Season 3 Episode 1

Our Father

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2008 on Showtime

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  • "As always, it's the characters that make it and it's a real treat seeing one of the finest ensembles on TV back for another blood soaked season."

    I'm not sure what surprises me more: Debs' new haircut or the fact that this season opener feels rather sedated in comparison to previous seasons. Granted, season three had large footsteps to follow after the British invasion, but even so, there's not a lot here to dig our teeth into.

    Speaking of which, a huge opportunity was lost with Dexter's tooth skit. Can you imagine if one of his coworkers found it in the first episode? It could have given us some great material to work with for at least a few episodes. Although I suppose we had a season of catch the pigeon last year.

    Dexter has gained popularity over the past year and so it makes sense for the creators to make this episode more accessible to newer viewers. Unfortunately, that means going over character routines long term fans know all too well. There's nothing here to propel us into the season. No ice-truck killer. No Lila. It's a very average episode with plenty of character highlights, but no structure as to what to expect from the season. Hrmm.

    As always, it's the characters that make it and it's a real treat seeing one of the finest ensembles on TV back for another blood soaked season. It's great to see Angel step up the ladder a bit, and this new position should throw him into some issues later on with his colleagues, who are essentially his circle of friends. Diggin' Rita and still in love with Julie (who has an amazing body!); her cliffhanger wasn't exactly a shock, although the inner Joss Whedon in me was expecting her to collapse while making the chocolate, ala Joyce.

    While I'm not exactly enthused about Debs new look, she's my fave character on the show and I always enjoy it when the writers juxtapose her relationship and memory of her father with the one Dexter secretly had with him. It really adds to each of their characters. Not exactly sure where the Internal Affairs storyline may take us, but, then again, I'm not exactly interested either. Seemed more of an afterthought. The agent was a cutie, though...

    So it's a good start. A compliment on any other show, but when you expect such high-class material from this consistent series, it's a little underwhelming. Dexter's inner struggle seemed to be flip-flopping around more so than the footwear of the same name. And everyone has seemingly forgot about Doakes...
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