Season 3 Episode 1

Our Father

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Basically the trailer but 50 minutes longer.

    "Ahh Life. Life is Ritual. Routine. Control"

    And so begins the 3rd Season of Dexter. The first episode is alot like the Pilot episode but better. We first kick off with Dexter at the dentist. Where we catch up on Dexter's killing count, and killing rituals. I see some very serious foreshadowing in the whole Carnival scape. I think this could be a very juicy hint or at least some strange reference. From the Season 3 trailer we learned Dexter would make a spontaneous kill, and that Miguel Prado would be someway important in Dexter's universe. From Episode 1 we learned that he has let Freebo away which I think will play an important part in Episode 2. We also learn more about the spontaneous kill, we learn Dexter killed Miguel's brother, and we continue with the "Dexter's Changing" theme from the Season 2 finale.

    This episode does everything a premiere should do. It introduces the story arcs for the season, it closes any questions from the Season 2 finale, and entertains.

    Season 3 is looking to be the best season yet. All the story arcs are creative, original, and quite surprising. Although at the end of the episode Rita say's she is pregnant. Which may seem cliche. But I predict it will have so much of a Dexter twist to it that it leaves you wanting for more about Dexter's baby.

    Season 3 is a thumbs up from me so far. Hopefully it can stay that way.