Season 3 Episode 1

Our Father

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2008 on Showtime

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  • It's been a long wait since Season 2, and one thing is very apparent: The loss of Doakes, Lundy, and Lila has hurt this show.

    Season 3 is the first season of Dexter the writers have no book to follow, and judging by this episode - it's either going to be a home run or a disaster.

    I wasn't particularly blown away by the new storyline, and was a little frustrated that the Bay Harbor Butcher case was seemingly an open-and-closed case despite all the leaks. I guess we're supposed to put all of that behind us now.

    What irritated me most about this episode is that Dexter lost his tooth in the crime scene, only to find it later in the episode and kill any possible threat or drama in the process. It would of been so much more exciting and nerve wrecking if say Masuka found it. As far as DA Miguel Pardo goes, I'm perfectly fine with the casting of this character. I think his interactions with Dexter over this season will be phenomenal. The only thing is, we currently have no main villain for Dexter, and if Pardo becomes the man he kills in the finale, it will be an interesting ride getting there. Hopefully there's enough suspense and drama in between. And lastly, Rita's pregnancy was really no shock - but as much as I'm not fond of the idea, I'm willing to see where it goes. As for a season opener, it was definitely not as strong as the previous two, but it was still good. Though I kept waiting for Lila to pop out of the water to scare the crap out of us like Rudy did in Season 2's opener. :)