Season 6 Episode 2

Once Upon a Time...

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Satan In a Sunday Hat


    Mos Def (the very best rapper/actor around) guest starred this week as Brother Sam, an ex con turned holy man who runs a body shop run by other ex cons. He has a connection to the fruit vendor killed last week and he says he hasn't seen him in some time. Travis continued down his dark path and we saw a new side to him when he went to visit his sister and had dinner with her in which she compelled him to stay. Travis and Geller have begun to build a church of some sort or have inhabited one that was already there and began moving plastic dummies into there (huh?). I'm sure that will be more elaborated on, Geller confronts Travis that his sister can not be saved and that he is in charge of Travis and that Travis is a recent convert which means that there was some catastrophic event that took place that made him do these things which I hope they will truly elaborate on. While Dexter sees it fit to follow Father Sam and be proved wrong that he is indeed not the unrepentant killer he thought he was Deb deals with a marriage proposal from Quinn and the offer of being Lieutenant by Matthews which was supposed to go to Batista. Deb tells Quinn she can't marry him and takes the job with Angel's blessing and the fact that Angel handles it so gracefully and still mad just not at her just shows how solid and good Angel is in a room full of people that truly do bad things. I'm glad Quinn got the shaft and I have as much empathy towards him as Dexter does, he doesn't understand Deb and if she can't give him more than she can give tough tacos dude. The fact that Brother Sam turned out to be legit by saving his employee from drugs and even offering his life to protect him show that he is indeed a changed man or at least one who tries to fight his inner darkness. Dexter tries to deal with showing Harrison his monster side but in the end he knows he had to play make believe with Harrison to turn out normal and unlike him. Masuka learns more about the snakes and Travis claims another victim with a rock and Masuka's new intern (the hot one) catches him looking and seems to go along with it. But Angel's right she's just a lawsuit waiting to happen and I smell all sorts of bad coming from that if it happens. Before the worlds of Travis/Geller and Dexter and his team collide I'd like them to flesh out Travis a little more but especially Geller who has the least bit of dimensions at this point at why he does what he does. Anyway, certainly a better episode than last week but anything with high school can be a detractor.