Season 6 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Dex Does Road Trip


    Dexter disposes of Nick's body after his failure to forgive him like Brother Sam wanted. But he now sees Brian and when he learns that Trinity might be back and that Jonah Mitchell is the only survivor of the attack where they lived in Nebraska he sets out on a road trip with Brother Brian to get to the bottom of it. He gets Jaime to watch Harrison while he's away and Deb struggles to get a hold of him when they need blood analyzed with new leads on DDK. Travis says that he is done with Gellar but Gellar tells him that he will continue their work despite him. Miami Metro begins to narrow down the suspect pool of accomplices when the woman Travis let go identifies that there was a younger one and a Professor. First the pool is as big as 2400 but Masuka's new intern narrows it even further down to 200 by episode's end. Deb learns that clearance rate is a big thing and that without solving DDK her department stands to lose a lot of cred. Dexter gets to Nebraska after having banged some girl in a surreal and stealing a gun rather uncharacteristically and shooting it while driving his rental car. He checks into a motel run by a weed grower who promises to fix a tire that blew out but ends up taking his knives and forensic kit. This episode also gave us a lot of background that we hadn't gotten from Seasons 4-5 in regards to the Mitchells and seeing Jonah tell Dexter to go home seemed like the end of it. I especially liked that they kept Kyle Butler out of it and that they thought Dexter was trying to help them. Dexter's cover story for that was very believable in having expected Arthur to be the Trinity Killer. But Dexter sweeps the crime scene and since Jonah's story was obviously false he accuses him of the murders to which Jonah flees. Dex told him that he killed Trinity and that's how he was sure that he hadn't done it which was really surprising as I just expected Dexter to grab him and KO him right then and there. Dexter gets his knives back after killing the weed growing innkeep with a pitchfork and Brian and him share an American Gothic tableaux. Quinn and Deb have a nice chat about them being over so that they can now work together in less awkward circumstances. Dexter confronts Jonah, who called him on his cell and I wonder how he got Dexter's number? unless he kept it from seasons previous, I guess. Dexter decides to let him live and we learn a bit of information that Dexter doesn't enjoy learning about innocence he loves the ritual and he needs it to not get caught and keep killing. While Brian's presence was cool and absolutely necessary for this episode beyond Dexter thinking to himself about light and darkness like he has been all along it was nice to have some struggle with another entity there besides Harry for a change. He confronting Jonah and then letting him go, especially since he didn't kill his sister and how torn his family was and how he was so frustrated at everything in his life led him to kill his mom made that moment of forgiveness the moment he didn't give Nick. The one he promised to "Just Let Go" of and let Jonah go on because he has conscience and regret for what he did. This makes me believe Dexter is available to change, at least a little, since the darkest part of him was what wanted Brian to be a part of him more fully. But Dexter's light balances his darkness in such a way that he is an avenging angel of justice, not of wrath which this series has always clung to and now has given Dexter a firm grasp upon. It was a good midseason episode, but now it's back to Doomsday and next week may answer the burning question of whether or not Gellar's real or not. New clues in that the woman let go described her captors as two different people in the way they handled her, and that we saw Gellar actually gutting a croc gives us a little bit of a nudge if not a miniscule one. Decent episode, not the best, but certainly one that was necessary, even though leaving someone alive that knows that he killed Trinity in as unstable a state as Jonah was in probably not the best move and leaves a loose end for sure, but I'll let it slide and hoping that Jonah evens himself out.