Season 3 Episode 1

Our Father

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Dexter: The New and ...

    "Wow" on the last season, and its ending. The Ice-Truck-Killer is finally revealed and lost. In comes Psycho-woman, and finally she's gone too. I can't believe that Sgt. Doakes is gone. Well, Dexter finally lays to rest Harry Morgan. A good defining line for this episode, "Our Father", is when Debra describes Dexter with, "... is this some macho thing where you have to kill your father to become a man.?" So true to the story line. Its a new Dexter, but I'm not sure that its an improved Dexter. Still, time will tell. We saw at the end of last season, that Dex kept finding one lie after another made by Harry. Thats what he told himself. This season, with his father's code gone/redefined, he's making a lot of screw-ups and getting sloppy without it (Harry's code). Maybe he's gonna go back to it. But I think that without the code, he's finally able to feel more human or "normal". Best part is the End. Can you believe it.? A baby. If this were a blonde joke, Rita would be asking herself, "I wonder if its mine". No offense. But I'm sure the audience (me anyway) is asking whether its Dexter's or not...
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