Season 1 Episode 3

Popping Cherry

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2006 on Showtime

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  • La Guerta beleives she has found the Ice Truck Killer.

    When another Ice Truck Killer victim is found in Miami's hockey dome La Guerta believes that the security guard Tony Tucci is the ITK while Dexter and Deb think he was framed but Dexter isn't complaining In this episode we also go back to Dexters first kill where a nurse was giving Harry more morphine than he should be on and Harry tells Dexter what he needed to do Dexter's fist kill was sloppy but in the end he was able to kill her and Harry recovered It was the start of Dexter.
  • Debra continues to track the ice truck killer after his latest kill and also Dexter deals with his own issues.

    In this brilliant episode Dexter continues to pursue the ice truck killer after his latest victim of a hooker but this time its different because there is a suspect who is night watch at the hockey stadium where the body was dumped but Dexter and Debra think that he was framed but with him missing La Guerta puts a manhunt out for him but Debra hates the fact that La Guerta won't listen to her.Dexter deals with his own issues with a boy released from prison who will kill again but Dexter plans to stop him but it was good part when Dexter found out that the boy was just like Dexter who kills the bad people and Dexter liked that and lets him live.The episode also taken us to the past again with Dexter's first kill which came around when his dad was dying and the nurse was slowly killing him and his father believes there was more victims.In his first kill it was sloppy but in the end Dexter killed her and it would be the first of many.
  • the first human kill

    For Dexter it is definitely true what they say ... You always remember your first. For Dexter this first was his first human kill. I enjoyed watching Dexter pursue the teenage boy he was going to kill in this episode. I like that he let the kid go because the kid was basically doing what he himself does ... kill because they deserve it. Dexter's first kill was the nurse at the hospital his dad was at. She was killing him and others via overdose. Dexter soon put a stop to that and her. I like that although he is a self professed monster he has a big warm heart and will do anything for certain people.
  • Great episode!

    Dexter tries to kill a boy released from prison who plans to kill again. Dexter doesn't realize that the boy was taking out the trash until the last minute. He lets the boy go with a warning not to kill innocent people. The only problem is the boy sees Dexter's face. I'm more concerned about this than Dexter. It doesn't seem like he's too concerned about his safety. It seems a little sloppy.

    I'm starting to wonder about some of these cops at the police station turning on their own. If some of them aren't careful their actions wlll put them on Dexter's radar.
  • Tracking ice-truck killer

    So.. another murder and police is trying their best to catch the man and they have a suspect but neither of Morgans believe it. So, in some way it is development and Debbie vs LaGuerta tension but that does not take majority or lead in the episode. There are so many little storylines that none of them feels major - everything develops but it does not feel so strong as previous two episodes. I think there part of episode what had great development, was the Dexter personal side - I mean the whole thing with Rita and that social service.. he saying that the system sometimes work and whole thing there. It was sweet and little different - usually all those series show how system never works..
  • I am glad that they finally gave us a little more information into dexter's past.

    This was a good episode, you got to see more about the life of dexter. I really enjoyed seeing the relationship unfold between dexter and his father. I really want to know what happen to him as a child, but I have a feeling that we wont know about that for a while. I love that he found a kid like himself, and when he relized that the kids wasn't bad he let the kid live, it really shows the state of his mind. I hope they get closer to finding the serial killer, and I don't understand why they never talk about any of dexter's bodies.
  • Review

    the first 2 episodes were somewhat filled with over exposition that dulled out the pace of those episodes. Episode 3 improves with the pacing, it's plot is a lot tighter, it actually feels fluid this time. The case in this episode is different from the first two. It's quite different, but it's well written than it felt satisfying when it comes to the end. I really liked this episode. The messages left for him by the ice truck killer keep on coming. That serial killer is still out there and continue to claim lives. dexter continues to deal with his life from day to day, and it's an exciting story to watch.
  • Review

    I thought this episode cotinued the streak of well done Dexter episodes. I was surprised early in the episode with the way that Dexter handeled the man taking Ritas car. I know he didnt want to cause a scene in front of everyone but I thought that might have gone done differently later in the episode. It will be interesting to see if the writers ever bring that up again in future episodes or if they will leave it be. Once again Rita and Dexter have the best chemistry of the epsiode. Love the big story arch with the Ice killer. I thought this show would be a standalone format and in a way (with the people that Dexter goes after) it kind of works off some standalone episode principals but having the one thing common in every episode makes you look at this show as one giant timeline which I like alot. Scenes without Dexter in them once again didn't really shine for me. I dont have a connection to James or the rest of the police staff yet. Perhaps in some upcoming episodes I can get a better feel for their character but right now they seem like such a minimal, filler role to me.
  • Nosso amigo Ice Truck Killer aprontou mais uma

    Nosso amigo Ice Truck Killer aprontou mais uma. Fatiou a coitada da Cherry e colocou seus retalhos debaixo de uma das goleiras do Miami Blades (time de hóquei da cidade). E aí? Alguém acha que ele é o segurança desaparecido ou ele foi apenas um fantoche?

    Mas o ITK não foi tão importante assim em Popping Cherry. Muito mais relevante foi a trama envolvendo Dexter e Jeremy Dawns, um adolescente que passou quatro anos preso por assassinato. O garoto parece disposto a recriar seu primeiro crime. Comprou uma faca nova e levou sua provável vítima para dentro do banhado. No último instante, Dexter aparece para impedí-lo.

    Lembram que eu disse que o universo tentaria deixar Dexter mais humano constantemente? Numa interpretação mais nobre, isso aconteceria no momento em que ele chegou pedindo por seu frisbee, atitude que salvou a suposta vítima de Jeremy. Mas na verdade, poucos momentos de Dexter são tão gente como a gente quanto ele fugindo todo atrapalhado do jacaré, com direito à palavrões e tudo.

    Momentos mais tarde, quando Dex encurrala Jeremy, a descoberta: Jeremy havia matado o homem que lhe estuprou. Dexter compreende que o garoto é um "justiceiro", assim como ele. Isso desencadeia uma série de lembranças/flashbacks da primeira vítima de Dexter.

    Henry Morgan estava no hospital muito doente, quando ele avisou Dexter que a enfermeira responsável de administrar seus remédios tinha alguma coisa de errado. Dex (e seus indefectível penteado) decidiu colocar em prática o código ensinado por seu pai. Trapalhadas à parte, ele atingiu seu objetivo com sucesso.

    O episódio teve ainda outras subtramas, como o envolvimento de Doakes e um grande bandido da cidade, que matou um tira e sua esposa. E Debra investigando com as prostitutas, e descobrindo que a Tenente LaGuerta é na verdade sua cafetina (!).

    Chegando perto do fim, temos a hora do nosso Dexter Quote. Dex, como todos sabem, é um namorado exemplar e quase um pai para os filhos de Rita. Qual seria o pensamento dele no momento em que ela lhe agradece por ter buscado sua filha na escola e está com a própria (a filha, não Rita) nos braços, toda chorosa, depois de ter uma farpa retirada do dedo?
  • nice episode

    the first 2 episodes were somewhat filled with over exposition that dulled out the pace of those episodes. Episode 3 improves with the pacing, it's plot is a lot tighter, it actually feels fluid this time. The case in this episode is different from the first two. It's quite different, but it's well written than it felt satisfying when it comes to the end. I really liked this episode. The messages left for him by the ice truck killer keep on coming. That serial killer is still out there and continue to claim lives. dexter continues to deal with his life from day to day, and it's an exciting story to watch.
  • Dexter remembers his first kill.

    Excellent third episode with a great guest star in Denise Crosby. She was always one of my favourite characters in Star Trek The Next Generation and I was very sad when she died, so seeing her again in a such a scary and ingteresting role was great.

    I still can't get over the fact that Dexter claims not to have 'normal' emotions or a heart, yet the way he acts with Rita's kids is amazing. Surely that can't be all an act, he also takes care of Rita, gets her a car, ensures that the social worker is proerply received. He certainly doesn't fit the mould of what people think of when they think of a serial killer.
  • Dexter's first time.

    Once more this episode brings about all that is astonishing in the show: the dialogues without any kind of censureship (just as they are talked on real life), the dichotomy of Dexter's character, they day-to-day life in a homocide department, but it comes closer to the real deal of Dexter's personna as we see the story of his first killing and while he turns his back to one of his victims at the last moment.

    Nevertheless, there's something about this episode that isn't as good as the previous ones. I can't pinpoint to its exact mistake, but I surely know the thrilling sensation caused by Dexter's "clash" with the ice-truck killer on the previous episode wasn't here on this one.

    The most unexpected moment was without doubt the alligator attacking Dexter when he was totally distracted. But if I had to ellect the moment of the episode it would be the seconds whilst Dexter was deciding if Jeremy would live or die. I just can imagine what passed by Dexter's mind when he saw his reflection on the boy.

    Needless to say to stay tuned for more.
  • The Wrong Guys Written by Daniel Cerone Directed by Michael Cuesta

    Another week and another array of complexities on a show that casual viewers can watch with relative ease, mainly due to the arcs on this show not being as convoluted as those often seen on Lost.

    This week there are three different plots all seeping through in the overall development of the series, so I’ll tackle them in order of what I found the most intriguing, which is a bit tricky as they are intriguing and beneficial to the series.

    The first one is the Ice Truck Killer. It’s been pointed out on a few sites I’ve visited that this particular menace has a similarity with The Carver from Nip/Tuck and I have to admit that I agree that a certain point.

    Both The Carver and the Ice Truck Killer have gone for victims that in some ways claw at beauty and sexuality. The Carver staked out and raped models because of his own inadequateness and the weird belief about beauty being a curse on the world. I’m not sure if the Ice Truck Killer has the same idea but his/hers methods are just as bad.

    Instead of models, the Ice Truck Killer has targeted prostitutes and butchered them in a way that even Jack The Ripper might find a bit disturbed. Perhaps the ITK thoughts on prostitutes is similar, perhaps it’s something more complex but either way, not only is the ITK taste being heightened, they are also getting more and more audacious in their location of attacks.

    No longer is it in hotels and alleys, now a victim is found on an ice rink and unlike previous kills, the marks are more consistent, which means not only is this guy getting better, they are also taking great delight in pissing off the authorities and impressing Dexter along the way. This basically replaces the home invasion/dolls in the fridge tactic of the first two episodes this week.

    The victim in question Cherry Taylor was a friend of sorts to Deb and unsurprisingly she’s pretty upset to find her in such a horrific state but unintentional comedy is ripped from the moment when she casually rejects Dexter’s attempts of consoling her with a pretty simple **** off” response. Not that Dexter seems to be miffed or anything, it was still a nice moment that highlighted their rapport with one another.

    It’s not the only thing interesting with this case too as Deb begins to prove that while her brother was good for pointing out the whole Ice Truck thing back in the first episode, at the end of the day she doesn’t completely need her older sibling to figure out some things for herself.

    For instance she’s able to go snooping for a particular type of vehicle she thinks could help with the case even though super **** LaGuerta tries to dismiss her theories in front of her colleagues yet again and while it turned out to be a dead end, you have to praise Deb for at least trying to use her initiative and showing us just how much of a prize dolt LaGuerta really is.

    I could almost deal with LaGuerta being a moron of sorts if the woman wasn’t such a nasty bint and seeing as Deb was the only ones in that meeting trying to think outside the box, Maria looked like a fool for dismissing her. In fact Maria’s overall stupidity is getting to the point where she’s in danger of jeopardising the case just because she can’t stand another woman in her precinct actually being good at their job.

    It’s very telling that while the Captain may have been annoyed with Deb giving him information instead of LaGuerta first, he still had to point out that Maria wasn’t half as good as she thought she was. Maria obviously didn’t like to hear that particular platitude but at the same time, she wasn’t exactly being very helpful was she?

    Deb impressed me this week with her police work. This week she wasn’t depending on her older brother to give her a clue so she could claim credit. Nope at the ice rink, she spotted something not right with the security guard and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance after Cherry’s murder.

    While LaGuerta was adamant that the security guard had to be the Ice Truck Killer, Deb and Angel were quick to deduce that the poor man was being forced into helping the ITK as opposed to be the deranged menace. Deb and Angel make a good team and both of them weren’t shy in taking pride of the idea of proving LaGuerta wrong again.

    Deb may have made a wrong call going over LaGuerta’s head and passing this information on to the Captain but in her situation, you might have done the same to be honest and LaGuerta did herself no favours by releasing false press statement after Deb had given her proof that the security guard wasn’t the killer and LaGuerta still went ahead with her TV moment.

    The second thorny issue in this episode goes to Dexter’s flashbacks and if you were worried that him reminiscing over Harry would just get old, then this week Harry’s grooming seems to pay off after the first one revealed a rather so-so hunting expedition.

    In flashbacks Harry was sick in hospital and his nurse Mary was trying to kill him by drugging him all the time and despite the patient’s pleas, Mary wouldn’t give up on the idea of mercy killing.

    Sadly for her, Dexter was roped by his father to put an end to her and the then young killer decided to pay her a house call but back then, even Dexter’s plans didn’t always go successfully and there was a good struggle in which it looked like Mary could’ve escaped his clutches but she didn’t and Dexter managed to kill her which meant Harry could live for another without psycho nurses poisoning him.

    Those flashbacks tied in nicely with the current dilemma of Dexter’s would be victim, 19 year old Jeremy Downs who served four years for killing a man and was on the verge of re-offending again, which was enough for him to earn a place on Dexter’s not so coveted hit list.

    Remember I mentioned in my review the fears that Dexter will actually go after the wrong person if he’s not too careful? Well they were kinda justified here this week when Dexter soon learned after roughing up Jeremy that his intended spent four years for murdering someone who raped him as opposed to the innocent victim Dexter had previously assumed.

    It only proves that Dexter is every bit as prone to making mistakes as everyone and his attempts of covering up his true intentions towards Jeremy are met with him demanding the wallet Jeremy had stolen off him during the episode. Dexter had made the mistake of also interacting with Jeremy on a knife vendor and in the woods, hence Jeremy smashing his car window and taking his wallet.

    That being said while Dexter was a bit sloppy this week and Jeremy showed signs of possibly killing when he lured a classmate of his out in the woods, you have to hand it to the writers for showing us that not all of this cases are as cut and dry as they could easily come to be. I like being kept on my toes and so far this series is doing that well enough. Long may it last!

    The last major issue of the episode is Doakes and while I’m still not totally sympathetic towards the character, I have to admit he’s at east more interesting than LaGuerta is as the consequences of Ricky and Karen’s deaths has him taking it upon himself to seek some kind of justice.

    Last week a cop managed to beat Cervantes to death and this week Doakes gatecrashes Carlos Guerrero’s house during a family celebration and interrogates the gangster’s daughter which is more than enough to piss off Carlos. Sadly for the powerful gangster, Doakes shows zero signs of remorse and tells Guerrero he vows to make him pay for the death of his friends. Somehow I don’t see Carlos quaking in his boots just yet.

    Of course it’s not over for Doakes this week as a few of his cop buddies decide to escalate their hatred of Carlos by showing up at his house in clown masks and being a general nuisance and while Doakes wants the same thing, he’s not keen on childish pranks in order to get it.

    So when Doakes refuses to play, one of his so called mates is very quick to use his affair with Karen and later on one of Guerrero’s men gives him a warning as he heads to his car. It will be interesting to see exactly when this entire plot manages to go on top of the whole debacle with the Ice Truck Killer.

    However just because this show deals with killers and vendettas doesn’t mean the everyday stuff has to be relegated into the background as our only civilian regular Rita is having her own teething problems when a former dealer of her abusive ex-husband shows up and takes her car as a way of squaring off a debt.

    This naturally brings Rita down and Dexter’s attempts of cheering her up don’t work so she braves using the bus only for that to be a hindrance later on in the episode when her social worker stops by and Astor is left at school.

    In both cases Dexter does come to her defence by collecting her child and talking to the social worker about Rita’s good parenting skills, so it’s probably a good thing that Rita has a supportive boyfriend and a social worker who doesn’t think she is a screw up and by the end of the episode, Dexter also buys Rita a new car and it’s more interesting that their sexual problems didn’t factor this week.

    Also in “Popping Cherry”

    The episode opened up with an incredibly long “Previously On” bit which was kinda weird.

    Cody: “Can we make a lemonade stand?”
    Dexter: “I’ll apply for a licence tomorrow”.

    Angel was surprised when Dexter pretended he was a fan of the Miami Blades. It was almost like he wasn’t convinced by Dexter’s claim.

    Angel (re the Ice Truck Killer): “What do you think he is trying to tell us?”
    Dexter: “That hockey is a violent sport”.

    Dexter: “You want a hug?”
    Deb: **** off”.

    When Dexter talked about his hatred for funeral, I couldn’t help but think of David Fisher’s somewhat love for them on Six Feet Under.

    LaGuerta: “Do you still have your tube top?”
    Deb: “And my nipple clamps”.

    Harry (to Dexter): “You’re taking a man’s life, you’re not only killing you’re stopping anything he’ll ever accomplish”.

    I was going to speculate about what kind of job Rita has but it turns out that she’s a receptionist at a hotel.

    Prostitute (re LaGuerta): “Does she steal everything you earn?”
    Deb: “Yeah she does that”
    Prostitute: “Then she’s your pimp”.

    Captain: “It’s a reality check, you need it”
    LaGuerta: “And I’ve got it”.

    This is the second episode in a row in which Doakes hasn’t laid into Dexter. That won’t last much longer seeing how much Doakes hates him.

    Mac (to Doakes): “You ****ed my sister. You ****ed a cop’s wife. Now you’re just ****ed”.

    Dexter: “I understand now. Why didn’t I see it before? Jeremy didn’t murder that boy four years ago; he was taking out the garbage. Just like I do”.

    I had to laugh when Dexter got scared by the alligator and muttered about how trying to intervene the normal way was a bad idea.

    Dexter: “That boy who raped you four years ago, did he deserve to die?”
    Jeremy: Yeah he did”
    Dexter: “But the boy today didn’t. Remember that it could save your life one day”.

    Chronology: None was exactly specified since the previous episode.

    This show is really showing some great strength as “Popping Cherry” gives us a wonderful look into Dexter’s killer ways and also informs us that he might not be far off from one day making a serious blunder too. The rest of the cast also continue to excel as this series gathers pace.
  • I love Dexter. Its cool

    After last weeks show which weas rated highly but didn't really keep me entertained, Dexter returns on form ad I really enjoyed it.

    I like the continueing exploration (what a good word) of Dexters character and the ice murderer character that carried on. I didn't like the fact that Dexter just let that guy take her car, What was he thinking, and then after that he still should've murdered him
    (this programme really makes you feel like murder isn't such a bad thing)

    This series continues to impress me and I only noticed this week that the food bit at the start has happened every week and I just assumed that that was just what he was doing.
  • Dexter is once again troubled by the ice truck killer and troubled by his own demons.

    This show just get’s better with each episode and I love how we have more than two stories to each episode, Dexter vs. the ITK, Dexter vs. his latest conquest, and Dexter vs. his flashbacks to his father and his fathers code.

    We get more of an insight to Dexter’s father, his death and Dexter’s first kill, as well as his slightly more complex relationship with Rita, then we have the small mature of the Ice Truck Killer still taunting Dexter.

    Excellent storyline, excellent cast, excellent series, a joy to watch and a a joy to review.

    Exactly why i watch this series.
  • Excellent.

    I really want to read the book this is based on. The show just keeps getting better and better. This is one of the most original ideas Ive seen in a long time. I think it would have worked great as a movie, but I'm glad they took the time to develop it into a serialized TV show. I wasn't expecting it to be serialized at first, but it's excellent. I can't wait for the next installment. I don't know how long they'll be able to drag this ice truck killer thing out, but it's very exciting. I'm about to start watching Episode 4.
  • In which Dexter stalks a young killer, we learn more about how he became who he is, and a sub-plot with Doakes kicks off somewhat problematically.

    This one was a little shaky, as the subplot with Doakes felt both tacked-on and unbelievable. However, the guest turn by Denise Crosby was brilliant -- creepy *and* funny -- and elevates the rest. They use Denise to advance Dexter's character, as well, and it all gives new meaning to the phrase 'first time.' For that matter, everything else was perfectly wonderful, really. It's just that I've had high hopes for Doakes' character since his introduction, and it does him no favors to throw in a storyline which feels more 'Miami Vice' than 'American Psycho.' I'll withold judgment until I see more, but I have to admit -- it worries me that they'd throw in something as shallow as racist cops and drug lords.
  • Amazing!

    This show is great,it reminds me of saw abit the way things are all planned out, but this ones more about whats good and evil...making a balance, to be fair i think he lets the killers off to easy, he should take tips from jigsaw and have a hide out with solid trap rooms let them go through hell before they die....but still amazing for a tv show to be so detailed.... (-:
  • not very good, it was still enjoyable though.

    They drag the show too much. A different killer every week would be much much better than the same killer over a season. That show is pretty good but as a lot to do to be better. I don't see it last over 1 season if it keeps this pace. The character and acting are however pretty good so maybe it will get better with time.
  • This week in "Popping Cherry" we get further along in understanding Dexter, Deb, Angel, Lt. LaGuerta, Doakes and the Ice Truck Killer. We also learn the details surrounding Dexter's first kill and that there are some things Harry didn't teach h

    This show continues to impress, with its truly well fleshed out characters. One fault of many shows these days is the tendency to have a “rough” idea of who and what a character is, and then to develop that as the show goes along. Dexter (in this and so many ways) is truly different. The only character that has not seen to be (at least by me) as well developed is Lt. LaGuerta. We don’t really know what drives her and her personality can go from “tough as nails and commanding” (like when she confronted Doakes last week about his affair with Kara Simmons) to kind of “weak and insecure” as she appears around Dexter. While you might argue that this range is evidence of her being well developed, her motivations for her actions and the believability of them still lack. In “Popping Cherry” an interesting series of things occur. First, there is the picking of the next victim for “Dexterization.” As Dexter tells it “Florida prisons kick free 25,000 inmates a year, they don’t do that for me, but it sure feels like it. I search for the ones who think they’ve beat the system. They’re not hard to find.” Indeed, it is from a freshly paroled group of such inmates that he selects Jeremy Downs. My first objection to this selection is that unlike other Dexter victims, Jeremy has only committed one crime. Not only this, but he has actually served time in prison for it and he is a very young man. Still, Dexter manages to convince me that Jeremy is a suitable target because as Dexter told us last week, he can very easily spot another killer. More easily than anyone else can it seems. Even the coroner in Jeremy’s case was apparently wrong, Dexter says “to the coroner the knife stokes looked random, impulsive, but I saw the work of a young virtuoso.” Further we learn that Dexter is convinced that he will strike again. “I knew who he was and what he’d do again, all I had to do was circle my calendar and wait.” So wait he does and Jeremy does in fact take another young man into a park and it indeed looks like he is going to kill him. Dexter intervenes and saves the young man and scares them both away. Jeremy’s fate is all but sealed, when Dexter confronts him to kill him, we learn Jeremy killed his first victim immediately following being raped by him. This causes Dexter to change his mind and spare Jeremy. Herein lays my dilemma. Up until now (granted only 2 episodes in) I have very much agreed with Dexter’s justice and his choices. Not this time. Assuming that Jeremy told the truth and he was raped, I believe that his killing of the young man who raped him was an extreme response. I do not condone rape in any way, shape, or form, but still a death sentence is extremely extreme. Jeremy is apparently another killer who loves to kill. Dexter claims to recognize this, he stopped Jeremy from killing what was a totally innocent victim (the second boy) and Jeremy clearly loves knives and has studied how and where to cut people. So I went from thinking he was a poor choice to be “Dextered” to believing it to perhaps be a good choice. Dexter is right, he knows who and what he is and he will strike again. Then Dexter lets him go. He not only lets him go, he lets him know who he is and where he lives. Jeremy had stolen Dexter’s wallet after smashing out the window in his car after Dexter frightened him away from killing the second boy in the park. Could it be that this is not the last we have seen of Jeremy?

    I wonder if Dexter might not take him “under his wing” and teach him the ways of a killer and the “code of Harry.” Dexter has some unique insight as to where he would be without it. “Without the code of Harry, I’m sure I would have committed a senseless murder in my youth, just to watch the blood flow.” Whether I ultimately feel this episode reflects a flaw in Dexter and his ways will at last depend on what further develops from this encounter with young Jeremy. Deb is coming into her own as a homicide detective and making some keen observations, she also learned (in a harsh dressing down by the Captain) to respect the chain of command. I predict an ultimate showdown for her and Lt. LaGuerta. Doakes makes a brave (and admirable) move against Guerrero and winds up being set up by Kara’s brother (also a cop) who knows about their affair. Earlier he almost stands up to LaGuerta in defending Deb as a good cop, these two events show him to be a good cop and good man. It is the first time thus far that I found myself feeling compassion for him. I find the scenes with Rita this week to be a bit contrived, however, her line about “I can’t help it, I kill things” (in reference to fruit trees) followed by Dexter’s reply of “how awful for you!” was hilarious. We also learn that despite all his training and his code, Harry did not teach Dexter everything. “But there was something that Harry didn’t teach me, something he didn’t know, couldn’t possibly know, the willful taking of life represents the ultimate disconnect from humanity, it leaves you an outsider, forever looking in, searching for company to keep.”

    Dexter started to really know this following his first ever human kill. It was the nurse who looking after Harry in the hospital (and as it turns out, slowly poisoning him). Dexter takes her out in what is a brilliant scene involving him and actress Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar on Star Trek NG). It was a messy kill, but then as Dexter himself tells us “hey; perfecting a new craft takes time.” Despite minor (and they are minor) hiccups, I am still of the opinion that it is one of the best shows currently on television. Look for some serious competition at the Emmy’s by Dexter and his gang. I give this episode a solid 9 out of 10.
  • Dexter tracks down a released juvenile named Jeremy Downs while Debra gets elevated to the Homicide unit.

    Good episode. Dexter didn't kill anyone LMAO. They did try
    to add depth here. Dexter comes to investigate another body being butchered by Ice Cream Truck Killer. Debra shows her stuff and also vocally tells her disapproval for Maria to her superior.

    Debra tells her prostitute friends she's a cop and they don't take it kindly. Dexter takes us through memory lane as he tells us about Foster family, the Morgan and how the
    father Harry was being poisoned by the nurse there. Dexter decides to end that even though she pleads with him that sick patients would have died anyways. For a first kill,
    Dex could have chosen a different victim. She wasn't a monster, she was just misguide.

    Dexter's instinct also were off here. He went after Jeremy
    assumed his murder of another man was warranted, but as Jeremy explains it wasn't leaving Dex baffled.

    It was a decent episode. We see the writers trying to add to the characters here, and show that Dex has his limits when it comes to choosing his victims.
  • Does Dexter understand right from wrong??

    A serial killer with a conscience?? So this cannot be the first time that Dexter has thought about what he is doing and thought that it could be wrong. He almost killed someone that was not innocent, but had reasons for his killing, self-defense. Maybe he has not run into it before because his other killings were all other serial killers and that really could ever be justified as killing in self-defense. This single boy that killed one person seems so out of his usual…I wonder if Dexter is ever going to think about why others kill in the future…
  • The Ice Truck strikes again and Dexter has principles.

    I found this episode to be a drop slower than the previous two. I found it a bit weird but overall it was very enjoyable.

    THis episode we see Dex hunting a teenager who just got released after serving a 4 year sentence. THis teen killed a man a few years ago and Dex feels he got off easy. I am shocked to find out her only served 4 years and in Juvy? WHats up with that? Most criminals who are 15 or 16 and are found to be of sound mind and body go into a regular court and not through the Juvy system. Anyway Dex thinks this guy needs to be punished for his crime. We also see Dex deal with grief and his pseudofamily. I love what Dex says about grief. Death is death but the pain you feel is the weird part. Grief is like a thorn. His comments on shades was priceless. Not for nothing he expresses human emotions very well but then again the people around him seem to be clueless. We find out more about his father and how he died. I loved when he was torturing the nurse and then he stabbed her, that was good. Michael looked horrible in that wig and I hope to never see it again. Apparently Dex does have a heart and I never doubted that her did. He is not a murderer persay(sp?), he is more of an avenger for the dead. BUt he does have reasons behind each killing. I wasn;t that surprised he didnt kill the teenager because he was righting the wrong done to him. I am not exactly sure that was the best way to go about it but atleast Dex can see when someone killed someone else for the \"right\" reason. I totally love the scenes with him and RItas kids. Those kids are so adorable and Dex just has a charisma with them that makes you love him even more. HE is great with kids.

    I seem to realize that DOakes is getting more screentime which I totally hate. HE is a waste of a character and airtime. I hate the actor, I think thats why I hate the character. THe guy is just a terrible actor, he is more of a ham.

    THe Lt. is an evil person,lol. BUt I love to hate her. she adds some spark to the show. I love the actress and she can totally play the **** I am a big fan of her character and she seems to be very reclusive even though she is a Lt. BUt I doubt she is the killer because that would be way too predictable.

    WHat is with the constant use of the F-bomb? I understand this is Showtime but seriously you dont need to say that word every second. Its rather annoying.

    SOme new clues are revealed about the killer. HE or she could be a lab rat due to the use of liquid nitrogen. THis guy is very smart and you just knew that security guard had no connection. THis killer likes to play mind games but these cops take the bait way too quickly. I cant wait to see who it is but I hope it is worth the wait.

    Next week looks good but I noticed the trailer lost some spunk. This show has me completely hooked and I am not going anywhere, bring on the ICE Truck Killer.
  • This episode goes a long ways towards showing Dexter isn't a heartless monster killing killers without regard for their actual guilt.

    This episode goes deeper into Dexter's true character and the past he was brought up in, there is a lot more to Dexter than just another killer on a mission. This episode tells the story behind Dexter's father's death and Dexter's first kill. While Dexter appears to have no emotions or care for others in the first two episodes, this one takes a step back to question that belief in a real way. This episode also sheds light on the true nature of the mysterious frozen food killer taunting Dexter and the ongoing struggle that Rita goes though on her way up the chain of command and the obstacles in her way.