Pivotal subtle revelation, refreshing but too short roadtrip, percussive guests, twisted but slapdash writing, interesting alternate realities (Spoilers)


    I cut my thumb and blood drops spoiled my immaculate ivory keyboard when I smashed the spacebar to kill the thirsty vampire bats that were standing on it like mocking birds on an electric cable. Yes this is a Dexter review, not some funny animated film one. Dark Passengers are everywhere. They're all around us waiting for a weakness, a sign that they can take over our body and soul.

    Some people had quickly figured out who was Professor Gellar but I'm not one of them. I wish I hadn't read a review that revealed it to me because it made this episode less exciting. Still the two brothers roadtrip was entertaining and definitely enlightening. I can only suppose it had references to season 4's 9th episode, Road Kill, because I haven't seen it. But it was impossible to miss the one to Hello, Dexter Morgan's cult encounter. Brand Eaton's comeback as Jonah Mitchell deserved more than one episode in my opinion but the actor's performance was energetic and until the very end I had no idea Becca had committed suicide. So the writing was unpredictable but sadly it obviously screamed "Dex, you're in big trouble" ! I mean he made so many mistakes that it's not even interesting to count them. I don't expect it to be as accurate as the best cop shows but its lack of attention to details has become annoying.

    The good thing about this subplot is that it should arise suspicions around him, specially in Deb's neighbourhood. Fucktopia ? I have met an ant that knows where it is ! Let's hope Masuka's new sidekick will design a level inspired by it. For the moment I don't get his role. Is he destined to replace him ? He's so useful to their department that I can't see how they wouldn't want to hire him ! As for Batista it was funny to see him as a video game character. It's interesting because like in Caprica it's possible to imagine that Dexter could be a virtual reality program. The ghosts who haunt its characters are nearly as real as them. The way they're filmed blurs the lines even more but in the end it's their contribution that matters. That's probably why they had waited so long to finally mention Rita and specially Lumen, to confirm that Dex has what it takes to slice and drown his Dark Passenger. The candles of their love still burn within him and if the Ice Truck Killer wasn't able to blow his bubble of light, no one will.

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