Season 5 Episode 3

Practically Perfect

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2010 on Showtime

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  • Humbug

    Boyd hires Dex as simply as show up and jump in my truck. Must do things different in Miami.

    Dex needles Boyd and somehow the unexpecting Boyd is able to turn and shoot Dex with tranq. gun. A few minutes later, Boyd is now all hopped up and looking for Dex, with a real gun I might add, and Dex needles him again, but Boyd gets no shot off. Really?

    And...they never found the needle in Dexter's hand after he needled Boyd. Really?

    Then, Dex leaves a window uncovered to off Boyd, really?

    This could be the season Dex "jumps the shark" as the writer try to milk what was a brilliant concept. The first show of this season had me glued to my t.v. This 3rd episode left me scratching my head. Everyone is different, but these kinds of things take me out of the moment and make me stop me from being engrossed. I'll try #4 and hope it is not as cheesy.
  • A new piece has entered the game! One to watch for recent doubters!

    That was a great episode! It had so many different points of interest it was really easy to be swept along and didn't seem to take any time at all.

    The main thing of note in this episode though is the entry onto the playing field of Dexter's twisted world of a new player. This was desperately needed to avoid a stagnation of story, i was worried this season would simply follow Quinn getting closer to Dex's secret while Dex blithely resumed his killing spree.

    But without giving too much away to those that haven't seen the episode the revelation at the end really does revive interest in the plot and leave the viewer excited (for the first time in a good while) about how this new character may affect the story line. It could go so many different ways from here!

    Really one to watch if you were starting to doubt the writers had anything new to say!
  • Back to the Old Grind: A Dexter Morgan Return to Form

    This week we finally saw Dexter take off back on his killing trail and go after Boyd Fowler which proves to not be as easy as he thinks it is. Also there is a breakthrough in the Santa Muerte case with Deb getting another cop to get a guy from a Venezuelan neighborhood to talk but they then find him dead and in what is quite possibly the most gory Dexter has ever gotten, I mean yeah it's one thing to see people in a pool of blood and all pale but to see a decapitated corpse and a head void of eyes, tongue, etc. makes Masuka's saying, "Don't people just shoot each other anymore?" that much more true. But the real winner this week is Dexter finally getting his routine back, sorta and when he finally secures the kill he knows nothing is made right by it "No church bells, everything's exactly the same" but a woman that Fowler was keeping in his house saw him kill someone, he made a mistake, just like when he kill the guy with the anchor in the bathroom. I like this grieving, vengeful Dexter and even when Harry says, "It won't bring Rita back." His quip "Maybe it'll bring me back." All he wants is a return to order for the first time Dexter doesn't know which way is up and he's always been so careful to not get caught before I love the conflict that comes from him screwing up it makes for an excellent build for his season arc as he tries to sort out his life now that Rita's gone.
  • 5x03

    Definitively a very good and intense episode, I really loved it.

    I´m almost sure that at least 90% of dexter audience loved the scene where dexter and boyd were traped in the hospital and both of them started a race against time trying to kill his oponnent.

    Something I loved from this episode is that we saw everything from the victim´s side and not by dexter´s side, we felt the afraid that boyd had knowing that somebody was trying to catch him in the dark. this season is getting better :)

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • 503

    The third episode of Dexter's latest season shows a continued improvement in the ongoing drama, and a highly dramatic scene where Dexter Morgan was actually shot with a tranquilizer while trying to kill his foe.

    I just do not see this season getting really great, however, tonight's episode showed me that we are in for another fun year. My only worry is that there might be too much emphasis on the supporting cast. I have no interest in this Maria and Angel relationship; never have, never will. And Debra and Quinn? Not my cup of tea either. But I digress.
  • Practically Perfect

    Practically Perfect was another great episode of Dexter. It kept a fast pace, with lots of action, drama and intrigue. I couldn't believe some of what was happening. As usual Dexter continues to delight and shock with certain scenes. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had lots of good story lines running through it, and some revelations, as well as new questions. This episode continues to amaze me with its way of story telling. I think that this episode definitely adds to the season as a whole. It was a pleasure to see the new nanny for Harrison. It was also nice to see the rookie back in action working with Deb. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode!!!
  • Dexter is back on his game!

    After the necessary disappointment that was My Bad and the decent but flawed Hello Bandit, Dexter finally returns to form with Practically Perfect, an episode that is exactly what its title suggests. The hunt for Boyd was as creative and entertaining as the best hunt sequences the series has presented in the last four years, and definitely erases all doubt from my mind that this season will be awesome. The new cop, Officer Cira, looks pretty interesting so far, we'll see how it plays out. Even LaGuerta and Batista managed not to be totally insufferable this week, so it really seems everything is going to be fine for the season after all. Can't wait to see the rest!
  • That's more like it.

    After an episode that last week that people found complaining about how slow it was (I wasn't necessarily one of them, but I admit I was jonesing for some good ol' fashion Dexter killings), this week returns to what makes the show so tense. Dexter's hunt for Boyd was great and surprising, and I must admit, the side-plots this week didn't completely annoy me. Well, maybe Batista and LaGuerta's plot was lame.. but I'm enjoying seeing where Quinn's investigation of Dexter leads us.

    The best part of the episode was, of course, Dexter's continuing search for Boyd Fowler. He finally finds a place to put his kill room and sets up a plan to lure him towards it. Along the way, they have an interesting conversation about Boyd's motivational tape by a man named Jordan Chase ("Take it now!") According to producers, this Chase character will become important over time. However, for now, we focus on Dexter and Boyd. Dexter goes to kill Boyd and Boyd pulls out his tranquilizer gun that he keeps on him ("I'm a safety man.") and shoots Dexter square in the stomach. This results in a strangely funny, crazily tense second half where Boyd and Dexter are in the same ambulance, Boyd knows what Dexter is and they both fight to escape first so they can get the one-up on each other.

    In the end, Dexter gets Boyd on a kill table (a make shift one in Boyd's own house) and claims that he hopes Boyd's will help him in his own healing process. Boyd then goes to call Dexter psychotic and claims he was simply helping these women. Dexter then kills him and is surprised to find a pair of eyes peering in at him from a back room. He learns that a blonde women, another of Boyd's victims, was locked back there and saw him kill Boyd. This creates a new dilemna for Dexter: does he kill this woman or does he abide by the code, which claims you can't kill an innocent.

    Meanwhile, Deb and the new detective (can't remember her name) investigate the Santa Muerte killings while Quinn tries to get a meeting with the Mitchell family to compare Dexter's picture to their drawings of Kyle Butler. With Quinn just one short step away from discovering Dexter, this makes everything much more interesting. And while people claim that Quinn is no Doakes, I must say, I can't really see what people were so obsessed with Doakes about. He was one-note in his hatred for Dexter, and for the most part, his hatred was very unfounded. Quinn started off trying to be friendly and Dexter's need to be alone and by himself created an enemy and a suspicion. And there's some ridiculous sideplot about Batista and Masuka's bar fight, and the only interesting thing about that is the reverberations it could carry in Batista getting fired. Remember the days when Batista was an interesting character and actually had a background? Now him and LaGuerta are empty shells of the characters they used to be.

    Overall, though, this episode is superb and does an excellent job of setting us up for the rest of the season. It appears that Dexter will be interacting a lot more with this Lumen character, and it'll be interesting to see how Julia Stiles does in the show. I also am interested to see more of Dexter's new nanny, Sonya. Maria Doyle Kennedy was good in The Tudors, and I'm excited to see her in this Showtime show now.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Twisted and intense story, exciting arcs, inaccurate morality, bottoming "BatisGuerta", refreshing humor, The cliffhanger

    The X-Files had its monster of the week, Dexter has its monster of the season. When the first leaf of autumn fell I anticipated a new nemesis for our wicked serial killer but even after Hello Bandit I wasn't sure about it. But with a powerless Dex it seems the writers have found a refreshing way to slice up their words. Indeed like in Hello Bandit the story featured a few twists that should definitely put viewers on the verge of their seats. From the dead animals cleaner to Quinn's obsession all arcs are exciting. They all developed in perfect sync, including the one involving Deb and her new female partner. However I can only question her morality considering what she said about a corpse. She should know better after what happened in season 3. I can't even believe Jennifer Carpenter read her lines without reporting the issue to the writers ! An other issue was the return of the Batista-LaGuerta mumbo jumbo. I naively thought that it would end with their marriage but they're back for more. This time we had to endure a scene that exceeded a minute ! To tell the truth I dozed off. It was just painless and dead boring. Moreover we need more Masuka ! He was so funny toying in Dex's lab last week. But it was a minor con as the humor was dominant for once. I guess it's the best way to picture how tragic his life has become. An other element that stroke me was the bloody appearance of the guest star name in the opening credits. Be prepared for the unpredictable as its first scene was a first for the show !
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