Season 4 Episode 2

Remains to Be Seen

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2009 on Showtime

Episode Recap

This episode begins with Dexter being wheeled into an ambulance. He is worried that the cops will find the remains of his latest victim in his car. Dexter has no recollection of where he hid the body. The doctors give Dexter the okay go to home, but he has to stay awake for the next 12 hours to protect against any further damage to his head. An already exhausted Dexter heads back to work and is put on a new case of a murdered tourist.

On his way to the crime scene, he stops by his crashed car to see if he can find any remains of the body. He is unsuccessful. At the scene, Dexter see's Quinn pocket cash he found out of the safe. Quinn is concerned Dexter will tell on him, but Dexter really does not care. All that he cares about is to find where he hid the body of his latest victim.

Angel and Maria have a hard time dealing with how to act at work. They think about calling off the affair. They are in Maria's office arguing over what to do, opening and closing the blinds, making the other workers suspect something is going on. Deb is confused as to why Lundy is back in town. She goes into his office to confront him. He tells her that he is in town to find the Trinity Killer. This makes her realize her love for Anton.

The Trinity Killer stalks his next victim, a suburban mom. He introduces himself as a neighbor and helps her with her groceries. Dexter gets visits from his father periodically throughout the episode to help him get back on track with finding the body. He goes back to the boxing ring where the execution took place. He cleans a splotch of blood off the floor which he thought he forgot, getting mad at himself for becoming sloppy. When he returns to the boxing ring later, he sees the splotch of blood has returned, then realizes he hid the body in a punching bag hanging from the ceiling. This episode ends with Dexter in bed about to finally get a good night's sleep, before Harrison cries and wakes him up.