Season 3 Episode 1

Our Father

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Of a great show, never there to let you down.

    This episode takes time to drive you down to memory lane with the way season 2 ended, which is perfect. I myself had hard time remembering what the hell happened in season 2. Dexter season 3 does not start off slow, it gives you what you love the most. This dark setting with a man crazed in his own insanity. In this episode Dexter is out to kill Bowman Fred "Freebo." As Dexter prays on Bowman,he encounters a struggle inside the house. Dexter had murder someone who has not done no wrongs in life. Dexter had killed someone who was close to someone who was very important to the community. The man swears to bring justice on the man who had killed his brother. Dexter starts a new case, to his surprise it was freebos girlfriend. Leading Dexter with that sense freebo did not leave. Side notes.
    Cody has taken Dexter as a father figure. Rita tells Dexter shes pregnant. Batista becomes a sergeant on the force. Final saying. This episode is what we come to love, it has twists and turns and leaves you wanting more just to answer those dire question you may have after a great hour. I see no reason to miss this episode.