Season 3 Episode 1

Our Father

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2008 on Showtime

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  • Off to a great start!

    Dexter is one of those shows you just crave. So for a period close to a year all I did was wait. Wait. Then wait some more, but Dexter never came.

    The moment I got my hands on this episode I greedily watched it, and completely rediscovered the show. All I remember was blood, chainsaw, murder, and the fact that it was a killer show. I had completely forgotten about the sheer amasingness this show entails. I don't know what direction the show is going to take this season, but I am guessing it's about Dexter confronting himself with the absurdity of his lifestyle. And I mean really confront, not: "Daddy told me to.". Harry this, Harry that. Harry is dead so shut up.

    The episode itself is no shiny gem, but the fact that it's Dexter and it's the first episode in a long time give you the feeling that you are watching the best episode in modern history. If you're a fan, of course.