Season 3 Episode 1

Our Father

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Please Save Dexter!

    This used to be my all time favourite show, but it has been going down for me. Dexter is changing, his character is becoming more like every other human. The one thing that made this show and books so amazing was the fact that he was different then everyone else. He didn't like or want sex, now thats all he does on the show. Dexter can not kill and be a family man, he is a loner. He killed his own brother the one person that understood him and now he's creating another killer. The show has become so soap opera like that it is loosing it's Dexter appeal. What a shame! Please save Dexter!
  • It's been a long wait since Season 2, and one thing is very apparent: The loss of Doakes, Lundy, and Lila has hurt this show.

    Season 3 is the first season of Dexter the writers have no book to follow, and judging by this episode - it's either going to be a home run or a disaster.

    I wasn't particularly blown away by the new storyline, and was a little frustrated that the Bay Harbor Butcher case was seemingly an open-and-closed case despite all the leaks. I guess we're supposed to put all of that behind us now.

    What irritated me most about this episode is that Dexter lost his tooth in the crime scene, only to find it later in the episode and kill any possible threat or drama in the process. It would of been so much more exciting and nerve wrecking if say Masuka found it. As far as DA Miguel Pardo goes, I'm perfectly fine with the casting of this character. I think his interactions with Dexter over this season will be phenomenal. The only thing is, we currently have no main villain for Dexter, and if Pardo becomes the man he kills in the finale, it will be an interesting ride getting there. Hopefully there's enough suspense and drama in between. And lastly, Rita's pregnancy was really no shock - but as much as I'm not fond of the idea, I'm willing to see where it goes. As for a season opener, it was definitely not as strong as the previous two, but it was still good. Though I kept waiting for Lila to pop out of the water to scare the crap out of us like Rudy did in Season 2's opener. :)
  • This season premiere scares me...

    I'm disappointed. Both previous seasons of Dexter started with a really kickass episode that ended with a shocking twist. In this episode, you get a very short action sequence (which we already saw in the trailers), about 40 minutes of filler (Deb changed her haircut!!), and a rather weak attempt at an ending twist.

    The first and second seasons kept tou on the edge of your seat. The Ice Truck Killer teasing Dexter in season one and Dexter being under federal investigation was very entertaining and made you want to watch the next episode very badly. This time, Dexter is not really in danger of getting revealed, since the only crime scene doesn't contain any evidence against him, and the investigators already suspect someone else.

    The two new characters, Miguel and Quinn, are pretty standard. Miguel is a stereotypical lawyer trying to play the cops' game without getting his hands dirty, and Quinn is so bland and forgettable I had to read another review just to remember his name, even though I just watched the episode.

    The lack of a real antagonist for Dexter this year is very dangerous for the series; the third novel had the same problem, and turned out to be a big disappointment. I really hope it gets better next week, because I really love Dexter and don't want it to go down the tubes like any run of the mill series.
  • Off to a great start!

    Dexter is one of those shows you just crave. So for a period close to a year all I did was wait. Wait. Then wait some more, but Dexter never came.

    The moment I got my hands on this episode I greedily watched it, and completely rediscovered the show. All I remember was blood, chainsaw, murder, and the fact that it was a killer show. I had completely forgotten about the sheer amasingness this show entails. I don't know what direction the show is going to take this season, but I am guessing it's about Dexter confronting himself with the absurdity of his lifestyle. And I mean really confront, not: "Daddy told me to.". Harry this, Harry that. Harry is dead so shut up.

    The episode itself is no shiny gem, but the fact that it's Dexter and it's the first episode in a long time give you the feeling that you are watching the best episode in modern history. If you're a fan, of course.
  • Dexter: The New and ...

    "Wow" on the last season, and its ending. The Ice-Truck-Killer is finally revealed and lost. In comes Psycho-woman, and finally she's gone too. I can't believe that Sgt. Doakes is gone. Well, Dexter finally lays to rest Harry Morgan. A good defining line for this episode, "Our Father", is when Debra describes Dexter with, "... is this some macho thing where you have to kill your father to become a man.?" So true to the story line. Its a new Dexter, but I'm not sure that its an improved Dexter. Still, time will tell. We saw at the end of last season, that Dex kept finding one lie after another made by Harry. Thats what he told himself. This season, with his father's code gone/redefined, he's making a lot of screw-ups and getting sloppy without it (Harry's code). Maybe he's gonna go back to it. But I think that without the code, he's finally able to feel more human or "normal". Best part is the End. Can you believe it.? A baby. If this were a blonde joke, Rita would be asking herself, "I wonder if its mine". No offense. But I'm sure the audience (me anyway) is asking whether its Dexter's or not...
  • "As always, it's the characters that make it and it's a real treat seeing one of the finest ensembles on TV back for another blood soaked season."

    I'm not sure what surprises me more: Debs' new haircut or the fact that this season opener feels rather sedated in comparison to previous seasons. Granted, season three had large footsteps to follow after the British invasion, but even so, there's not a lot here to dig our teeth into.

    Speaking of which, a huge opportunity was lost with Dexter's tooth skit. Can you imagine if one of his coworkers found it in the first episode? It could have given us some great material to work with for at least a few episodes. Although I suppose we had a season of catch the pigeon last year.

    Dexter has gained popularity over the past year and so it makes sense for the creators to make this episode more accessible to newer viewers. Unfortunately, that means going over character routines long term fans know all too well. There's nothing here to propel us into the season. No ice-truck killer. No Lila. It's a very average episode with plenty of character highlights, but no structure as to what to expect from the season. Hrmm.

    As always, it's the characters that make it and it's a real treat seeing one of the finest ensembles on TV back for another blood soaked season. It's great to see Angel step up the ladder a bit, and this new position should throw him into some issues later on with his colleagues, who are essentially his circle of friends. Diggin' Rita and still in love with Julie (who has an amazing body!); her cliffhanger wasn't exactly a shock, although the inner Joss Whedon in me was expecting her to collapse while making the chocolate, ala Joyce.

    While I'm not exactly enthused about Debs new look, she's my fave character on the show and I always enjoy it when the writers juxtapose her relationship and memory of her father with the one Dexter secretly had with him. It really adds to each of their characters. Not exactly sure where the Internal Affairs storyline may take us, but, then again, I'm not exactly interested either. Seemed more of an afterthought. The agent was a cutie, though...

    So it's a good start. A compliment on any other show, but when you expect such high-class material from this consistent series, it's a little underwhelming. Dexter's inner struggle seemed to be flip-flopping around more so than the footwear of the same name. And everyone has seemingly forgot about Doakes...
  • A plead to the creators: Stop raping Dexter!!!

    I don't like the fact that they added so much sex in the series. I am not a prude, (I watch Nip Tuck for sex's sake.) But Dexter don't have needs like that. He loathes sex. In the beginning of the series he states how lucky he is to have found Rita, because she doesn't want to do "this stuff" This is how it is in the book as well. In Season one they kept it pretty decent and faithful to the book. After that it all went down to T and A and countless meaningless sex scenes. Only because they think that sex sells. Dexter's fans are a bit more than that, I'd like to believe. Dexter's fans like Dexter for his uniqueness. The story is so thrilling, the idea is so wonderful and exciting, that all those sweaty sex scenes are just waste of time and completely out of the heroes character. A plead to the creators: Stop raping Dexter!!! We really do like his brain. Indulge your sexual frustration in your own "privet" time. Give us more story and less useless soft porn scenes. We have Nip Tuck and Saving Grace for that (which by the way I'm a fan of). What happened to this magnificent creature named Dexter from season one? Why did you strip off his dignity, rape, tortured and left him for dead?
  • Good, but average.

    Not really exciting, this season opening. It felt like the writers wanted to introduce Dexter again, but they didn't add anything new. Same story with Rita, she is sweet and Dexter's relationship with the kids is cute to watch. But still, we know that already. Same story with Deb, she will probably fall for the wrong guy AGAIN (Quinn).
    Same story with Dexter, yes he follows the code, but accidents happen. He luckely finds a way to erase the evidence. Maybe the new character Prado will be interesting. He's already on to something with Dexter. That was a good twist where he asked why he was investigating his brother. And the last thing we need is a little Dexter running around! So it was good, but not great. Still, I'll give it a change, just because the previous seasons were so good.
  • The Wrong Guy Written by Clyde Philips Directed by Keith Gordon

    Old Man (re Oscar): "Did you know him well?"
    Dexter: "Not as well as I thought."

    After reading the first four books over the last couple of weeks, I was really looking forward to a brand new episode of the series and FXUK's decision to air the third season earlier than usual couldn't have happened at a better time as far as I was concerned.

    Things certainly felt a lot more different here than usual. Dexter talked about evolving and things changing and his murder of Oscar Prado was certainly something unexpected. The reason for that being the fact that Oscar wasn't Dexter's intended victim for that particular evening.

    No, it was the rather unpleasant drug dealer Freebo that had the honour of making it to Dexter's hit list and Dexter's sense of vetting took an interesting. Pretending to be a jittering junkie made sense as Dexter needed to get close and in spite of Freebo's protestations, Dexter seemed to gain his trust rather quickly.

    The problem was that when Dexter went to actually kill Freebo, he made the cardinal error of killing Oscar instead. This is probably the first time that Dexter has murdered an innocent person so to speak and his inability to react in a way is worrying. He realised his mistake (albeit too late) but aside from some initial shock, he wasn't exactly overcome with guilt.

    However he might not have to be either as Deb learned pretty quickly that Oscar wasn't at Freebo's place during the night of his death for noble reasons. Oscar being a junkie might not be a massive surprise but it's not exactly the kind of thing that absolves Dexter either.

    Killing Oscar was certainly a moment of bad judgement but researching him at work was another sloppy move on Dexter's part. With Doakes out of the picture, every other regular has no reason to suspect Dexter of not being quite what he seems, so I guess that's a good reason why Miguel has been drafted in.

    From the moment they met at the crime scene, Miguel Prado (good casting with Jimmy Smits) seemed very suspicious of Dexter but the latter didn't pay any attention to it until he got summoned by Miguel a second time to the crime scene.

    I have to admit that Miguel even caught me off guard with the quick fire way he asked Dexter about researching Oscar online. Miguel also seemed utterly unconvinced when Dexter told him that he wanted to understand more about Oscar. That's a shame because Dexter's usually very good at getting him out of tight spots.

    Miguel could be a very formidable threat to Dexter if the writers have the stamina to keep him going all season. Being the older brother of Oscar and a prosecutor was enough to have him even more determined to nail Oscar's killer. Dexter's really going to have to watch himself with this guy. Miguel pretty much has trouble written all over him with a capital T.

    Of course Miguel and Oscar weren't the only issues that Dexter had to deal with. Deb had good reason to be pissed with him as well. It might be a brother's prerogative not to notice when their sister's cut their hair for the first time in a long while (very long in Deb's case) but not showing up for a commemorative piss up for a dead parent, yeah I can see why Deb would be less forgiving about that.

    Dexter's issues with Harry played out over the episode but unlike other shows who tend to practically bludgeon viewers with main characters having parental issues, I liked the way the show dealt with them. Dexter was right about Harry's code needing to evolve but spontaneity is not Dexter's best of bedfellows. I guess some people do need to be control freak.

    Rita's pregnancy reveal at the end of the episode made a lot of sense. I'm not big on baby plots but I think the idea of Dexter fathering a child could raise some interesting issues. What if on the off chance that a child parented by Dexter doesn't wind up becoming a sociopath? Stranger things have certainly happened, I'll give you that. Also was it me or were there a lot of sex scenes with Dexter and Rita? I'm not complaining mind.

    Dexter playing Dad with Cody and Astor has always been one of his endearing parts and often has given the character a degree of humanity that he would probably casually dismiss himself. The parent day segment was mildly touching as Dexter faced his toughest crowd yet: ten year olds who are not really impressed with the delicacies of blood spatter.

    When Dexter wasn't getting all the interesting moments (like having to attend Oscar's funeral, listening to Miguel talk about being broken, etc), Deb also found herself in demand by both Quinn and Yuki but for different reasons.

    With Quinn it seemed to be relentless flirting, though he did give her a lead with Anton but Yuki seemed more interested in getting Deb to become a snitch. As much as Deb protested that she couldn't spy on her friends, I have a nasty feeling that she'll be taking up Yuki's offer within the next few weeks.

    Another noteworthy point with Deb this week was her getting kicked off the Oscar Prado case. Okay, so she really should've applied tact when telling everyone in the office about Oscar being a drug dealer (I thought Miguel was going to rip her a new one, never mind LaGuerta) but seeing as Deb was the only to have any kind of advancement on Oscar's case, maybe Angel made the wrong decision on that one.

    Also, what the hell happened to Tegan? If we didn't see that bit of flesh cut off at the end of the episode, I would've been convinced that it was Freebo who murdered her but I just don't envision Freebo surviving beyond the next episode in order to become a season big bad. Given that Lila was more or less the baddie of last season, this new killer has a lot to live up to.

    Also in "Our Father"

    I loved the opening and ending with Dexter at the dentist. For a show that largely deals with dismemberment, the sense of humour is always spot on.

    Dentist: "How was your summer?"
    Dexter: "I went to the carnival. I even won a prize."

    I wasn't really surprised when it was revealed that Maria and Miguel once had a thing. Props to Maria for mentioning it to every one else though.

    Angel (to everyone): "When this is official, when I trade this in for a gold badge, drinks are on me."

    Dexter: "More interested in scoring tar."
    Freebo: "Another yuppie turned to the dark side."

    Angel got promoted to detective sergeant in this episode. Deb also talked about getting her shield as well.

    Deb: "What is it you think Quinn did exactly?"
    Yuki: "You don't get to blow me off and still ask questions."

    Rita: "What happened to 'do not call'? It's three in the morning."
    Dexter: "Not in India."

    Freebo – Fred Bowman who killed two college girls. Possibly three if he did actually murder Tegan but I'm not convinced that he did.

    Angel (re dog in the car): "Man's best friend, eh Dex?"
    Dexter: "Not today."

    Miguel: "Some people say the soul lives on forever."
    Dexter: "I hope not."
    Miguel: "That makes you a cynic."
    Dexter: "A scientist."

    I noticed in the cast that no-one has been added and that Michael C. Hall is now a co-executive producer for the series.

    Dexter (re LaGuerta): "She's been in better moods."
    Deb: "Yeah, I didn't exactly brighten her day."

    Angel (re Deb): "If I bounce her, she's gonna hate me."
    Maria: "You're her boss, not her friend."

    Deb went on a spree of giving up smoking, drinking and men. She already gave up on abstaining from the booze so the others will undoubtedly follow suit.

    Miguel: "Losing my brother is going to leave a pain in my heart that is never going to heal. Do you have a brother, Dexter?"
    Dexter: "Just a very loud sister."

    Rita (to Dexter): "All I want is chocolate pudding and you. Not necessarily in that order."

    Chronology: Hard to say but it did seem like a good few months have passed since "The British Invasion".

    For an opening episode, we've had better but "Our Father" was certainly a good opener no less. Some moments were intriguing, some were sweet and most importantly, there's another serial nutter to challenge/amaze Dexter for the duration of the season.
  • Dexter has made the Prado family mad.

    After an amazing season 2 where Dexter escapes being found out as the Bay Harbour Butcher he is now starting a new life but already he is in trouble when he kills the brother of Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado and who knows what he would do if he found out what Dexter did to his brother In this episode the show gets a new character called Joey Quinn who will replace Doakes but Internal Affairs puts Deb in a tough situation to spy on Quinn Dexter will be surprised with his news at the end when Rita tells him she is pregnant and now it will be hard for Dexter to be a father and a killer.
  • America's favourite Serial Killer is back...

    Batista is promoted to sergeant and he seems to be taking his new position very seriously. Deb has turned over a new leaf: no drinking, no men and no smokes, she's got a new-look.

    We find out Dexter is gonna be a Dad himself not before killing the wrong guy. It turns out that it was the new D.A Miguel Prado brother, Bad Move!

    The guy he targeted is still out there, another new Character joins the cast Detective Quinn. Internal Affairs is crawling all over Deb, trying to get her to rat out the new guy, and Deb is having none of it. What's this guy's deal. It's gonna be intresting to see how Dexter and the new D.A get along.
  • could three seasons be one too many?

    a high concept drama like dexter relies on premise. but what if the premise gets stale? it could be that our lovable sociopath has is facing the quintessential question: When am I gonna get caught?
    this eppy is a necessary season opener, and raises a few ?'s for the season to come. a bit on the wordy side, lacking action, and the opening formula for the series seasons'but the addition of Smits' character against the familial crisis of Dexter sets up what could be a fantastically dense season. lila is dead. yea, we all hated her, we needed to. now it's almost as if we are cheering against dexter.
  • Dexter tracks a drug dealer named Freebo only to become in tussle with another man and Dexter stabs him only to find out he is the brother of a Miami prosecutor Miguel Prado who takes an interest in Dexter. Deb gets entangled with IA over a new guy.

    A really great episode! Glad to have Dexter back :)! Alot of people didn't really like this episode but I loved it! The prospect of Rita being pregnant is interesting! I am really looking forward to Dexter's reaction to being a father and seeing what it will do to him. Cody was adorable in this episode asking Dexter to go to Dad's day at his school. The woman from internal affairs asking Deb to spy on the new guy was weird... The producers did say she was part of what they called "The big bad arc" This season... I hope it's not another bad guy that's going to try and kill her again.... Anyways solid episode can't wait for the next!
  • Dexter returns.

    America's favorite serial killer returned and delivered a tremendous episode. Michael C. Hall is sensational and the Academy really dropped the ball not giving him the Emmy this year.

    There were some boring parts and some times when this episode dragged, but this was yet another great episode. Dexter is one of those shows where even their worst outings are better than most other show's finest.

    That's not to say this was one of their worst episodes as it was far from that. The addition of Jimmy Smits adds an interesting dynamic to the show. In some scenes he's great, but in others he seems lost.
  • Of a great show, never there to let you down.

    This episode takes time to drive you down to memory lane with the way season 2 ended, which is perfect. I myself had hard time remembering what the hell happened in season 2. Dexter season 3 does not start off slow, it gives you what you love the most. This dark setting with a man crazed in his own insanity. In this episode Dexter is out to kill Bowman Fred "Freebo." As Dexter prays on Bowman,he encounters a struggle inside the house. Dexter had murder someone who has not done no wrongs in life. Dexter had killed someone who was close to someone who was very important to the community. The man swears to bring justice on the man who had killed his brother. Dexter starts a new case, to his surprise it was freebos girlfriend. Leading Dexter with that sense freebo did not leave. Side notes.
    Cody has taken Dexter as a father figure. Rita tells Dexter shes pregnant. Batista becomes a sergeant on the force. Final saying. This episode is what we come to love, it has twists and turns and leaves you wanting more just to answer those dire question you may have after a great hour. I see no reason to miss this episode.
  • Change is inevitable.

    Miami's favorite serial killer returns with a new season filled with change and unexpected surprises. Now free of Harry's Code, Dexter's next victim is also wanted by DA Miguel Parda. While in pursuit of a drug dealer named Freebo, Dexter unintentionally kills an innocent bystander, who turns out to be related to DA Miguel Parda. The two men form an unusual friendship based upon Dexter's curiousity about Parda's relative. Meanwhile, Debra tries her luck at changing her image and lifestyle while working towards her detective shield. Debra's attempt rise up the ranks are thwarted by her crass attitude and Lt. LaGuarda. One the homefront, Dexter does his best play dad to Astor and Cody, much to the delight of Rita, who ultimately has a big surprise for Dexter. Jimmy Smits makes an outstanding addtition to the cast and his acting is impressive as ever. DA Parda may be a by-the-book DA on the outside but I do sense some dark secrets lurking on the inside. Just the type of person Dexter could relate to.

    While the start of the season seems to have lost the edginess of the past two seasons, Dexter is still in fine form and doesn't show any signs of running out of steam. The writing is still strong and the performaces are noteworthy. Season 3 appears to be off to a very strong start.
  • season 3 of one of the best shows ever begins

    great start for what it seems to be a great season . season 2s final wasnt really great so i was a bit concerned but this episode make those doubts dissapear first of all it is great seing dex breaking the code and having to deal with it and also being working with the mans brother makes fr an interesting dinamic now about the twist at the end
    rita is pragnet it seems like the natural thing to happen but i would love to see how dex will react to this all in all dexter never fails to entertain me and keep me hooked
  • Dexter kills someone he doesn't know to be guilty for the first time, forcing him to question himself, and Harry's code. He starts what looks like an odd 'friendship' with Miguel, an ADA who happens to be the brother of the man he accidentally killed.

    I thought it was a very strong start to the season. It juggled a lot of story lines, setting up what promises to be another morally complex and viscerally exciting year. We'll have to see where things go, but Dexter's relationship with Jimmy Smits seems filled with potential. Is he the next Doakes? Or maybe, given the odd connection between them, he's the next Lila (minus the sex, of course). Or some combination of both? I appreciated that they were brave enough to allow Dexter to continue to grow, to become more 'normal'... at least on the outsisde. I'm glad that there are beginning to be cracks in the code, and Dexter is having to grapple with more uncertainty about himself and what he does. I imagine the baby angle will only add to that. And I thought, as always, the show looked cool, and was full of great little moments of writing and acting. I can't wait to see where things lead.
  • Basically the trailer but 50 minutes longer.

    "Ahh Life. Life is Ritual. Routine. Control"

    And so begins the 3rd Season of Dexter. The first episode is alot like the Pilot episode but better. We first kick off with Dexter at the dentist. Where we catch up on Dexter's killing count, and killing rituals. I see some very serious foreshadowing in the whole Carnival scape. I think this could be a very juicy hint or at least some strange reference. From the Season 3 trailer we learned Dexter would make a spontaneous kill, and that Miguel Prado would be someway important in Dexter's universe. From Episode 1 we learned that he has let Freebo away which I think will play an important part in Episode 2. We also learn more about the spontaneous kill, we learn Dexter killed Miguel's brother, and we continue with the "Dexter's Changing" theme from the Season 2 finale.

    This episode does everything a premiere should do. It introduces the story arcs for the season, it closes any questions from the Season 2 finale, and entertains.

    Season 3 is looking to be the best season yet. All the story arcs are creative, original, and quite surprising. Although at the end of the episode Rita say's she is pregnant. Which may seem cliche. But I predict it will have so much of a Dexter twist to it that it leaves you wanting for more about Dexter's baby.

    Season 3 is a thumbs up from me so far. Hopefully it can stay that way.
  • The best drama on TV returns for a third season.

    "Life is good" says Dexter Morgan. For those who don't know, Dexter is a cop and a serial killer (but don't worry, he only kills bad guys). This time, Dexter has made a mistake. After a nice change of events, his relationship is no longer on the rocks, Doakes is dead, and so is Lila. This time, he kills an innocent man. Whoops!

    Dexter comes back with loads of dry and perverted humor. In the opening scene, we see tools and a chainsaw. It's actually just Dexter getting his tooth fixed by a dentist.

    We're watching the set up for another good and intense season here. I'm already loving it.